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Jennifer and Mike arrive back home from their honeymoon, feeling peaceful and blissful, trying to enjoy the moment, knowing after the baby is born, there will be little of that. They start to go through their presents and one of the first ones they come across is from Katie. Jennifer wants to look at another one, and Mike asks her if there is something upsetting her? She admits that she was a bit confused and irritated with Katie and how she almost didn’t show up for the wedding after she was asked to be matron of honor. She doubts the traffic story and was miffed that she put them in that awkward situation.

Jennifer asks Mike what Katie really said when they talked, and Mike tells her that Katie wasn’t sure she should have been there or wanted to be there, but ultimately wanted them to be happy. Jennifer tells Mike that although she believes Katie is trying, she is happy Katie has Henry to ground her and keep her from stirring up trouble with them. She feels as long as Katie and Henry are together they will have nothing to worry about. Mike is confident that Henry and Katie are solid and will always stay that way.

Henry is waiting to meet a blind date at the Lakeview, but Allison is trying to help out Katie. She is trying to feel out Henry’s feelings for Katie. Henry ultimately wants to back out of this meeting, because as Allison points out, he is still in love with Katie. Later on upstairs, Henry can’t decide if he should knock on the door to meet his mystery woman (who is really Katie). Finally, he decides to knock and go in, ready to back out of this meeting, and he is shocked to find Katie waiting in a negligee on a bed of roses. However, Henry can’t handle this, and tells her that her plan is not going to work now or in the future and turns to leave.

Katie jumps up and runs after him telling him that she won’t let him go. Katie begs Henry to give them another chance, and that she will give him anything he wants. They kiss and Katie feels as if they are about to make love, but Henry continues to pull away. Henry tells Katie that what he wants is something she can’t give him…her heart, body and soul, because they belong to Mike. Katie wants Henry to forget about Mike and focus on them, but Henry believes he deserves more then Katie is able to give him, and asks her to let him go if she really loves him.

At Metro, Celia is amazed at her surprise gift, the prom dress she saw and loved at Fashions. She is convinced that it was from Casey, who must have conspired with Lisa to buy it for her, but Casey denies it. We see Will’s reaction, and it is apparent that he was the one who purchased the dress, even though he stays mum. Celia joyfully runs off claiming to be right back because there is something she has to do. Zach approaches the Casey, Will and Gwen and tells them a bunch of them are putting up decorations for the prom during an all-nighter and asks if they want to join in?

All of them agree, and after Casey steps away for a moment, Gwen questions Will about him buying Celia’s dress. Will denies it, but Gwen feels as if she knows it was Will because he saw the dress Celia was in love with, and his face is giving him away. Meanwhile, Celia has gone to find Lisa at Fashions to thank her for the dress, but she can’t accept it because Gwen wants a similar dress, and she wouldn’t feel comfortable having a nice dress if Gwen couldn’t. Lisa thinks Celia is being very kind and unselfish, but thinks she should keep the dress from her secret admirer. Barbara overhears the conversation and questions Celia about Gwen, who happens to be Will’s date for the prom.

At the farm, Luke walks in, as Holden is finishing up signing his and Lily’s divorce papers. Holden opens up to Luke telling him that signing the papers was the hardest thing he has ever had to do. Luke is worried that their lives will all change when they have to make appointments to see one another since they will no longer be living together. Holden assures Luke that isn’t how it would ever be. Luke can’t help but wonder if Holden should just be patient and wait for Lily to come around since her relationship with Keith happened so quickly that may be a sign it won’t last. Holden doubts Lily will come around because of what he put her through with Julia, but Luke is not convinced Lily won’t change her mind.

At Cal’s place, where Keith is staying, Lily finds a bottle of bee pollen in the desk. She quickly puts it back in when she hears Keith coming in the door. Keith is excited as he tells Lily he has paid off his debt, and now is free to do whatever he wants, and that would be for him to be with Lily, as he hugs her, Lily remembers her conversation with Les about how Keith planted the bee pollen in his car to frame him. Keith just wants to be romantic with Lily, but Lily is stalling and trying to regroup.

Finally, Lily tries to cover by telling Keith she has developed a migraine, and the best thing to do in order for it to go away, is for her to go home, close the shades and go to bed. Lily promises to call Keith in the morning, but Keith calls her on the fact he knows she must be lying because of this sudden onset of a headache, and that something happened between the last time he saw her and now, and he is not going to let her go anywhere until she levels with him.

Mike runs into Henry in the lobby and is surprised by how upset Henry looks. He questions Henry who is a bit angered at seeing Mike. Henry wonders whether Mike knew all along that Katie still loves him, to which Mike looks shocked. Henry tells Mike Katie’s room number and tells him she is all his, and with that he takes off. A few moments later, when Katie hears the door, she assumes it is Henry, but is surprised to see Mike.

