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By Boo
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Lily's house:

In the bedroom, Lily sleeps and dreams of Keith. In her dream, she confronts him about killing Julia. She can't believe that she trusted him. Keith tells her that he loved his sister, but she was really messed up and was in a lot of pain. Lily tells him that he said he loved her. Keith tells her that he does love her, and he is there to take her pain away, too, like he did Julia's. The dream Lily sees the real Lily sleeping on the bed and goes to her to try to wake her up. Keith finds her and pulls her away from the bed. He has a needle that he is going to inject something into Lily with, like he did to Julia. Lily gets away from him and runs to the sleeping Lily again, trying to get her to wake up.

Downstairs, Jack is knocking on the door, looking for Lily. A man with black gloves holds Carly with one hand over her mouth. He warns her not to make a sound. Jack tries to call Carly on her cell phone. Carly thinks quickly and tries to turn her phone on so that maybe Jack will hear her phone ringing inside, but she drops it instead. The man holding her kicks the phone across the floor. Jack can't reach Carly by phone, so he leaves her a message saying that he is worried about Lily. Deciding no one is home, he takes off to go back to the station. The man starts dragging Carly through the house. She manages to knock over something and gets a couple of screams out, which wake Lily up.

Lily isn't sure what she heard coming out of the dream. She calls out for Carly but hears nothing. The man drags Carly up to the attic, and when Carly becomes too much for him to hold on to, he hits her and knocks her out. He then drags a big trunk over next to her. Lily starts looking through the house, wondering where Carly is. She goes to the front door and looks out. She sees that Carly's car is still there, so she assumes she must be here somewhere. As she turns around to start looking some more, the lights in the foyer go out. Lily is a little spooked, but she tells herself that it is just a blown fuse. She continues to call out for Carly. Upstairs, the gloved man is methodically clicking off all the breakers in the house. Lily freezes in the front room as, one by one, the lights start shutting down all over the house. Carly wakes up and tries to run out the door, screaming for Lily to help her. The man grabs Carly and stuffs a rag way down her throat, then ties Carly's hands together. Lily grabs a flashlight out of the desk and starts to search the house for Carly. She can't tell where the scream came from now and is getting really scared. The man stuffs Carly into the trunk and locks it down tight with a key. The keychain says "Luke" on it. Lily has gone back to the bedroom, not sure where else to look for Carly with all the lights out. She hears footsteps coming and dives behind the bed, sure that Keith is there to kill her for digging further into Julia's murder. The man comes to the door as Lily holds her breath. He closes the door and locks it. As Lily sneaks to the door and tries to listen, and Carly tries to get the gag out of her mouth, the man spreads gasoline all over the front room and throws a lighter on it. The whole room immediately goes up in flames. He leaves the house.

Police station:

Ben and Jessica come to see Jack about Lily's weird behavior. They tell him all about Lily's questions the past few days and the report she asked for on the bee pollen she found at Keith's. They also tell him about Lily's wreck and how strangely she was acting. She wouldn't even stay for a full exam before sneaking out when Ben left the exam room for a minute. They are concerned that maybe Keith really is the person who killed Julia and now Lily may be in danger if she has figured this out. Jack checks a few things on his computer and finds that Lily's car had been abandoned at the site of the wreck. He thanks Ben and Jessica for the information and calls Holden.

Snyder farmhouse:

Holden flies Faith around as she pretends to be an airplane. Luke comes in the door as Holden gets a bit dizzy and sets Faith down on the floor. She asks Luke to spin her around. Luke halfheartedly gives her a very slow spin. Faith tells him that it was boring and then bubbles with excitement as she tells him that Uncle Keith is going to be giving her a ride in his airplane soon. She runs through the house with her arms spread out, pretending to be an airplane. Luke comments that Uncle Keith has quickly ingratiated himself with Faith.

