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By Boo
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Mike & Jenniferís house:

Dusty comes in to find Mike putting a baby crib together. He explains that Jennifer wanted him to drop some stuff from the office off. He asks where Jennifer is. Mike tells him that Paul called from Fairwinds and wanted to see her. Dusty is surprised, he thought Paul was kicked out of Fairwinds. Mike agrees that it is strange, but that is all Jennifer knew. Mike asks Dusty to join him in a beer. Dusty declines at first, but decides to take Mike up on his offer. Mike hints that he may need some help with the crib. Dusty wonders if Jennifer asked Mike to be nice to him. Mike admits that she did. Dusty jokes that Mike must have it pretty bad for Jennifer. Mike tells him that he is totally in love with his wife. He jokes with Dusty that he thought he could help Dusty out by letting him help him with the crib; explaining that since Dusty works for a fashion house, he could stand a way to have a few bruises for the women to fuss over. Dusty laughs and the two of them start to work on the crib. Barbara comes in looking for Jennifer. Mike tells her that Jennifer isnít there. Barbara tells them that she just talked to Henry. Mike guesses that Barbara knows about Katie and Henry splitting up. Barbara is upset that he hasnít told Jennifer. Mike explains that he didnít want to upset her. Barbara starts to accuse Mike of wanting to run back to Katie now. Dusty tells her to give Mike a break and shows her the crib that Mike is building. Barbara gets all sentimental and runs into Mikes arms to give him a big hug. Mike leaves the room and Barbara brags to Dusty that her son-in-law does like her. Dusty corrects her and tells her that Mike loves Jennifer and because of that he tolerates Barbara. Barbara agrees that Mike does love her daughter. She is very happy about that. She brings Craig up and thanks Dusty for taking care of him for them. Dusty tells her that it was a team effort. Barbara wonders how Craig is coping with hoping from motel room to motel room and country to country. Dusty asks if she is feeling sorry for him. Barbara assures him that she isnít feeling sorry for him at all. She just hopes that he never finds his way back to Oakdale.


Jennifer comes into a darkened front room looking for Paul. When the lights flip on, she turns and is shocked to see Roseanna. She canít believe that Roseanna would show her face in this town again after what she did to Paul. Jennifer tells her that she has nothing to say to her at all and she doesnít want to hear anything Roseanna has to say. Roseanna asks how Paul is doing.

This gets Jenniferís red hair going and she lays into Roseanna pretty hard. Roseanna tells her that she wants to explain everything to Paul. Jennifer doesnít want Roseanna anywhere near Paul. Roseanna ripped his heart out. There is no way that Jennifer will let her do that again. Roseanna asks her to just entertain the idea that she had good reason to do what she did. Jennifer asks what that reason was. Roseanna tells her that she wants to explain that to Paul first. Jennifer understands now. Roseanna wants her to talk to Paul and buffer Roseannaís way back in. Roseanna tells her that she missed Paul every day and that she still loves him very much. Jennifer tells her that if someone would have told her that Roseanna would tell Paul that she hated him, moved out and divorced him all in a week she would never have believed them. She guesses Roseanna isnít who she thought she was. Jennifer starts to storm out of the house but Roseanna stops her; If someone had told Roseanna that Jennifer would sleep with her ex step-father she wouldnít have believed that. She guesses Jennifer isnít who the thought she was either. This stops Jennifer cold in her tracks. She tells Roseanna that it was a one night stand with Craig and she didnít hurt him like Roseanna hurt Paul. Roseanna counters that Jennifer running around pregnant with Craigís child and telling him that he would never see that child hurts Craig. Jennifer is shocked that Roseanna knows about all of this. She demands to know how Roseanna knows all of this.

Roseanna realizes that she is arguing with a woman that she desperately needs on her side and tries to change the tone. She apologizes to Jennifer and congratulates her on the pregnancy. Jennifer admits that she is happy now that Craig has left the country, hopefully to never return. Roseanna mentions that it would be hard for him to return considering the charges against him. Jennifer has no idea what she is talking about. When Roseanna realizes that Jennifer doesnít know about the charges, she covers by saying that she just assumed that Craig was in trouble with the law. Jennifer still wants to know how she came about all her information. Roseanna tells her that she stayed in touch with some people while she was gone and asked about Paul. Since Jennifer is Paulís sister, her name came up. Jennifer doesnít buy that explanation, but doesnít push it farther. She tells Roseanna that she is happy now and she wants to stay like that. Roseanna asks her what she is afraid of. Jennifer tells her that she is afraid of people like Roseanna. She tells her to go back to where ever she came from and leave her and her whole family alone. No one missed her while she was gone. No one! She then storms out of the house. Roseanna is disappointed that the meeting didnít go like she wanted it to.

