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Holden is at the house (or what's left of it). He's looking around at everything that is destroyed. He finds a picture of the whole family that was barely touched by the fire. He seems upset and like he is still longing for Lily to take him back.

Meanwhile, Lily is at the hospital with Keith, remembering him rescuing her from the fire and how afraid she was of him. Keith wakes up. Lily tells him that she stayed with him all night. He tells her she should be home with her family.

Jack and Carly are at the farm. They talk about how everything is over now that Les is really dead. Two officers from Internal Affairs show up to ask Jack some questions. Carly goes outside to give them some privacy. She remembers being trapped in Luke's chest and then she "sees" Les there by the bloody spot where he died. He (or her vision of him) mocks her and tells her that she will never forget about him. Carly shuts her eyes and tells him that she is not afraid of him. When she opens her eyes, he is gone, but when she turns around, he's there again, and she is spooked.

Rosanna meets up with Craig at the Lakeview. She tells him that Emily wants to press charges against her and that Paul told Emily about Cabot being alive. Now she's afraid everyone will find out and Cabot will be in jeopardy. Craig tells her that he will take care of Paul and Emily, but he doesn't tell her how.

Emily is at the hospital looking for Susan to see if she'll find an expert witness to testify in the case against Rosanna. Paul calls her cell phone. He tells her that they have an appointment with Tom this afternoon to discuss the charges against Rosanna. Paul ends the call when his doorbell rings. It's Mike there. Paul asks if Jen is okay, and Mike tells him that she's not, thanks to Paul.

Katie rings Mike and Jen's doorbell and is very surprised that Jen answers the door, since her car is gone. Jen assumes that she wanted to talk to Mike without her there.

Katie says that she wanted to talk to both of them. Jen tells her to hurry because she has an appointment. Katie suggests that Jen and Mike let her (Katie) smooth things over with Craig. Jen tells her to go ahead, as long as her idea of smoothing things over means getting Craig out of their lives. Katie argues that her brother just wants another chance. Jennifer suggests that it would be a chance to ruin another child's life. Jennifer tells Katie that Craig will NEVER be a part of her baby's life. Katie asks Jen to trust her enough to try to keep Craig at bay, but Jen tells her that she doesn't trust her at all.

Mike tells Paul that whatever it was that he did to get Craig out of town didn't work. He asks Paul to stay out of it and let him handle Craig. Paul thinks that Mike can't handle Craig. Mike tells Paul that he blew his chance, and now it's his turn.

Craig tells Rosanna that he will talk to Paul and Emily and convince them that they can not put Cabot's life in jeopardy. He insists that she trust him. He leaves her at the table. She picks up the paper and reads the headline about Jack killing Les. She immediately wants to go check on Carly.

Carly is still outside at the farm, talking to Les's ghost. He taunts her that he is in her head, and nothing she can do will get rid of him. Jack hears her talking and comes out to check on her. She tells him he was hearing things. Jack suggests that she talk to someone about everything. She puts on a front that she's tough and doesn't need help. The guys from Internal Affairs are finished now and tell Jack that everything is in order. Jack tells Carly that he's going to check on Holden. He tells her to go upstairs and rest. She agrees to do it if it will satisfy him.

Luke comes to the house. He asks Holden what he's doing. Holden is trying to save what he can. Luke feels like he can't wake up from a bad dream. Holden sympathizes with him, but he tells him the most important thing is that everyone is okay; that's all that matters.

Back at the hospital, Lily tells Keith that they need to talk about things. He tells her that she should go home and be with her family. She reminds him that she doesn't have a home anymore, and she wants to stay with him, if he wants her to.

Emily finally finds Susan. Emily tells her that she doesn't appreciate Susan taking Hal's side before she has a chance to explain herself. Susan asks her if her revenge on Rosanna is worth her marriage. Emily says that Hal is treating her like a child. Susan tells her to stop acting like one.

Jennifer tells Katie that the only father her child will ever know is Mike, and EVERYONE needs to get that through their heads. Katie tries to tell her that she understands, but Jen tells her that if she did, she wouldn't be there pleading Craig's case. Jen suggests that Katie has other reasons for coming there. Katie tells her this is not about Mike. Jen suggests that Katie get a life and stay out of theirs.

Craig shows up to talk to Paul. He tells Paul to convince Emily to drop the charges against Rosanna or he will press charges against Jennifer, him, and whoever else was responsible for running him out of town. Paul doesn't think he can prove everything. Craig tells him that Margo told him everything because she was stricken with guilt. Paul agrees to talk to Emily. Craig brings up Cabot. Paul tells him he still doesn't know if Rosanna was lying about that too. Craig tells him that he doesn't know Rosanna at all if he thinks she'd lie about Cabot. Paul suggests that Craig just wanted to be the one to rescue her. Craig suggests that Paul should've been the one to do it, but he didn't. It is obvious that he has struck a nerve with Paul.