Holden tells him that he needs to get used to it. When Luke comments that he doesn't want to get used to it, Holden tells him that he needs to check his attitude. Luke is clearly unhappy that the divorce is going to take place and is angry at everyone right now. After he takes off to look for his mother, Lucinda comes in, also looking for Lily. She isn't answering her phone and hasn't called back. Holden tells her that he is pretty sure that Lily is out with Keith, since he has the children here with him. Lucinda starts to talk about Keith again and Holden tells her that he doesn't want to talk about it. Lucinda takes the cue and comments that she smells something good cooking. Holden tells her that he and Faith are baking cookies. Faith comes flying through the room again and stops long enough to give her grandma a hug. Lucinda asks if she can have a cookie. Faith tells her that she can when they are done and then flies off again, talking about Uncle Keith. Lucinda starts in again on Holden about her mistrust of Keith. Holden is saved by the ringing of his phone. He answers to find Jack on the phone. Jack tells him about his visit from Ben and Jessica, who were expressing their concern over Lily. Holden tells him that Lily did have a car accident but let Ben check her out at the hospital, and she seemed fine. Holden is alarmed when he hears that Lily didn't let Ben finish the check-up and that she left her car on the side of the road. He tells Lucinda what is going on and asks her to sit with the children while he tries to find Lily. He takes off to meet Jack and check on Lily's car.

The site of Lily's accident:

Jack and Holden arrive and inspect the car. They both conclude that the brake lines were cut. Holden immediately thinks that it was Keith who did it, after hearing all about Jessica and Ben's conversation. Holden tells him they already have an APB out on Keith. Holden worries that Lily may be with Keith. Jack thinks maybe she is with Carly and calls home. The babysitter tells him that Carly is about 3 or 4 hours late in coming home, and she hasn't called, either. Jack doesn't want to worry her and tells her that Carly must have gotten caught up at work and couldn't get to a phone. He asks her to stay a little bit longer. She tells him she can stay for another hour or so. Jack hangs up and he and Holden wonder what the hell is going on.

Back at Lily's house:

Lily realizes she is locked in and starts banging on the door for someone to let her out. She tries calling out on the house phone and finds that it is dead. She then rushes to her cell phone, to find that the battery is dead. She is starting to freak a bit now. In the attic, Carly finally gets the gag out of her mouth and starts to really freak out. She starts screaming for someone to come and get her. She screams for anyone, and finally for Jack. When she says Jack's name, it reminds her of the love they share. The audience gets to see a wonderful montage of great Jack-and-Carly moments. This calms her down and she vows to make it back to her g-man. She looks around the trunk and sees the back hinges with some screws slightly sticking out. She starts to rub the rope that ties her hands together on the screws. Back in the room, Lily quickly moves the dresser from in front of the window and tries to open it. When it doesn't budge, she gets frustrated. Looking towards the door, she sees smoke pouring in from under it.

This really freaks her out and she grabs a chair and smashes it through the window, using a lamp to get rid of the remaining shreds of glass and frame. When she starts to climb out the window, flames leap up at her, causing her to fall back on the bed. Now the room has filled with smoke and Lily starts to choke. She is really freaked out and runs back to the door, screaming for help. Suddenly Keith kicks the door in. Lily jumps back on the bed in pure horror. Keith tries to grab her to take her out of the house and Lily fights him off ferociously. Keith is confused as to why she is fighting him, saying they have to get out of there before they are trapped. Keith doesn't have time for this, he grabs her and throws her over his shoulder. Lily fights him and hits him the whole way. Once outside, Keith puts her down and right away Lily starts wailing on him again. Keith is confused and wonders why she is fighting him. Lily turns to run away and runs right into a gun-wielding Les. Keith and Lily are both shocked. Lily thought he was dead. Les proudly tells them that he is alive and well. Keith tries to talk him into letting them go, but Les is determined to kill them both, since Keith has now ruined his plan by rescuing Lily. Now he has to do something else. He takes them both off with him. Inside, Carly has gotten her hands free and calmly searches her pocket, hoping to find a penny. She finds one in the second pocket and gets to work unscrewing the three screws. After working at them for a bit, she has the first two off. She then drops the penny and has a hard time locating it.

At the guest house, Luke comes looking for his mother and is surprised to see the door slowly open when he knocks on it. He goes in to find the place totally trashed out. Broken furniture lies all over the place. Luke calls out for Keith. He doesn't understand at all what is going on here. After searching the place and not finding anyone, he starts to leave and notices pictures of Lily all torn up on the floor.

He also notices the key ring with his name on it that goes to his trunk. He puts that in his pocket and goes to the front porch. As he looks towards the main house, he notices that it is up in flames. He rushes to the house.

In the attic, Carly has finally found the penny again, and she starts to work on the third screw. She can hear the fire crackling around her now and stops to listen to see what the noise is. Realizing that she needs to get out now, she gets back to work. Getting the third screw loose, she finally opens the trunk and gets out. The room is so filled with smoke that she almost immediately succumbs to it.

