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By Elayna
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At Cal’s, Lily is helping Keith home after being released from the hospital. She is trying to dote on him a bit to make up for thinking he was trying to kill her. Keith wonders if she should be elsewhere, considering her house just burned down, but Lily wants to be with him and wants to make sure Keith has truly forgiven her. He shows her he has by pulling her into a passionate kiss.

At her apartment, Gwen receives a call about another part-time job as a waitress. She is excited, considering she is having quite a bit of money problems. However, her excitement turns to masked disappointment when she hears the job is at a place where the waitresses are required to wear cut-off shirts and daisy-duke shorts. As she hangs up, she looks longingly at the picture of her, Casey, Will and Celia at the prom, but she quickly takes the picture down.

Meanwhile, Celia runs into Will, who is looking for Casey at the hospital. Celia wants to know what the problem is. Will tells her it involves Gwen, but Celia thinks that, considering she is a girl, she would probably be more helpful to Gwen than two boys. Will covers and says it involves Gwen’s prom dress that got ruined. Celia is convinced Lisa will not be mad at them both for the dresses getting wrecked. They remember the prom and how Will had secretly bought her the prom dress. Then Will sees a bracelet on Celia’s wrist. She admits to Casey having given it to her. Will is surprised, knowing how important the Lance Armstrong bracelet is to Casey. Casey interrupts by showing up with Bob after his follow-up appointment for his concussion. His tests all came back clear, and Will can’t help commenting how lucky Casey is, inwardly meaning about Celia.

After Casey and Celia leave, Will questions Bob about pregnancy, acting as if he were asking due to Jen. Bob and Will discuss what a pregnant woman needs to be doing in order to be taking care of herself and her baby. Bob offers to talk further with Will, even giving him books to read.

Katie and Mike are at the Lakeview discussing Jen, the baby and Craig’s unwanted attention. Their discussion becomes more heated as Mike is trying to explain how it appears Katie is butting in. Katie is getting more and more angry, telling him she is sick of everyone, including him. Mike tries to calm the situation down, but Katie is angry at how everyone is treating her, when all she is trying to do is help. Mike thinks she should just leave his ‘wife’ alone, for everyone’s best interest. Katie is furious that Mike seems to be throwing that term in her face. She admits to still loving Mike, but she loves Henry, too, and wants her marriage to work out. Katie tries to get Mike to see that there is some merit to Craig’s anger because people, including his family, sided with Jen and ran him out of town. All that is being accomplished is Jen is getting stressed and Craig feels cornered.

Meanwhile, Craig shows up at Jen’s ultrasound appointment unannounced, upsetting Jen.

Jen is furious, telling Craig he is invading her privacy, and she orders him out of her room and tells the nurse to get security. Craig feels that, considering this is the baby’s first sonogram, he has every right to be there. She demands to know how Craig even knew where she was, but then she quickly deduces that Katie told him, which infuriates her more. Craig tells Jen that if she tries to push him out of this event he will get a judge to order a DNA test. Jen doesn’t want that. Jen’s doctor shows up and Craig introduces himself as the baby’s father, which confuses the doctor for a moment, because she thought Mike was, but she explains that, either way, this scene is not helping Jen or the baby. She asks him to step outside. Outside the room, an empathetic nurse secretly shows Craig the ultrasound, and they both see that the baby is a boy.

At his apartment, Paul is straightening up after Emily has left. He thinks back to him and Emily making love. Outside Paul’s place, Emily has run into Rosanna, who is coming to see Paul.

Emily toys with Rosanna about how close she and Paul are. However, as Rosanna tries to explain again and apologize, Emily gets more upset. Emily angrily tells Rosanna that she wants revenge against her for all she has put her through. She tells Rosanna that she caused her and her family months of pain. She tells Rosanna drugging her made her doubt her own thoughts – even now. Rosanna is contrite, but Emily is more furious then ever, telling Rosanna that she has no idea of the extent of how badly she hurt her, and how badly Emily wants to hurt her back. Paul, who has opened the door to see the two women squaring off, asks Emily why she doesn’t hurt Rosanna, then.

Lily and Keith are getting more physical on his couch, and Lily wonders if they are going to cause a setback in relation to his injuries if they give in to their passion. Keith doesn’t care; he just wants to be with her. There is a knock on the door, which Keith wants to ignore, but Lily thinks they should answer in case it is Luke. She finds Lucinda on the other side, wanting to talk to her. First, Lily wants Lucinda to apologize to Keith for accusing him of murdering Julia and to thank him for saving her and Lily’s lives. Lucinda begrudgingly offers up the apology and thank you, but then she tells Lily she needs to come home with her. Lily wants to know why, and Lucinda tells her she needs to stay with her because of everything that happened. Lily informs her she will be staying at the farm, and she doesn’t need her help right now. Lucinda doesn’t think that is a good idea, considering the farm is a crime scene, but Lily thinks her kids have been uprooted too much already. Lucinda will not be silenced regarding this subject, but Lily asks Lucinda to leave. Lucinda leaves with promises of the conversation not being over.

Mike sees Katie’s point about Craig but can’t help but still wonder about her motives. With that, Katie blows up, screaming nobody gets to tell her what her motives are. She goes to leave, but Mike stops her and apologizes for making any assumptions. He wants Katie to see how he could be making certain assumptions, but he promises to not do that anymore. Just as they start to get back on track, Mike’s cell phone rings, and it is a stressed-out and desperate Jen asking Mike to come back to the hospital because Craig is there. Mike and Katie take off for the hospital.