Mike wants to know what is going on, and Katie admits that Henry knows that she is still in love with him even though she has tried to get past it. Now Mike starts to put things together and questions the real reason Katie acted the way she did at the wedding. She admits to wanting to stop the wedding and that was Henry’s breaking point. Mike is speechless, but Katie tells him that she will be fine and to go home to Jennifer. Mike assures her everything will work itself out, and leaves, but is noticeably bothered after he closes the door behind him as Katie starts to cry.

Luke wants to know if Holden still loves Lily, to which Holden assures him he does. He tries to explain that sometimes when people have been together as long as they have, people grow apart. Luke is still sure that if Holden takes his time then maybe it will change things. He asks Holden to spend more time with Faith and Natalie under the guise of getting them to understand, but really he just wants Holden to hold off giving Lily the divorce papers for a week. Holden agrees to a week, but hopes Luke doesn’t get his hopes up, which Luke claims to understand.

Lily tries to leave by making excuses, but Keith won’t let her, and questions her as to why she seems to be acting afraid of him. She tells him that this is all too much and Keith apologizes for coming on too strong, but admits that he was so happy about being able to pay off Vin, and wanting to prove to Lily he will be someone she can count on and believe in. Keith feels there is more to it. Lily finally admits to seeing the bee pollen in the drawer and asks Keith why he would have it? Keith explains it is good for energy, allergies and even acts as an aphrodesiac, but admits to it being ironic since Julia was so allergic to it. Lily reminds Keith that Les thinks Keith planted bee pollen in his car to frame him. Keith demands to know who Lily believes – him or Les. Lily tells Keith that she believes him, but was just taken aback when she saw the bottle. Keith tells Lily that he doesn’t care what others think, but he never wants Lily to doubt him. Lily assures Keith that she is there because she trusts him, but is clearly happy when her cell phone interrupts Keith’s ploy to get romantic again.

Lucinda is calling from Lily’s house to tell her she let herself in to apologize and came across a cashier’s check for $100,000, and is concerned Lily needs financial help. Lily steers the conversation so to make it appear Lucinda needs to see her. Keith makes her promise she will come back, but also asks Lily not to mention finding the bee pollen, because he thinks that will only cause Lucinda will doubt him more.

At Fashions, Celia tells Barbara that she should talk to Will about Gwen, but Celia continues to feel it wouldn’t be right if Gwen didn’t have her dress. Lisa agrees to loan Gwen the dress she liked if Celia will keep her. Celia is so thankful.

Lily shows up at her house and Lucinda apologizes not wanting her to have dropped everything to come home. She knows she was probably with Keith and does not want to interfere anymore. Lily appreciates it. Lucinda questions the check and suddenly realizes what it was for, and gets very upset. Lily reminds Lucinda of what she had just said – that her life and money was not her business.

Lucinda is still 100% sure that Keith is taking her for a ride, to which Lily responds that she is not as foolish as she thinks. Lucinda notices a different tone in Lily’s voice, and she questions whether Lily’s eyes are already starting to open up towards Keith. Lily asks Lucinda to leave because she doesn’t need this, but Lucinda just tries to explain that she is afraid Keith will end up taking something more precious then money in the end from Lily.

Mike shows up back home with take out, and Jennifer notices he appears miles away. He tells her he saw Henry, and that he and Katie are going through a rough patch. Jennifer questions how bad of one, which Mike downplays, and then diverts her attention back to them. Once Jennifer goes into the kitchen to get drinks, Mike looks upset at what has just occurred between him and Katie. Meanwhile, at the hotel, Katie breaks down sobbing into the pillow.

Celia shows back up at Metro with a box for Gwen. Gwen opens the box and is stunned when she sees the dress she had wanted to wear to the prom. At first she thinks it is a joke, but then Celia explains that Lisa offered it because she saw how happy it made Gwen and how beautiful she looked in it. Gwen is overwhelmed by Lisa’s generosity.

Lucinda goes to see Holden at the farm to tell him about Lily paying off Keith’s debt to the tune of $100,000. Holden is a bit shaken, but reminds Lucinda it is her money and life. Lucinda wants Holden’s help, but he tells her that he just signed the divorce papers. He admits to the fact he agreed to wait for a week for Luke’s sake to give Lily the papers. Lucinda is determined that the marriage will not end, especially if Lily still needs to sign the papers. Holden thinks Lily is smart, and will figure out whatever Keith is hiding.

At home Lily is in thought, but finally decides to put a call into Jessica to find out information about Julia’s murder. She wants to talk to Jessica as soon as she can. They agree to meet right away, and Lily hangs up and turns to leave, only to come face to face with Keith.

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