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At Margo’s house, Margo and Katie discuss Craig being back in town and how angry he is at everyone who ran him out of the country. They both agree he is out for payback. Katie thinks that Craig’s first stop will be Mike and Jen’s, and she tells Margo she needs to go over there to warn them. Margo wonders why Katie is so interested in running to their aid, but Katie assures her that it is just to help out as a friend, and she leaves on her mission.

Paul shows up at Hal and Emily’s, wanting to talk to Emily. Hal is a little concerned with their growing bond, and he wants to know what is going on. Paul tells them that he has decided to press charges against Rosanna. Emily is initially upset that he went to go see her, but then she is relieved to know he wants to hold Rosanna accountable. He explains that Rosanna claims she did everything she did because James forced her to in order to save Cabot. She claims Cabot is alive, but she doesn’t know where he is now. Emily is very suspicious and tells Paul not to fall for her stories. Paul is unsure what to believe because it sounds plausible that James would do that. He tells her that Craig was with her, so he is unsure what to believe, since Craig is involved. Emily wants Rosanna to pay and does not believe what she told Paul. She thinks it is a scam. Hal wonders why Paul is out to make such a mess of things now and why he is dragging his wife into the middle of it. Emily doesn’t care because she wants to help make Rosanna pay for what she put her through. Paul questions his own motives in pressing charges against Rosanna – maybe he is mad that Rosanna reappeared with Craig. He is also angry that when Rosanna was in trouble, she turned to Craig, of all people, instead of himself. Either way, he knows by pressing charges against Rosanna it will get her on the stand, and the truth will have to come out.

Casey steps onto the stage area at the prom and triggers a mechanism that brings a pail down on his head filled with fake blood. He is knocked unconscious.

Celia runs screaming to Casey’s side when she sees what happened. Nobody can revive him, so an ambulance is called.

The two girls who set the plan in motion huddle guiltily in the corner, and Gwen suspects that they were involved. Celia comments frantically to Gwen that she can’t believe someone would do that to Casey, of all people. Gwen tells Celia that it was obviously intended for her, since it was rigged to fall when the prom queen was announced. Celia is overwhelmed. When the medics arrive, they want to take Casey in the ambulance, and Celia rushes to go with him. Gwen wants to go as well, but Will isn’t sure they should. Finally Gwen convinces him, and they take off for the hospital as well.

At Lily's, Keith offers her a drink, causing Lily to make an excuse about why she can’t drink it. Keith is aware that Lily is afraid to drink something he made for her and taunts her by claiming that he will drink it, only because the poison probably has settled on the bottom of the glass. Lily acts as if Keith is crazy for thinking she is fearful to drink something he made for her. She claims she has children whom she needs to be alert for. Keith is not buying it, though. He tells her he knows she took the bee pollen and is having it analyzed at a lab. Lily is surprised that Keith was aware of what she was doing. Again, Lily tries to justify her actions by pretending she is doing all of this to prove her mother and everyone wrong. Keith tells a shocked Lily that he cancelled the test because the bee pollen will be a match to that found in Les’ car.

A startled Jen opens her door up to Craig, who is back in town. He plays with her a little by commenting about how she is now showing and that the baby must be kicking by now. Jen panics, not understanding why or how Craig is at her door. Just as she starts to get really overwhelmed, Mike shows up. Craig warns them that he is home and he will not stand to be shoved aside in his child’s life. He questions them about their role in his convenient disappearance.

Mike and Jen assure Craig that they were not actively involved in that; however, they were happy he was gone, and they don’t want him to come around. They want to be left alone, but Craig doesn’t want to hear it. Katie shows up just as everyone is getting wound up. Katie wants to diffuse the situation and claims to Craig that she is there to help him. At first, Mike and Jen are upset, wanting to know why Katie would be siding with Craig, but soon Mike realizes Katie is only trying to help. She leads Craig away from their house.

Henry goes to Margo's, very worried about Katie after hearing Craig is back in town. Henry is worried that he is back to settle some scores, and that puts Katie in the middle of it. Margo thinks it is sweet that Henry is looking out for her, and she tries to get Henry to admit he is still in love with Katie. He claims it is out of friendship that he is doing this, but Margo can tell by his emotional response that it runs far deeper. He finally admits to still being in love with Katie, but he tells Margo that it won’t change anything, because they still can’t be together. Henry wants Margo to warn Katie, but Margo tells Henry that she is already aware. Henry notices Margo’s reaction to having to tell him this, and that is when he realizes that Katie went over to warn Mike and Jen. He is angry with himself for looking out for Katie when all she cares about is looking out for Mike. Margo tries to convince Henry that it was innocent, but he doesn’t want to hear it. He starts to leave. Margo tries to convince him to stay and hang out, but a dejected Henry bows out of the offer and leaves. The phone rings, and it is the hospital telling Margo about Casey’s injury. She frantically takes off to go to the hospital.