Emily is leaving, but as she goes she smugly looks back at Rosanna, knowing that Paul is obviously on her side. Rosanna wants to talk to Paul, but he doesn’t want to hear anything she has to say. He finally relents and gives her one minute.

Rosanna wants to know why Paul decided not to press charges against her. He asks her what she thinks. She hopes it is because he believes what she told him about James and he has forgiven her. Paul assures her that is not at all the reason. He explains it is because Craig blackmailed him into it by promising to make Jen’s life miserable if he didn’t. He assures Rosanna that if Craig hadn’t blackmailed him, he would have gone forward with the charges, and maybe gone as far as to buy a judge and jurors to bolster Emily’s case. She wonders if Paul must hate her that much. He emphatically tells her. "More." She reminds Paul that at one time he wanted her forgiveness, and she not only gave it to him, but also married him. She reminds Paul they are connected and are one in the same. Paul adamantly tells her that he no longer wants her. Rosanna is sure he does, and she will prove it to him. She pulls out her wedding band, telling Paul James made her take it off but she never got rid of it, patiently waiting for the day when he would put it back on her hand. It looks like her words are affecting him, but he covers and tells her to get out. Rosanna pleads some more with Paul, but Paul points out a pattern where Rosanna had turned first to James to save Cabot, then to Craig. She should have turned to him, but she didn’t trust or love him enough. He wants to cut her out of his life and heart. A dejected Rosanna leaves.

Gwen is trying to figure out how she can accept this job, considering she is already showing. She looks over her bills, wondering how she will be able to make ends meet. Will shows up at her door, telling her that he is going to take her to the doctor’s for a check up. Gwen reminds him she doesn’t have insurance or money, but Will tells her Bob will help them out, or they could go to a clinic. Gwen is not sure she wants to go yet because it will make it more of a reality. She is also a little bitter about Casey’s perfect life while she struggles. Will reminds her that she can’t be mad at Casey because it isn’t fair, considering she hasn’t even told him yet.

Emily shows up at the police station wanting to talk to Hal. He suggests they talk after he gets off work, but Emily doesn’t want to wait. They talk in the interrogation room. She pours out her feelings about how she felt blindsided by Hal’s real feelings. She reminds Hal that she told him about Chris, and about her doubts and fears, which led her to him. She thought Hal understood because he had said he did. She charges that he was the dishonest one in the relationship. She feels inside he had an inner checklist of other ways she was disappointing him. Hal counters that he just never understood through it all why he was never enough. Emily assures him he had been the one. Hal suggests they see a counselor this time. Emily thinks they should stop living a lie.

Keith wonders if Lucinda wasn’t right about a few things, such as Lily living at the farm. He is unsure he wants Lily living there, considering that is where Holden is staying as well. Lily reminds him that they will be divorced soon enough. Keith offers his place to Lily and her kids. Lily is a little surprised but doesn’t think her kids should be moved anymore. Keith tells her that he was not implying that she move in with him, necessarily; he offered up the place because he wasn’t going to be there. A shocked Lily wants to know what he means -- she thought they were okay. Keith explains that he meant that he was giving her space and leaving town for two weeks to go back to Chicago to take care of a few things. They discuss his trip, and Lily kisses him, trying to give him incentive to hurry back.

Mike and Katie show up at the hospital, only to find Craig gazing at his baby’s sonogram. Mike wants Craig to get out of the hospital. Jen comes out of the room, very upset that Craig would barge in on her appointment. Craig makes a comment about his baby boy, and Jen is shocked that he would know the sex. Jen immediately assumes Katie told him. She is sure Katie bribed someone or secretly found a way to get that information. Mike tries to defend Katie. The doctor tries to relax Jen by having her step back into the room, and Craig leaves, thanks to Katie. Katie and Mike talk further about the situation. Katie wants to know why Mike didn’t tell Jen about the sonogram picture Craig had, but Mike didn’t think it would have helped her. Mike wonders out loud to Katie if allowing Craig in a bit wouldn’t be for the best. Jen, who has reopened the door, overhears this comment and tells him, in no uncertain terms, no way!

Paul is out on his balcony having a drink when he hears a noise in his apartment. He goes back in to find Rosanna there. An emotional Rosanna wants to know what she can do. She wants to know what she can say, how she can reach him. She keeps saying "I love you" to him, but she recognizes that it makes him angry.

Paul icily looks at her and tells her that her tears, her feelings and she no longer mean anything to him. He orders her out and slams the door behind him. He notices her wedding band, which she has left for him on the couch. He becomes very emotional when he sees it.

Emily tells Hal that she will be taking Daniel away for a few days, and when she comes back they will make arrangements. Hal asks Emily if, by her comments, he is to assume that their marriage is over. Emily doesn’t answer him, she simply walks out the door.

Lily and Keith are outside his house saying their good-byes. After he leaves, Lucinda shows back up. Lily tells her she knows Lucinda has not given up on her and Holden getting back together, but she assures Lucinda it is never going to happen. Lucinda asks where Keith is going, and Lily tells her back to Chicago for two weeks. As Lily walks away, Lucinda looks as if she is trying to hatch a plan to take advantage of Keith’s absence from Lily.

As Will and Gwen show up at the hospital for Gwen’s appointment, they bump into Casey and Celia. Casey asks what they are doing there. Will tries to cover by telling them they are just hanging out. Casey thinks that seems strange, but Will explains his sister, Jen, is there for a check-up, and that is why they are there. Casey suspiciously wants to know why Gwen is there. Will holds his breath waiting for her answer.

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