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By Elayna
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Henry is at Mabel’s ordering 5-alarm Chili trying to forget about Katie, but as he sits there trying to read the newspaper he has visions of Katie there with him.

When the real “one” shows up, he still thinks it is a delusion, and tells her to leave him alone. He then realizes Katie is really there, and he quickly covers. Katie claims she is there to say goodbye. She realizes Margo was right when she said that Henry deserved more then 1/2 of her heart. She didn’t realize at the time that is what she was giving him. She only saw Henry as her best friend and lover. She admitted to not knowing why she left Henry to try to stop the wedding when everything she wanted with Mike she already had with him. She kept thinking how it was so easy for Henry to walk away from her when he claimed to love her so much, and then she realized she had been the one to walk away from him. She wishes she could take back all the things she has done and said, but she can’t, which Henry agrees with. She knows she must give Henry what he wants – his freedom from her. She starts to walk away, but Henry grabs her arm, and says that if she thinks that is what he wants, then she doesn’t know or get him at all.

At the Lakeview, Celia and Gwen thank Lisa for allowing her to loan Gwen the dress. Celia still thinks that Casey was her secret admirer who bought her the prom dress, and Gwen and Will exchange knowing looks. When they start to set up their sleeping bags for later on after they decorate, Casey asks Will if he and Gwen can set up elsewhere so he and Celia could be alone. Will appears a little defensive, but Barbara interrupts them. Barbara claims she was just passing through and saw Will, but Will grabs her aside and demands that she leave him alone because she is ruining everything. He is trying to regain some respect with his peers after having spent time in a mental institute, and Barbara hanging around and trying to be his pal will look funny. Will angrily stomps off.

Celia, Casey and Gwen talk about the tension Barbara is causing, and Casey quickly responds it is because Will doesn’t want his mom involved in his life or know who he is taking to the prom, so he essentially tells Gwen to get lost. Gwen angrily responds to Casey was he trying to get rid of her for Will’s benefit or his?

At the farmhouse, Emma mentions to Holden she just bumped into Lucinda and she is concerned about Lily. Holden knows all this because he has heard it all before, and he snaps that Lily will have to figure it out on her own, and hopefully by then it won’t be too late. Carly and Jack walk in on the tail end of this exchange, but they curb the conversation when JJ enters the room. He is excited that Parker is treating him like his brother. Jack and Carly explain they are having a party to officially welcome JJ to the family.

JJ then asks if he can invite Uncle Keith, to which everyone, of course, sets aside their feelings to tell him yes.

Lily is shocked when she turns around to find Keith standing there in her home. He asks her why she didn’t come back? She explains that Lucinda just left, and she was on her way out to talk to her lawyer about her divorce. Keith stands in her way and demands to know why she is lying to him again? He tells her he overheard her end of the phone call to Jessica, and wants to know why she is digging into Julia’s murder? Lily tries to explain that she didn’t want to tell him after everything he has been through recently. She explains she has to ask questions and do some investigating because of Lucinda.

She tells him Lucinda found the check she wrote to Keith to pay off his debt, and she thinks Keith is pulling the wool over her eyes. Keith doesn’t understand how paying off a debt means he is a killer. He asks Lily if she told her about the bee pollen, which Lily denies. She tries to further cover by saying everything Keith does is suspect to Lucinda and Lily has to prove her mother wrong. He asks why Lily cares so much, and she tells him that until Lucinda is placated, then she will make their lives very hard. Keith tells Lily that if she is set on proving his innocence, then he wants to be involved. Lily tries to deter him by claiming if he is involved then Lucinda will try to discredit any evidence they find to prove Keith’s innocence. Keith’s cell phone interrupts them, to Lily’s relief, and it is Jack calling to ask if Keith wants to come to JJ’s party? Keith agrees and tells Jack he will be bringing Lily. After he hangs up though, Lily tells Keith she can’t go because it will upset Holden and Emma. Keith doesn’t know why it should matter, but Lily doesn’t want anybody feeling uncomfortable right now. They agree to meet up later.

Jack and Carly talk to Holden about how he is supposed to handle seeing Keith with Lily. Holden suggests he will simply leave, but everyone thinks that isn’t the solution. Emma interrupts and Carly and Jack leave to go outside. Emma notices the divorce papers and is very distraught. She thinks if she didn’t push Holden to see Lily so soon this never would have happened as quickly. Holden tells her it was inevitable, and that no one is to blame. Emma asks Holden if this is what he wants? Holden diverts the question by saying it is what Lily wants. He wants to change the subject so he suggests Emma go back outside to see everyone. Carly comes into the kitchen and tells Holden that there is someone out there who doubts Keith. Holden assumes she is talking about Luke, but Carly tells him that it is Lily herself!

Henry pours his feelings out for Katie – they are yin and yang, the olive with the martini, his best friend and partner in crime. He doesn’t want to lose Katie and gain his freedom; he has to though with this for his own good. He tries to lighten the situation by asking for visitation rights for Snickers, but they can’t continue to smile when they are both so sad inside. Then one of their wedding songs plays on the jukebox and Henry asks Katie to dance. At first, Katie can’t, but Henry tells her that he wants to go out like they started – happy. As they dance they are both overcome with emotion. When the song ends Katie asks Henry if they can’t be lovers then can’t they still be friends?

