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As the World Turns Update Friday 6/3/05



By Eva
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At Lily’s house, Lily gets a call from Jessica telling her they must postpone their meeting. Lily pleads with Jessica to wait ten minutes for her because she must meet with her today. Jessica agrees to wait for Lily ten minutes but then she has to go meet with a client.

Keith arrives to see Lily when she tells him she must go to an appointment he tells her she isn’t going anywhere. Keith remembers that the bee pollen was missing from the cabin right after Lily went home from their last date.

At the Lakeview, Gwen once again tries to talk to Casey and tell him something important but Casey tells Gwen this isn’t the time or place, Casey hears the principal calling all the homecoming queen candidates to the stage with their escorts and takes the opportunity to go get Celia instead of talking with Gwen. Celia is stunned that Will would buy such an expensive dress for her and wonders why he would do such a thing. Will explains that she is the only person who understands why his mother makes him crazy and talking to her has helped him deal with his mother. Will tells Celia he just wanted to thank her for helping him and being such a good friend. Celia wonders why Will allowed her to think Casey bought the dress for her. Will explains he didn’t want anyone to know about their friendship. Casey comes and grabs Celia by the hand and takes her to the stage before Will and Celia can finish their conversation.

At Tom and Margo’s house, Craig feels deeply hurt a betrayed by his sister whom he thinks doesn’t love him anymore because she took part in the plan to force him out of the country. Margo explains that she only did it because he has been a terrible father and she and Sierra didn’t want to watch him hurt another one of his children.

At Fairwinds, Rosanna makes Paul promise not to tell anyone what she is about to tell him. Rosanna tells Paul Cabot is alive and the whole truth about why she left town with jams. Rosanna begs Paul to forgive her because she still loves him. Paul thinks that he has been through enough pain with his mother and father and her never wants to feel that kind of pain again.

At Lily’s place, Keith wants to go with Lily to her meeting but Lily tells him the meeting could take a very log time. Keith agrees to wait for her to return home so they can have a romantic evening. Lily explains to Keith she doesn’t want her kids to see him inside the house when they get home from school. Keith agrees to wait for Lily at the cabin. Once Keith sees Lily’s car pull out of the driveway, he uses the spare key to go back inside the house and search for the bottle of bee pollen.

At the Lakeview, Lia and Ann talk about how Celia doesn’t deserve to be nominated to be prom queen. Gwen overhears the girls talking and tells them to eat their hearts out. Lia and Ann tell Gwen that she is next on their list. Gwen asks Will to dance and the couple head to the dance floor. Will asks Gwen what is going on between her and Casey because the two seemed intense earlier. Gwen gets mad at Will and tells him that he is intense and walks off the dance floor. Lia and Ann get their practical joke ready for Celia.

At Margo and Tom’s house, Margo thinks Craig was unreasonable toward Jennifer and that is why she won’t let him near her baby. Margo points out that every woman he has been involved with has run away from him. Craig tells Margo that Rosanna thinks he has a right to be a father to his child. Craig explains he found Rosanna in Bangkok and she has returned to Oakdale.

At Fairwinds, Paul thinks Rosanna needs his help to get Cabot away from James so he agrees to help her. Rosanna explains that she gave Cabot up for adoption to protect him from James. Paul wants to get Cabot back because Cabot needs his mother. Rosanna tells Paul she doesn’t know where Cabot is but Paul doesn’t believe her because she would never give Cabot away without knowing where he is living. Paul takes this as another sign Rosanna doesn’t trust him.

At the Lakeview, Will daydreams Celia is elected prom queen and she picks him to share her first dance. Celia also Kisses Will in this daydream.

At Metro, Lily meets with Jessica to ask her to borrow a copy of the lab report done on the bee pollen found in Les’s car. Jessica declines to do it at first but Lily tells her that she is falling in love with Keith and she must prove his innocence before she can move forward with their relationship. Jessica warns Lily to be careful because Keith might be dangerous if he is pushed too far. Jessica leaves the lab report on the table and goes to her meeting.

At Lily’s house, Keith finds the phone number of the lab where Liy took the bottle of bee pollen. Keith pretends to be Lily’s assistant when he finds out she is testing a bottle of bee pollen he cancels the test. Keith hangs up the phone and wonders why Lily couldn’t leave things alone.

At the Lakeview, Gwen daydreams about revealing the truth about what Casey did to her to everyone at the prom. Gwen decides to go back to the dance floor and switch dance partners with Celia so she can talk to Casey.

At Margo and Tom’s house, Margo tells Katie Craig is back in tow and she fears he will go after Jennifer’s baby. Katie decides to ignore Margo’s advice and go talk some sense into Craig.

At Fairwinds, Craig arrives and tells Paul Rosanna helped him return to Oakdale and she thinks he should be a father to his child. Paul thinks that Rosanna will stop at nothing to get what she wants just like James and Barbara. Paul tells Rosanna he wishes she never returned to Oakdale.

At the Lakeview, Will and Celia share a dance together. While Gwen tries to talk to Casey. Gwen tells Casey she must talk to him now but Casey refuses to listen to her. Gwen decides to tell Celia everything while Casey chases after Gwen to stop her. Casey goes to the place the pail of paint is waiting for Celia.

The pail of red paint falls on Casey knocking him down. Celia screams because she thinks the red paint is blood.

In Lily’s car, Lily calls the lab and discovers that a man who claimed to be her assistant called to cancel the test. Lily orders the test again and tells the lab guy she will be at the lab in the morning to give them the lab report.

Lily arrives home and is surprised to find Keith who has made her margaritas without salt.

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