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By Eva
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At the Hughes house, the family gets ready for a pre –prom party. Margo and Tom tease Casey about the prom and the fact that it is the first year he is taking his girlfriend. Margo takes pictures of Casey in his tuxedo.

At Metro, Sierra arrives with Rafael to give Celia some news but Sierra tries to persuade Rafael not to tell her the news until after her prom. Celia arrives and looks beautiful in her prom dress.

At Burt’s garage, Gwen asks Burt to help her button the back of her dress. Burt wonders how she can afford such an expensive dress and yet she can’t pay her rent, which is two months overdue. Gwen explains she borrowed the dress so she doesn’t want to take the chance it will tear. Burt goes to wash his hands so he can help Gwen button her dress. Burt comments that the dress is a little tight on her. Gwen promises that she will pay the rent as soon as she gets some money from one of her three jobs. Burt warns Gwen that if she doesn’t give him the rent soon she can look for another place to live.

At the Lakeview, Barbara takes a picture of Will in his tuxedo and tells him how proud she is that he has become a gentleman. Will makes the mistake of telling Barbara about the get together before the prom at the Hughes house. Barbara wants to go with Will to the party but Will persuades her not to go.

Outside the Hughes house, Paul hesitates about going inside to the party. Emily arrives and wonders why Paul hasn’t gone inside yet. Paul tells Emily Rosanna is back in town and wants to reconcile with him. Emily gets angry and tells Paul there is no way that Rosanna will get back together with him.

At Mike and Jennifer’s place, Jennifer awakens from a nightmare just as Mike arrives home. Jennifer fears that Craig will return and take her baby away from her.

At Fairwinds, Craig surprises Rosanna when he arrives for a visit. Craig explains to Rosanna that his fake passport worked like a charm. Craig explains that he discovered that charges were never filed against him. Craig thinks Margo helped Bury the charges against him.

At the Lakeview, Will calls Gwen to find out her address so he can pick her up but Gwen tells Will she will meat him at Casey’s house.

At the Hughes house, Tom and Margo have the usual pre prom talk with Casey.

Outside the Hughes house, Paul doesn’t feel like going to the party so he and Emily decide to go somewhere and talk. Emily wants to call Hal to press charges against Rosanna. Paul pleads with Emily not to do that and tells her his reasons once they have talked.

At Fairwinds, Rosanna explains to Craig she was sad when he walked in because she was looking at pictures of Cabot. Craig thinks it would be a mistake for Rosanna to tell Paul the truth and get back together with him because Paul is a Stenbeck. Craig thinks Paul could slip and tell James about Cabot’s secret adoption. Rosanna doesn’t think Paul would compromise Cabot’s safety.

At Metro, Rafael tells Celia he has been given permission to box again but he has to go back to Montega to train with a new manager. Celia doesn’t want to go back to Montega so Sierra tells Celia she has permission to stay at the Walsh mansion if she wants to do so Celia cries and hugs Sierra.

Outside the Hughes house, Casey talks to his buddies about the hotel suite they rented. Casey promises to talk to Celia about going up to the suite. Casey quickly hangs up the phone when he thinks Celia is coming but it turns out to be Gwen. Gwen tries to tell Casey something important about the night the slept together. Will listens to their conversation from the bushes but they stop talking when they hear Will step on a branch. Will comes out from his hiding spot and explains he dropped Gwen’s corsage. Will gives Gwen her corsage and Gwen thanks him because it is beautiful.

At Mike and Jennifer’s place, Jennifer talks about needing some new clothes because soon she will gain so much weight that she won’t be able to see her toes. Jennifer worries she won’t be able to pain her toenails Mike promises to pain her toenails for her when she can’t see her toes. Mike proves to her he will do a good job by painting her toenails for her. Jennifer decides to paint Mikes toenails for him. The two make love while they wait for the nail polish to dry.

At Fairwinds, Rosanna admits that she never stopped loving Paul despite his family she wants him back in her life. Craig tells Rosanna he wants revenge on the people that set him up and forced him to leave the country. Craig also wants to be a part of his baby’s life. Craig wants to go to Jennifer’s and confront her but Rosanna persuades him to think about his strategy and not go off half-cocked and mess things up. Rosanna persuades him to go talk to Margo and thank her for not filing charges against him. Rosanna promises to help Craig be a part of his child’s life.

At Metro, Paul pleads with Emily not to press charges against Rosanna for the sake of his family. Paul explains that they would have to dredge up the awful past when his family is just getting back to some normalcy. Emily doesn’t press charges against Rosanna only because Paul asked her not to do so.

At the Hughes house, Casey gives Celia her corsage and a kiss. While Margo takes pictures of them. Will and Gwen watch from the sidelines. Gwen wishes she could be Casey’s date and Will wishes he could be Celia’s date.

At the Lakeview, The two couples arrive a prom and Barbara happily takes pictures of them. Gwen and Celia go powder their noses but on the way Lia and Ann tease them. The girls ignore Lia and Ann and head to the restroom. Lisa tells Barbara she thought Celia was Will’s date because he bought her the prom dress she is wearing. Casey asks Will to take the limo and go ahead of he and Celia to the lake. Will wonders why Casey is trying to get rid of him and Gwen. Will also wonders why Casey and Gwen were having a conversation before he arrived at the Hughes house. Casey ignores the question and just says Gwen is a great girl just too intense.

At Fairwinds Rosanna considers calling Paul after Craig has left to visit Margo.

At Metro, Emily advises Paul not to go confront Rosanna but he leaves her at Metro to talk to Alison and heads over to Fairwinds.

At the Lakeview, Will is uncomfortable with his mom taking so many pictures of him so he goes to ask her to leave the prom. Will get angry when Barbara confronts him about buying Celia’s prom dress. Will makes it clear he was doing something nice for a friend. Barbara is proud of him for being such a generous guy and leaves the prom. Celia overhears the conversation and wonders why Will bought the dress for her. Lia and Ann make sure Celia is elected prom Queen so they can pull a prank on her once she sits on her throne. Gwen once again tries to talk to Casey but

Lia and Ann interrupt the conversation. Lia and Ann tell Casey to make sure his girlfriend looks beautiful because she will be the main attraction. At the prom. Lia and Ann arrange for a can of paint to fall on Celia when she sits on the Queen’s throne.

At the Hughes house, Tom leaves to work on a case. Margo is shocked to see Craig arrive at her house. Craig tells her that he knows what she did and is about to thank her when Margo apologizes for helping to set him up.

At Fairwinds, Rosanna is surprised to see Paul arrive to confront her about why she left town.

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