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At home, Emily and Hal argue about his forbidding her to press charges. Emily thinks that Hal is acting like a caveman by ‘forbidding’ her. He is adamant that Emily leave well enough alone. Emily will not stand for anyone allowing Rosanna to get away with what she put her and her family through, and she is amazed Hal doesn’t want Rosanna to pay as well. Hal tries to get Emily to see his side of things. He explains that he is worried about how bizarre Emily’s story would seem in the eyes of the court. He reminds Emily that Rosanna has much more money then they could ever dream of having, and Rosanna’s lawyers would drag Emily through the mud. Emily isn’t worried about that because Rosanna admitted to drugging her to make her torture her. Hal wants Emily to reconsider, but Emily will not back down. She reminds Hal that if he was the loving husband he claims to be, he would be standing beside her now, and not doing what he did when all of this took place months ago, which was to question Emily and wonder if she was being trustworthy. She angrily tells Hal that Paul was the only one who stood beside her, and without him she would have been thrown in jail. A jealous Hal draws it to Emily’s attention that she, once again, is centering her life around another man. He demands that Emily walk away from this mess, and from Paul.

Paul is at his place when there is a knock on his door. He is in the middle of a frustrated phone call when he opens the door to find Rosanna on the other side. He immediately wants to know what Rosanna is doing there. Rosanna tells him all she is asking for is his patience, because she wants to fight for him. She wants to prove to him that she never stopped loving him.

After Casey is released from the hospital he wants to continue his prom night with Celia, but Tom and Margo do not want him to go out, citing the doctor’s orders. He then asks if Celia can accompany him back home. Margo is unsure if that is a good idea, because he probably won’t be getting the rest he needs. Tom thinks Margo should relent and jokes about how Casey took a bucket to the head for Celia, and the least they could do is let Casey finish the night with her. Margo finally agrees to allow Casey to have company.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Will and Gwen talk further about her stunning admission about Casey being her baby’s father. Will is unsure what to believe with Gwen because he thinks that Gwen is simply obsessed with Casey. She assures Will that she has never been with anyone else, and she goes on to explain that it occurred at a keg party when she and Casey had become quite intoxicated. Will is still unsure, but he tells Gwen that if it is Casey’s baby she needs to tell him, because he has a right to know. As they are discussing Gwen’s pregnancy, Margo runs into them and tells them about Casey coming home from the hospital, and she invites them to a get-together at her house. They agree to come, each with their own motives.

Carly and Jack are at the police station discussing Lily and Keith. Carly is sure there is something strange going on with them. She tells Jack that Lily is spending all of her time trying to convince her how trustworthy Keith is. Jack thinks that if that is the only reason Carly has to be sticking her nose into their business, then she is being dramatic. He wants her to butt out of their business because he is worried about her. In order to not disagree further, Jack leaves to take care of some work, promising to finish up quickly so they can go to the movies. Elsewhere in the station, Jessica receives a call from her assistant informing her that Lily is canceling her appointment. She becomes a little alarmed, considering how desperately Lily wanted to talk to her.

She searches out Jack to tell him of her concerns. She tells Jack that Lily is investigating Keith. Jack wonders if Jessica helped confuse Lily a little, considering Les was her client. Jessica assures Jack that Lily came to her all on her own. She is concerned about what Keith would be capable of if he became aware of Lily’s investigation. She asks Jack to go speak with Lily and see if he feels that further investigating is warranted. Jack finally relents and agrees to go talk to Lily.

Emily is furious with Hal for insinuating there is something going on with her and Paul. Hal is disbelieving that Emily would find that a stretch, considering what happened between her and Chris. Emily can’t believe that he is bringing up what happened with Chris, considering how far in the past it occurred, and besides, he promised he had forgiven her and had gotten past it. Hal angrily responds that what had happened with her and Chris feels as if it is happening all over again. A saddened Hal questions Emily why, if he has always managed to stay faithful to her in every sense of the word, that is not good enough; why isn't he good enough for her? Emily is upset because she thought he understood how she could have found herself spending time with Chris. Hal always had people who needed him more than she did, and there was always a crisis for him to handle. She is devastated to fully understand how little Hal trusts her. Hal asks Emily if she can blame him, considering how he was blindsided before, and says he has learned now that he has to keep his eyes wide open. He sees how attached she and Paul are becoming. Emily is at a loss and suggests that she stay with her mom for a while. She is destroyed to think how much she has disappointed him, as Hal is destroyed to think that she feels he seems to be pushing her away. As Emily is leaving, she tells Hal in no uncertain terms that she will be proceeding with filing charges against Rosanna whether he approves or not. Hal questions Emily whether she is doing it for herself, or for Paul.

Casey, Celia, Will and Gwen are all hanging out at Casey’s house. There is obvious tension among them all, though. In the kitchen, Celia is trying to find the nachos, and her and Will’s hands inadvertently touch. They look at each other before Celia pulls away, saying that she will never forgive herself for what happened to Casey. Will tells them he needs to get some air, and Gwen follows, having seen Celia and Will’s interaction in the kitchen. She jumps down Will’s throat, accusing him of wanting her to tell Casey about her being pregnant because he obviously wants Celia for himself.