Outside, Holden rushes up to find Luke trying to get in the front door, worried that someone else might be in there. Holden arrives looking for Lily. Luke tells him that he saw her in a car with Keith and another man, and they headed to the back of the property where the farmhouse is. Holden tells him that he has already called the fire department and he is to wait there for them. Holden rushes off to the farmhouse. Jack arrives and Luke fills him in on Lily's whereabouts. Jack wonders if Carly was the third person in the car. Luke tells him that it was a man. He tells Jack about the guest house being destroyed and about finding the key to his trunk there. The last time he saw the trunk, it was in the attic. Jack figures out that Carly might be in the attic and bursts through the fire into the home.

In the attic, Carly finds a rag to put over her face and tries to find a way to the door. The roof caves in and she is forced to retreat farther into the room. She hears Jack calling for her and calls out to him. When Jack gets to the door, she begs him to go back. She doesn't want them both to be killed in the fire, as their children need at least one of their parents. Jack tells her that he is not leaving there without her.

Outside, the fire department has arrived, but they are coming out of the house. They tell Luke that they can't go in further, it is too dangerous for them. Luke is terrified because Jack and Carly are still in there. The firemen stop him from rushing into the house and tell him they are sorry.

Back at the farmhouse:

Lucinda finishes up reading a story to Faith outside on the porch. She takes her back inside and tells her that it is time for prayers and bed time. Faith asks to say good-night to all that she loves and goes to the door. She looks up into the sky and says good-night to her mom, her dad, Natalie, Luke, Jack, Carly, grandma and the house. As Lucinda brings her back in, she smells the cookies and realizes they have let them burn. Faith wants to make another batch tonight, but Lucinda tells her they will do it in the morning. She takes Faith up to bed.

Les has brought Keith and Lily to the cellar at gunpoint and tells them that since they ruined plan A, he has to come up with a plan B. Keith tells him that he is too stupid to think of a plan B. Les and Keith argue and it becomes clear to Lily that Les really is the one who killed Julia. Les tells them that Julia deserved it. Lily apologizes to Keith for thinking it was him. He tells her they will talk about it when they get out of this mess. Les reminds him that he is the one with the gun. The two argue a bit more, with Les threatening to kill them both. Lily lunges at him and Les pushes her out of the way. A fight breaks out as Keith knocks the gun from his hand. Keith grabs the gun and the two struggle.

Back in the kitchen, Lucinda is sitting at the table reading when Faith comes in to tell her that there are ghosts banging around in the cellar. Lucinda assures her that there are no such things as ghosts and takes her back to bed. As they leave the kitchen, Lucinda hears the sirens at the main house and wonders what is going on. She doesn't want to alarm Faith, so she continues on to take her to bed.

In the cellar, Keith and Les continue to struggle, with the gun going off and hitting Keith in the shoulder. Lily rushes to him and tries to see how badly he is hurt. Les points the gun at her and tells her to get ready to meet her maker. Holden rushes down the stairs and tackles Les, pinning him up against the wall. The two of them struggle as Lily and Keith look on. Lily is screaming while Holden and Les fight. Les is able to knock Holden to the ground. His whole plan is now totally screwed up. Too many people know that he is alive now. He panics and runs out of the cellar. Holden quickly calls an ambulance and tells Lily and Keith to stay put. He runs after Les. Keith tries to go after them to make sure Les doesn't get away. Lily stops him, saying that he is losing too much blood.

In the kitchen, Lucinda comes back from putting Faith back to bed as Les grabs her around the throat, holding the gun to her head. Holden is close behind. He tells Holden to get out of his way and give him a clear shot at the door or he will kill Lucinda. Holden slowly circles them until Les's' back is to the door. Les shoves Lucinda into Holden and runs out the door. Holden quickly goes after him as Lily and Keith come up from the cellar also. Holden and Les struggle more in the front yard. Lily and Keith rush out the door in time to see Les shove Holden off of him and into the house. Holden hits the sitting bench hard and slides to the ground. Keith looks on in horror as Lily screams when they see Les level the gun and pull the trigger. A gunshot rings out. Lily continues to scream, thinking that Holden has been shot.

Les falls to the ground, showing Jack behind him with Carly hiding in fear behind Jack. Jack takes Les's pulse and announces to them all that Les is dead. Jack holds Carly while Lily rushes into her mother's arms. She asks Lucinda to go back and check on the girls and then turns to Keith. She can't believe it is really over. Les's' body lies on the ground, with Jack holding Carly on one side of him and Keith and Lily on the other side. Holden stands alone between the two couples.

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