Keith wants Lily to listen to what he has to say. He explains he planted the bee pollen to frame Les because he was concerned that Les was about to beat the charges against him. He explains that throughout Julia and Les’ stormy relationship, Les would beat her up and get arrested for assault, but he would somehow always manage to beat the charges. He was worried that they only had circumstantial evidence against Les. With Jessica in Les’ corner he would probably beat the charges again, and when he did, he would be after J.J. He couldn’t allow that to happen. Lily wants to know why he didn’t just tell her, but Keith didn’t want to put her in a position that would make her an accessory. He tells Lily if she needs to turn him in he will understand. He leaves the decision up to her on what to do next. He leaves with a heartfelt statement that even though he may have lied about the bee pollen, he didn’t lie about the big things, such as how much he loves her. Afterwards, Lily makes a phone call to Jessica, asking her to meet with her because she has a big decision to make. They agree to meet in half an hour, and Lily gets ready to leave. The audience sees someone watching Lily through the window from outside her house.

Jen is almost inconsolable after Craig leaves. She is frantically talking about fighting Craig and getting a restraining order. Mike tries to calm her, knowing she should not be getting this stressed out. He tells her working herself up for World War III is not healthy for her or the baby. He has to admit, though, that since the baby is technically Craig's, fighting him in court will probably not end up going their way because, as the father, Craig has rights. Jen is very upset with Mike for saying that and wants to know whose side he is on. Mike assures her that he is on her side, but they need to be realistic. He assures her that they are a team and he will protect her and their baby from Craig. He just doesn’t want them to bring on more trouble than necessary right now. He wonders if Craig is simply all talk, wanting to feel powerful by carrying on about his rights. He thinks that if they compromise then Craig will end up not following through on anything real that would affect them or the baby. Jen isn’t sure they should take the chance, but Mike convinces her that they should not worry just yet.

Meanwhile, at Metro, Katie is trying to talk to Craig. She doesn’t think it is wise for Craig to work Jen up so much. Craig is convinced that it is fate intervening to give him another chance at fatherhood and allow him to right his past wrongs. Katie suggests that he back off and let her feel out the situation. Craig wonders how Henry will react to that. Katie mentions that it won’t be a problem, now that Henry has left her. She convinces Craig to allow her to be the voice of reason and to try to make things better between them all. Craig just wants her to get them to understand that he won’t stand for any more games on their part. He will be a part of his child’s life one way or another.

At the hospital, Celia stays at Casey’s bedside, willing him to wake up. Bob comes in to check Casey out and tries to put Celia at ease by cracking a few jokes. Casey wakes up to an overjoyed Celia. They profess their love to one another just as Will and Gwen show up. They both are saddened by what they hear, but Gwen also runs for the bathroom because she is about to be sick. An overwrought Margo arrives and sees the fake blood, causing her to become more upset, even though she had been informed it was fake.

When Tom arrives, Margo is trying to take over, but Casey doesn’t want her to interrogate the kids at his school to find out who did this; he just wants Celia to stay by his side. Bob is convinced that Casey is only suffering from a mild concussion, but he wants to run a CAT scan to be safe. Celia accompanies Casey, at his request, and Margo and Tom are left to work through their fear of what it felt like to be called to the hospital because their child had been in an accident. Margo admits to feeling that it was as if they were dealing with Bryant. This reminds Margo to tell Tom that Craig is back in town, and probably out for blood against everyone who set him up.

On his way out of Hal and Emily’s house, Paul apologizes for bursting in. Emily assures Paul that he did the right thing by coming over, and they will get the truth and justice they both need. After Paul leaves, Emily is happy that Paul has come around and that they are going to put ‘the witch’ behind bars where she belongs. However, Hal has other plans, and he tells her he forbids her from pressing charges against Rosanna.

Bob tells a relieved Margo, Tom and Celia that Casey is only suffering from a mild concussion and he will be fine. Meanwhile, Gwen now wants to get out of the hospital, but Will is confused, wondering why she was so gung-ho to get there if now she wants to leave.

He wants to know why she is always in Casey’s face. An emotional Gwen slips and says it is Casey’s fault. A confused Will asks what is Casey’s fault, to which Gwen replies that she is pregnant, and Casey is the father.

Lily leaves her house to meet Jessica, and we see the boots of that same person following as she leaves. After she gets into her car and starts to drive, she calls Jessica’s office to apologize because she has to cancel the appointment. As she hangs up the phone, she puts her foot on the brake, only to realize her brakes are no longer working.

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