She sits on the couch with a picture album looking at pictures when her and Paul were happy. She remembers back to when she left and all the hurtful things she said to Paul. She wonders how she will ever convince him that none of those things she said were true.


Craig comes into Roseannaís room looking for her. (Amazing that Roseanna made it back to Fairwinds from Bangkok without Craig even knowing she left) He looks around and starts to get a feeling that she is gone. He then sees an envelope addressed to him sitting on the table. He angrily crumples it up and throws it on the floor without even reading it. He tries to fan himself off and cool down his temper. Finally he decides to read the letter. In the letter, Roseanna apologizes for taking the cowards way out and leaving him a note instead of saying goodbye before going back to Oakdale. She thanks him for being her hero and for being a true friend to her. She tells him to look under the pillow. She has left him an enormous amount of money to help him in his travels. Craig is sad that Roseanna wonít be traveling with  him, but the money helps. He calls to make reservations on a plane. His destination is anywhere but home. He starts to take the money and leave when the phone rings. He almost leaves without answering it, but decides it may be Roseanna. He is right.

She asks him if he got the money she left. He tells her he did but would almost give it all back if he had her there with him. She asks if he is lonely. Craig tells her that the money will buy a lot of companionship in a lot of countries. She tells him to hold off on his travel plans because she may be able to help him with his troubles in Oakdale. She tells him about her conversation with Jennifer earlier and how strange she thinks it is that his escape wasnít splashed all over the papers in Oakdale. Craig agrees that it is strange. She tells him to just stay where he is for right now, and she will do some checking around and get back to him.


Emily has brought Paul here for a Ďpracticeí date. She is determined to help him get out and dating again. Paul isnít convinced that he needs the practice. When he quickly grabs for the menu right off the bat, Emily stops him and reminds him that on a first date he needs to have some conversational skills. Paul remembers dating, he pays the check and walks her to the door. Emily tells him that without the conversation he will never get inside the door. Paul tells her that there are plenty of women out there that he can have sex with, without having to go through the ritual of dating. She knows that he doesnít want a woman like that. He claims that he does. She knows that he isnít the one night stand kind of guy, he likes to figure women out and get to know what makes them tick. Paul tells her that he doesnít need a relationship right now. He is perfectly happy with his life being without anyone. Emily says she might have believed that before he kissed her yesterday, but she doesnít believe that now. That kiss showed her how lonely and how passionate he is. She envies the lucky woman he will be with. She gets back to the Ďplay dateí and asks him to tell her about himself. He tells her that on a first date, he will not be talking about himself but asking the date about herself. Emily tells him that he will have to talk about himself sooner or later. He gives in and asks if she really wants to know about him. He goes off on a tale about being raised by Barbara and James, and blaming Barbara for James death (the first time he died) and ending up married to a woman that reminded him that he got what he deserved when she walked out on him. Emily asks if he wants to hear the sordid details of her life. He tells her that he already knows the details, but it doesnít matter because she is a great person. She tells him that he is too, that is the point of all of this. Paul starts to get frustrated with the charade, so Emily quickly asks him to dance with her.

They share a pretty flirty dance with her joking that he still doesnít know how to dance very well. After a bit more joking around, things turn slightly serious when Emily asks him what would be next on the date. He tells her that he would pull her close, as he does so. He then tells her that she knows what comes next and the two almost kiss before Emily turns her head and lays her head on his shoulder. Paul is disappointed, but doesnít pull away. Emily ends the dance and tells him that he did pretty good as they sit back down. Just then, Jennifer comes rushing in asking to talk to Paul alone. Paul starts to object, but Jennifer tells him that it is very important. Emily tells them that she needs to get home anyway and Paul offers her his car saying that he will get a ride from Jennifer. He tells her that he had fun, to which Emily replies Ďthat was the pointí. When she leaves, Jennifer tells Paul to grab a hold of his seat. She tells him that Roseanna is back. Paul is shocked and wants to know what she wants. Jennifer tells him that she wanted to know how he was doing and that she also wants to see him. Jennifer wants Paul to promise not to go anywhere near Roseanna. Paul tells her that he has no intention of seeing Roseanna. Jennifer tells him about the things that Roseanna knew about her and Craig and the baby. She tells him that Roseanna mentioned something about charges against Craig. Paul calms her down and tells her not to worry. Roseanna and Craig are both dead to them, they canít hurt them anymore. The two of them leave Mabelís together.