Lily’s car has crashed off the road after her brakes failed. Initially, Lily is knocked unconscious, but she soon regains consciousness as a man helps her, disoriented, out of the car and tells her that he has called for help. As an emotional Lily is standing on the side of the road, she recalls her conversation with Burt, her mechanic, about how he had just finished checking out her car and that everything was fine. She then remembers the conversation she had with Jessica about what might happen if Keith became aware she was checking into him. All of this overwhelms her and she faints. Later on at the hospital, Ben checks her out and informs her that, thanks to her airbags, she is lucky to be alive. Lily is extremely upset about her accident as she further remembers her conversation with Keith regarding his admission to planting the bee pollen. Ben tries to console her as she makes references to her brakes failing and her life being in jeopardy. A panicked Lily asks to use the phone so she can call her children.

She calls Carly and begs her to go pick up her kids and bring them to Holden at the farm. Carly is very concerned about how agitated Lily sounds. With Jack needing to finish more work, Carly agrees to pick up the children. Lily promises to fill Carly in when she meets her back at her house. When Ben comes back in the room, Lily is adamant that she needs to leave. Ben wants her to stay for further tests, but Lily makes excuses and quickly leaves the hospital cubicle.

Paul angrily shoots back at Rosanna that it is a little too late for declarations of love. She tries to get him to understand that everything she did was because of James threatening her. Paul is furious, not wanting to believe her. He bitterly reminds Rosanna that she was with Craig and asks if he is supposed to assume that was a coincidence. She explains James's twisted plan for her to marry him, and when she refused and tried to call Interpol, he threatened her with a work camp, among other things. Paul thinks the story is laughable. Rosanna tries to tell Paul how often she thought of him and wanted to get back to him. She tells him she thinks it was fate that she crossed paths with Craig in Bangkok. She tells him she thinks it was a fate similar to the one that brought them together. She thinks that since Paul was an integral part in getting Craig out of the country, which landed Craig in Bangkok, where Craig helped save Cabot and bring James down, Paul (who is incredulous) had inadvertently brought her back home to him. Paul can’t hear anymore of Rosanna’s stories, but she is adamant that it was all James's doing. Even if that were the case, in Paul’s mind, Rosanna had a choice to call him or rely on Craig, and she chose the latter.

He asks her to leave, but Rosanna pulls Paul into a kiss. As they share this moment, Emily lets herself into Paul’s apartment and is shocked to find them in this embrace. Emily wants Rosanna to understand that they are going forward with pressing charges against her, so she will pay for what she did to everyone. Rosanna tries to apologize, but Emily isn’t interested. She tells Rosanna that her story regarding James and Cabot is unbelievable. When Rosanna hears that Emily is aware of Cabot being alive, and of what James did to them, she is beside herself, telling Paul as she leaves that he has no idea what he has done. Paul instinctively starts to go after her, but Emily stops him. Emily and Paul then start to talk about Hal’s refusal to help them with the charges. She tells Paul Hal is upset because he feels she needs other men in her life instead of just him. She also tells Paul Hal wants to know why she always seems to need more than he can give her. She tells him she will be staying at her mom’s. Paul offers her a place to stay with him, and for a moment she seems to be considering it. However, Emily’s phone rings, and they both joke that they were saved by the phone as Emily leaves.

Carly arrives at Lily’s and is immediately frightened by Lily’s state. Lily is frantic as she worries about her children being safe. Carly tries to comfort Lily and get her to explain what is going on. Finally, Lily repeats Keith’s confession for Carly. She explains how she left to go talk to Jessica, and she wonders if Keith overheard this and assumed she was turning him in, and followed her to stop her. She now wonders if Keith is in fact capable of murder. She tells a shocked Carly about her brakes failing, and how the mechanic had just checked out her car. Carly wants Lily to consider the fact that Keith is dangerous, but Lily can’t believe that the man she has allowed into her home, near her children, and into her heart is capable of such evil. In order to calm Lily down, Carly suggests that she take a sleeping pill and try to rest for the night. Lily is too worked up at first, wondering where Keith was when her brakes failed her. Carly assures Lily she will talk to Jack about everything and they will look into it, but she tells Lily she will be useless unless she slows down and rests. Once Carly assures Lily she will take care of everything, Lily calms down and goes upstairs. Carly immediately goes to the phone to call Jack, but as she does, the phone goes dead.

At Casey’s house, Celia and Casey are sitting together on the couch talking about their feelings for one another. Casey wonders if he deserves her, but Celia assures him that he does. They exchange I love you’s again, only Celia flashes back to dancing with Will at the prom. Outside, Gwen pushes Will about his feelings for Celia. She believes that is why he is pushing her towards Casey.

Will denies he cares either way, but Gwen wants him to promise not to tell Casey because he would hate her, and Celia would never talk to her again. Will tells Gwen that Celia isn’t like that, but he will keep her secret because he wouldn’t want to break Celia’s heart. Gwen is upset that Will is more concerned about Celia's part in this ordeal than her going through this pregnancy. She leaves, telling Will to explain that she had to go home, but Will goes after her to drive her home.

Carly uses her cell phone to try to reach Jack, but he is not picking up. She is scared a bit by a knocking on the front door and wonders nervously who it could be. Then she hears Jack’s voice on the other side of the door, calling out for Lily. A relieved Carly starts to walk over to open the door, but she is grabbed from behind by someone who covers her mouth in order to prevent her from screaming.

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