Lily meets Jessica and they discuss Les. Lily asks Jessica whether she believed in what Les was saying? Jessica is not sure what to believe, but never saw irrefutable evidence that proved his guilt. Lily ends up trying to defend Keith at every turn so it doesn’t appear that she doubts him. Jessica calls her on it, but Lily denies it. Jessica tells Lily that she doesn’t need to listen to someone else trying to convince her of Les’ guilt. Lily is surprised to hear Keith was grilling Jessica too. Jessica thinks the evidence was shaky, and that Keith kept trying to push this through as an open and shut case – which it wasn’t at all. She points out the fact the bee pollen was found in a car that had been sitting in a car lot with no cameras or guards, where anyone could have gotten into the car. Lily wonders out loud to Jessica if she implying that the bee pollen could easily have been planted? Jessica thinks that Keith was a little too overjoyed about the case being closed with Les’ death, and is amazed at how far Keith will go to make sure this case stays closed.

Holden asks Carly if Lily told her specifically that she was having doubts about Keith. Carly tells him it is the complete opposite, and then proceeds to relay her conversation with Lily, and how Lily is always staunchly defending Keith to her. Holden thinks that is reasonable since they just started dating. Carly doesn’t see that. She would understand if Lily had been talking to Holden or Lucinda, but to Carly, who is now like a sister, she thinks that is strange to be in such defensive mode. Holden questions if Lily doubts him then why not pull away from Keith. Carly thinks that since Lily risked everything to be with Keith, the last thing she is prepared to do is to admit or see she is wrong.

Gwen bumps into Barbara, who mistakes her for a waitress, and asks her for a drink. Gwen doesn’t respond well, and during their conversation, ends up admitting to being Will’s date for the prom. Barbara tries to backpedal by suggesting she and Gwen’s mom join her for tea. Gwen again sarcastically responds her mom is allergic to tea. Will shows up and asks Barbara if she interrogated everyone till she found out whom he was going to the prom with. After Gwen and Will take off, Lisa shows up and asks her if Barbara is trying to alienate all of her children. Barbara answers a bit bitterly, but they end up leaving the room to go talk and so Lisa can dole out some advice. Gwen apologizes to Will, but he laughs it off, and tells her not to worry about his mom. Gwen knows she wasn’t Will’s first choice to the prom, to which Will responds, that he figures he was not her first choice either. Just out of hearing range from them, Celia and Casey argue about how Casey has been treating Gwen. He doesn’t care if Gwen’s feelings are hurt because he doesn’t like her, but Celia is angry because she does like her, and she is her friend and Gwen will be hanging with her. She asks Casey to go apologize. Casey relents and gives a half-hearted apology to Gwen. Gwen knows he is only doing it to appease Celia. Celia wants 5 minutes alone with Casey, but Casey continues to be irritated with Gwen insinuating herself into his life. He wants Gwen to understand what they had that night was nothing and didn’t matter to him at all, and that he is with Celia and she makes him happy, so she needs to leave him alone. Elsewhere, Celia is hanging decorations and Will is watching her admiringly unbeknownst to Celia how he feels. She talks about how cool it would be to be voted prom queen, and how her and Casey would be dancing all alone on the dance floor. At the same time, two girls are reminding each other of their plan to make Celia pay, and that she won’t know what hit her. Then we see Casey talking to two guys who are teasing Casey about how he will be getting lucky at the prom because he is the man. When Celia calls for Gwen and Will acting as if they are the four musketeers, Gwen and Will smile knowingly at one another, but seconds later sadly look on as Casey and Celia kiss.

Henry tells a saddened Katie he can’t just be friends with her after everything they have shared. He can’t be her savior, and pick up the pieces of her love life, and continue to want more then she can give him. He would be setting himself up for continuous heartache. Katie understands and realizes she has to say goodbye. She tells him she loves him and after she leaves, Henry says he loves her too to himself.

Lily shows back up at Keith’s and lets herself in knowing he is supposed to be at the party for JJ. She finds the bee pollen again in the drawer and remembers her conversation with Keith when he explains why he has it. She then remembers her conversation with Jessica about how easy it would be to plant that as evidence in Les’ car. She finds Keith’s passport and takes it with her as she leaves.

Barbara has ordered up lots of food for all the kids working on prom decorations, which all the kids think is cool. Will asks Lisa why his mom did it, and she explains that she just wanted to do something nice and that is all. Barbara’s gesture affects Will. When Barbara calls to ask Lisa how it went over, and finds out it went over well, she wants to show back up, but Lisa reminds her of their conversation about when you love someone you should allow them some space and room to breathe. Barbara agrees to stay out of Will’s way. She then sees Henry eating his chili after Katie’s emotional departure. He asks what she is doing there since Jennifer and Mike just came home from their honeymoon. Barbara didn’t know they were home, and is quickly tempted to show up unannounced at Jennifer and Mike’s house, but remembers Lisa’s advice. She quickly turns her thoughts to the fact Henry was supposed to keep Katie away from the wedding. Henry reminds her it doesn’t matter because it all worked out. She tells him that is why she forgives him, but Henry tells a shocked Barbara she is one of the reasons his marriage is now over. He almost gleefully reports to Barbara that now that Katie is single, she will probably set her sights on her daughter’s new husband, Mike.

Jack wants to know why Carly had to tell Holden about how Lily was acting and her thoughts about Keith. He wants them to stay out of Holden and Lily’s lives, but Carly can’t because they are all best friends. Jack wants them to move past this because he is sure Lily will figure things out. He is worried that Keith and Lily are supposed to be arriving together at the party any minute, but Carly knows they are not going to be showing up this late, and she wonders about the excuse Keith will end up telling them.

Lily has stopped by the garage, and she talks to the mechanic, Burt, who thinks she is there because of her car. She explains she is interested in knowing if he has seen Keith at the garage. After she shows him Keith’s passport picture, Burt tells her he definitely has seen Keith around. She asks him what day, and he answers it was around the same time the police were looking for Les’ car. A stunned Lily doesn’t know what to do with this information, but as she walks away, we see a pair of boots from someone obviously following her.

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