Impound Garage:

Lily asks the man that works here, Burt, if he is sure that Keith is the man he saw there while showing him Keithís passport picture. The man confirms that it was Keith, telling her that he was there the day they found the bee pollen in Lesí car. Lily is clearly shook up. Burt tells her that he hopes that this Keith person isnít a friend of hers. Lily wonders why he would say that. Burt tells her that he just didnít get a good feeling from the guy. He thinks Lily is a nice person and wouldnít want to see her get hurt. Burt takes off to get back to work leaving Lily a little spooked. As she starts to leave, she senses that someone is watching her. She stops and looks around the shop. She sees a pair of black boots with jeans slowly step out of site. This really creeps her out and she quickly leaves the garage. We see the black boots follow her out of the shop.

Lilyís house:

Lily is still really shook up when she arrives home. She locks the door behind her and looks out the window to see if she is being followed. When Holden makes a noise, Lily jumps and is very surprised to see him there. Holden tells her that he is there dropping the girls off after J.J.ís party. He notices that she is pretty shook up and asks her what is wrong.

Lily covers by telling him that she almost hit a deer and it shook her up a bit. Holden asks her where she has been. She tells him that she went to see her attorney and asks if Keith didnít mention it to her. She is shocked to learn that Keith didnít show up to J.J.ís party either. Holden tells her that J.J. was pretty upset about it. She tells him that something must have came up. She has a hard time paying attention to Holden and keeps remembering what Burt told her and seeing the boots. Holden tells her that he had wanted to talk to her and asks why she didnít come to the party. She is acting so funny that Holden thinks she is uncomfortable with him and tells her that he is going to kiss the girls goodnight and get out of her hair. This kind of pulls Lily back to present and she stops him. She tells him that she saw that he brought her flowers last night. She starts to tell him that the flowers made her wonder, but Faith comes running in to ask her dad to read a bed time story to her. Holden agrees, but he and Lily still want to finish the conversation. When Holden leaves the room with Faith, Lily grabs her purse and rushes out. She goes to the guest house and makes sure that Keith isnít there first. Once she makes sure, she replaces the passport and looks at the bottle of bee pollen. She remembers again some of things she has learned recently and decides to take the bottle. She starts to put it in her purse when Keith comes in and finds her there.

She hides the bottle behind her back as she asks Keith where he has been. She tells him that Holden mentioned that he didnít show up for J.J.ís party. Keith tells her that he had a job interview for a private pilot position and it ran longer than he thought it would. He is glad to see her and tells her that the two of them can go to the party together now. Lily reminds him that J.J. is a little boy and the party is over now. Keith tells her that he is glad to see her and gives her a hug. He realizes she is trembling and asks what is wrong. She tells him too that she almost hit a deer. He tells her that he is going to pour her a glass of wine to help settle her nerves and that he has plans of spending the evening with her. As he goes to pour the wine, Lily notices the boots that he has on. She remembers the boots at the garage and notices that they are the same. She quickly puts the bee pollen in her purse while Keithís back is turned, and then tells him that Faith wasnít feeling well from the party and she promised to come straight home. She also reminds him that he needs to at least call J.J. because he was upset that Keith didnít come to the party. Keith is disappointed but understands. He tells her to come back when the kids are asleep. Lily tells him she will try. Keith kisses her and tells her that the two of them are meant to be together. Lily doesnít answer before she takes off for the main house. After she leaves, Keith sits on the couch with his glass of wine and thinks. Suddenly, he decides to check and see if his bee pollen is still there. When he searches the drawer and doesnít find it, he wonders what Lily has done now. Back at the main house, Holden greats Lily when she returns wondering where she went. She tells him that she had to check with Keith about something. She asks if the girls are in bed, and starts to go and kiss them goodnight. Holden stops her and tells her that he wants to explain about the flowers. He tells her that he will always love her and only wants her to be happy. He also tells her that he was bringing the divorce papers by. Lily tells him that she will always love him too and asks if she signs the papers that means it is over. Holden tells her that is what it means if that is what she wants. Lily turns her back and remembers again all the things she has learned about Keith lately. Holden asks her again if this is what she really wants. She doesnít really want this, but she thinks this is what Holden wants so she tells him that it is what she wants. Holden sadly accepts her decision and starts to leave. Lily yells out for him to wait. Holden turns to look at her hopefully. When Lily canít bring herself to say what Holden wants to hear, he sadly leaves. Lily cries alone.

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