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Mike, Katie and Jen are still outside Mike's house. Mike says he understands Jen's concerns - it did look like Katie went behind their backs with Craig. Katie says she was just trying to help. Jen says she wants Katie to stay out of their lives. Mike asks if Katie really came over to do Craig's dirty work. Katie says of course not, she is there for herself. Jen says that is the first thing Katie has said that she believes - Katie is there for herself, because she can't stay out of their lives!

Meanwhile, Craig stops at the farm to see Rosanna. Rosanna asks Craig what he did to ensure Paul and Em wouldn't blab about Cabot. Craig says he promised he wouldn't press charges against Jen and the others who set him up in exchange for Paul and Em keeping quiet about Cabot and not pressing charges against Rosanna. Ro says that was very nice of him - even better than she deserved.

Paul and Em are at Paul's apartment, kissing and ripping each other's clothes off. Em sort of half-protests that they had just been fighting about Rosanna. Paul says forget Rosanna, they're here now and it's just them, etc. They keep kissing and undressing. Em says she wants Paul and she doesn't care if it's right or wrong. They get into another liplock.

Will shows up at Gwen's apartment and asks why she isn't in school. She says she has morning sickness. She tries to make small talk about the last day of school, but Will wants to talk about her and the baby. He asks where her parents are. She says they are out of the picture; she could only afford this little apartment, and she got into Oakdale Latin on a scholarship. Will gets back to the baby problem and suggests again that she tell Casey. Gwen says no way. Will asks why. Gwen says she knows his first question would be whether it was his, because he'd be hoping it wasn't. She says it would hurt too much to hear that from the only person she'd ever cared enough about to give herself to completely. Will says she still has to tell Casey so she and the baby wouldn't be alone. He says she needs to find out for sure if Casey really feels that way. Gwen says she doesn't want to know. Will says she still has to tell Casey about the baby.

Katie says she just wants them all to get along, for the sake of the baby. She says they have to face that Craig is the father, he has legal rights, and he isn't going to give them up, so why can't they all just work something out calmly? Jen says she is not going to let Craig ruin another child's life, and she wants Katie to stay out of things. Katie asks Mike if he feels that way, too. Mike tells her to tell Craig to stay out of their lives and away from them and their baby, and not to send anyone else over to plead his case. Then Mike says they are late for Jen's doctor appointment, and they leave. Katie is teary-eyed as she picks up the phone, calls Craig, and tells him to meet her at the Lakeview.

Rosanna is telling Craig how glad she is that Paul isn't going to press charges. Craig starts criticizing Paul, and Ro tells him to use some restraint. Craig says it is taking all the restraint he has not to sue Jennifer. He says he wants to be a part of his child's life this time. His phone rings and it is Katie telling him to meet her at the Lakeview. Craig tells Ro he has to leave. Ro says it doesn't sound good, and if he needed to talk she'd be willing to listen. Craig thanks her and leaves. Carly comes out and says she thought Ro had left already. Ro says Craig had stopped by and told her he'd gotten Paul to tell Em to drop the charges. Carly says that's great. Then she says that must mean Paul is ready to forgive Ro. Ro says no, he only did it because Craig blackmailed him. Carly points out that it was Paul, and if he wanted to get even he would, so he must not be so mad at her. She suggests Ro still has a chance to get Paul back. Ro says the whole time she was gone she thought of all the awful things she said and did to Paul. She says she knew how to hurt him because he trusted her, and she had hurt him. She says so many people had hurt him, and she had done it, too. She says she didn't deserve his forgiveness. Carly asks if she still loves him. Ro says she does, but she'd understand if he didn't want to forgive her after what she'd done. Carly tells her she has to fight for Paul. She reminds Ro that she told Carly to fight for Jack - at her wedding to Paul. Ro finally admits she should try to fight for Paul, and she leaves.

After getting it on, Paul and Em are lying on the couch. Paul asks if she regrets it. She says no, that's the problem; she doesn't regret it at all. She says she is still mad about him not wanting to press charges against Ro. Paul says to forget about Ro, this has nothing to do with her, he is there with Em because he wants to be. He says maybe it's true that you never forget your first love. Em says she is pretty unforgettable. Paul tells her she is still as beautiful today as she was then. He asks her to stay, but she says she has to go. She gets dressed and steps out the door just as Ro is walking up, and they see each other.