Emily thinks that Susan thinks she doesn't deserve justice. Susan brings up Emily's past and tries to get her to see that a jury would have a hard time seeing her as the injured party. Emily thinks that Susan is as bad as Hal when judging her. Susan tells her that Hal is the best thing that ever happened to Emily. Emily tells her that Hal hasn't forgiven her or forgotten the episode with Chris. Emily thinks that Susan is suggesting that she is going to sleep with Paul simply because she can't help herself and that's what she does. Susan asks her to take a step back and look at the situation. Emily tells her that it's obvious that no one trusts her anymore.

Rosanna shows up at the farm. Carly finds her in the kitchen and is shocked to see her. Rosanna runs to her and hugs her and asks how she is. Carly tells her to forget about her (Carly) and asks where in the world she has been.

Luke and Holden talk about what all they've lost. Luke wonders if the house, or the family, can be repaired. Jack shows up to check on them. Luke asks if it's okay if he leaves. Jack asks about Lily. Holden tells Jack that Luke said she stayed at the hospital all night with Keith. Holden opens a fire-safe box to look for the insurance papers, and he finds the divorce papers. He tells Jack how ironic it is that the whole house burned, but the divorce papers are perfectly fine.

Back at the hospital, Lily and Keith talk about last night. He tells her how Sweeney came to the guest house bragging about how he cut her brake lines and how Keith was going to be blamed for it. Les tied Keith up and then went to set fire to the house. Lily asks Keith to forgive her for ever thinking that he had killed Julia. Keith forgives her, but he tells her that he did a lot of the wrong things for the right reasons, and that he has to tell the cops about him planting the bee pollen. Lily tells him that she isn't letting him tell anyone anything.

Holden tells Jack that everything comes to an end at some point. Jack tells him not the things worth fighting for. Holden doesn't even know what they are going to do about the house. Jack tells him to look closer at the divorce papers: Lily never signed them. Jack asks Holden what that says to him.

Carly is having a hard time believing what Rosanna has told her (which is everything but the fact that Cabot was involved). Carly asks her if this all has something to do with Cabot's death. Rosanna is shocked that she asked about him. Carly tells her that every other time she's left town suspiciously, it had something to do with Cabot. Rosanna tells her that she doesn't want to talk about Cabot. Carly tells her that everyone is going to be asking her these questions. Rosanna tells her that Cabot is at peace now, and that's all that matters, and then she tells Carly that it sounds like she's been through hell. Carly tells her that her hell is over, but is Rosanna's?

Jen gets a call that her appointment has been moved up. Katie doesn't want to leave things like this. Jen suggests that she respect her decision not to have Craig in her baby's life then. Katie tells her that she's sorry for upsetting her. Jen suggests that Katie stop worrying about her family and start focusing on her own life with Henry. Katie tells her that they split up. Jen wants to know what happened. Katie gets upset and tells Jen she won't bother her anymore, and she leaves. Outside, Mike is just arriving home. He asks Katie what has her so upset. Katie doesn't know what to say.

Emily shows up at Paul's and tells him that her mother isn't going to help them. She tells him that Hal convinced her that taking Rosanna to court was a bad idea. Paul thinks that maybe they are right. Emily starts freaking out on him and tells him that he's worse than Hal and Susan, because she thought she could trust him.

Keith tells Lily that if they are going to start over, he doesn't want anything hanging over his head, and that is why he has to confess. She tells him that he can't because he'll go to jail. She tells him they have a chance to start over and the worst is behind them. He asks her if she's willing to give him a clean slate. She says she is if he's willing to give her one. Keith says he's more than willing. They kiss.

Holden comes to the door and sees them kissing inside and decides not to talk to Lily.

Katie tells Mike that she is just trying to help by handling Craig for them. Mike thinks that she knows him better than they do, and she could do it better than them. Katie is glad he understands what she is trying to do. Mike thanks her for trying to protect Jennifer. Katie says that Jen doesn't see it that way. Mike asks how she sees it, and then Jen comes out and asks why Katie is still there. Mike tells Jen that Katie offered to smooth things over with Craig. Jen asks Katie what part of "stay out of our lives" did she not understand.

Rosanna holds Sage and can't believe how much she's grown. She suggests that Carly come with all the kids to Fairwinds to visit. Carly tells Rosanna to give Paul time, and he will come around. Rosanna isn't so sure. They say their goodbyes because Rosanna has to leave. As Rosanna is leaving the house, she runs into Craig. He asks if Carly is okay. She tells him that Carly is fine. She asks him if he talked to Paul. Craig tells her that he'll take care of it. She wants more details. Craig assures her that Paul understands there will be problems if charges are brought against her.

Emily is still throwing a fit on Paul. He tells her that he had to give in to Craig to protect Jennifer and asks her to give him time to figure out what to do. Emily tells him to get away from her, but they end up in a passionate kiss.

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