Casey is checking into the hospital for more tests. While he is signing in, Tom tells Celia it is very nice of her to take care of Casey. Celia says she owes it to him. Tom asks her why. Celia flashes back to dancing with Will at the prom, but she tells Tom she meant that Casey got hurt because of her. Tom assures her the girls responsible would pay. Celia tells him not to press charges, they'd just make things worse for her at school. Tom assures her everything would be fine the way he planned to take care of it. Celia says he reminds her of her father. Tom says he hopes she'll consider the Hughes her family. Just then, Casey comes back and they go to his room. Casey sends Tom for drinks so he and Celia can be alone. They start kissing and Celia imagines he is Will, so she turns away. Casey asks if she is still upset about prom. He assures her everything will go better when he takes her next year. Celia says he couldn't know if he'd even want to go with her next year. Casey says of course he would. He gives her one of his plastic bracelets and tells her that they are together and were definitely going to the prom next year. Then he has to leave to go for his tests. Will walks toward Casey's room and runs into Celia. She says Casey had gone for tests and asks what he needed. Will says he just needed to talk to Casey. Celia says he can talk to her and encourages him to tell her what's wrong.

Katie meets Craig at the Lakeview. She tells him what had happened with Jen and Mike. She says Jen still thinks she is after Mike and won't listen to her. She tells Craig she tried, but Mike and Jen don't want him in their lives. Then she says they were going to a doctor's appointment. Craig worries that there is something wrong with the baby. Katie says she is sure everything was fine and it was just a routine checkup. Craig says no, at this stage of pregnancy Jen might forget to take care of herself. He says he remembers from when Sierra was pregnant. Katie doesn't believe him, and he admits he'd read a book. He starts trying to remember Jen's doctor's name. Katie quickly tells him that Jen had switched doctors after Katie found out her due date. Craig asks her who the new doctor is. Katie says she doesn't know, but Craig knows she is bluffing and she finally recalls the doctor's name. He tells Katie he has to go. Katie asks if it is about Jennifer and he says no, it's business. He offers to meet Katie for dinner later in the week, saying he knows how lonely she must be without Henry.

Jen and Mike are at the doctor's office. Jen thanks Mike for standing up for her even though she knows he agreed with Katie. Mike says he agrees Katie should stay out of their business. Jen says she knows Katie must have a lot of time on her hands since she and Henry split. When Mike doesn't act surprised, she asks why. He admits he knew about it and points out he'd told her a few weeks ago that Henry and Katie were having problems. Jen says problems are one thing, splitting up is another, and WHY DIDN'T HE TELL HER??? Mike says he didn't want to upset her. He assures her that regardless of what Katie did, they are fine, and gives her a kiss. Jen starts to calm down. Mike's phone rings and he answers it. Lisa at the Lakeview begs him to come over and fix a broken water line. Mike starts to tell her no, but Jen assures him she'll be fine and encourages him to go. He tells Lisa he'll be right over and hangs up. Then he remembers that the sonogram is today. He says he couldn't go, he wants to see it. Jen tells him he can't leave Lisa without water at her hotel and assures him she'll be fine. She says she'll probably still be waiting for the doctor when he gets back, and if not she'd get a picture printed out for him. Reluctantly, Mike leaves. When he gets to the Lakeview, he runs into Katie. He accuses her of setting him up and getting Lisa to pretend the water line was broken, or just breaking it herself. Katie says that's ridiculous, she had come to meet Craig. Mike asks if Craig liked her report about him and Jennifer. Katie lies and says she wasn't reporting back to Craig. Mike says he's had enough of her and she needs to leave him and Jen alone. Katie tells him to go to hell.

At the doctor's office, Jen has her sonogram. She is trying to decide whether she wants to know the baby's sex when the doctor is called away on an emergency. She says she'll be right back. Jen looks at the baby's picture and says she can't wait to meet it. The nurse comes in and tells Jen the father had just arrived. Jen says to send him in, yelling, "Mike, Mike, come look at this!" She is expecting Mike to walk in, but Craig walks through the door instead.

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