ATWT Update Friday 5/27/05

As the World Turns Update Friday 5/27/05



By Eva
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At Metro, Henry arrives to pick up a client who hired him to drive her around all day. The client turns out to be Katie.

At Fashions, Gwen and Celia shop for a prom dress. Gwen decides to tell Celia the reason Casey doesn’t want them to hang out together.

At Will’s thinking spot, Will is surprised to find Casey deep in thought about something. Casey needs to talk to someone so he makes Will promise not to discuss his or her conversation with Celia.

At the Snyder farm, Carly and Jack arrive to ask Emma to help plan a party for J.J. Emma isn’t home so Jack shares the news with Holden that Keith is allowing J.J. to live with them because he is going back to Chicago. Holden informs them that Keith is staying in Oakdale because of his relationship with Lily and not for J.J’s sake. Holden is obviously upset and doesn’t want to talk about it so he goes outside for some air. Carly decides to go talk to Lily while Jack stays with Holden who needs to talk to someone.

At Lily’s place, Lily is on the phone to a friend named Sally asking her to pick up faith from ballet class. Keith startles Lily by kissing her on the neck while she is still on the phone. Lily finishes her conversation and she and Keith kiss until Lucinda interrupts them.

At the farm, Holden tells Jack that he caught Lily at Keith’s house after they had slept together. Holden wonders what Lily sees in Keith. Jack thinks it wouldn’t matter what man Lily was with it would still upset Holden because he still loves Lily. Holden admits Jack is right but he can’t do anything about his feelings now because Lily has moved on with her life.

At Lily’s place, Lucinda pleads with Lily to realize Keith isn’t good for her because he killed Julia. Lucinda thinks the only thing Keith is good for is a couple of hours of pleasure. Lily gets angry and throws Lily out of the house.

At Fashions, Gwen tells Celia that Casey doesn’t like her because he thinks she is trash. Celia explains that Casey doesn’t care if a person is rich or poor he just doesn’t want them to spend so much time together because he wants to spend time alone with her. The girls find beautiful dresses but the dresses are more then they can afford.

At Metro, Henry gets angry with Katie and starts to leave Katie stops him and pleads with him to come back home. Katie kisses Henry to prove to him that he still loves her. Henry pulls away from the kiss after a few minutes and tells Katie he is going to move on with his life. Katie tells Henry she knows he still loves her because she felt it when they kissed. Henry insists that he doesn’t think or dream about Katie anymore. Henry also tells Katie that he is now a free man and she should get used to it. Henry stomps out of Metro and leaves Katie speechless.

Katie asks Alison to help her with her plan to reconcile with Henry.

At Will’s thinking spot, Casey explains to Will that he was very lonely when his parents split up and sometimes he would go for a drive and take a girl out to a movie or hook up with her. Casey tells Will that this doesn’t have anything to do with Celia because he had not met her at the time. Casey worries that Celia is such a nice girl and someday he might hurt her. Will wonders why he would ever hurt such an amazing girl, which is the best thing that ever happened to him. Casey is stunned by Will’s strong reaction to his words so he decides not to tell him his secret. Casey changes his story and says he is worried because he couldn’t get tickets to a Beyonce concert, which Celia wanted to see. Will assures Casey that things will be fine with Celia. Casey asks Will to pick up Celia at Fashions and take her to Metro for a prom committee meeting.

At Fashions, Lia and Ann tease Celia by telling her that an ugly dress would look pretty on her. Gwen tells Celia the girls were just teasing her so she would go to the prom in an ugly dress.

Celia is positive she will find a dress she can afford just for fun.

At Lily’s house, Keith tells Lily that it would be best if he left Oakdale. Lily pleads with him to stay and tells him not to worry about Lucinda. Lily tells Keith she doesn’t care what her mother or her friends think of their relationship. Lily persuades Keith to stay and they kiss for a few minutes. Keith decides to go cash the check Lily gave him and go pay his debt to the mob. Keith is on his way out the door when Cary arrives to talk to Lily. Keith and Lily make a date to meet at the cabin later. Carly tells Lily Holden is miserable because she has moved on with Keith.

At the Snyder farm, Jack advises Holden to sit down and think things through before he makes any decisions. Holden thinks he needs time to accept that Lily has moved on with her life.

At Fashions, Will arrives to pick up Celia and take her to Metro. Will overhears Celia telling Lisa even with a discount she couldn’t afford to buy the dress she wants to wear to the prom.

At Metro, Katie steals Ivy Churchill’s credit card number despite Alison’s advice not to do this because Henry knows Katie doesn’t love him as much as she loves Mike. The girls leave to put Katie’s plan into action.

At the Lakeview, Alison gives Henry a note signed by Ivy Churchill but Henry guesses the note is from Katie. Henry almost discovers the place where Katie is hiding.

At the Snyder farm, Holden promises he won’t do anything that might cause Keith to take J.J away from him. Holden asks Jack to leave because he needs to be alone. Holden takes out the divorce papers and after thinking about things for a while signs them.

At Lily’s house, Lily tells Carly that she will always love Holden but their marriage is over. Lily also tells Cary Keith makes her happy although she had doubts about dating Julia’s brother. Carly brings up the fact that many people think Keith Killed Julia. Lily tells Carly that she believes Les was the killer and he is dead.

At Julia’s grave, Keith apologizes to Julia because her life was cut short just when she was happy. Keith tells Julia he feels like his life is just beginning.

At Metro, A box arrives for Celia with the prom dress she wanted inside it. Celia thinks Casey bought the dress for her even though he tells her he didn’t by the dress. Celia gives Casey a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

At the Lakeview, Carly tells Jack that she doesn’t think Holden and Lily’s marriage is over. Carly wonders why Lily chose to move on with Keith of all people.

At Keith’s place, Lily finds a small bottle labeled bee pollen inside a drawer while she searches for some candles.

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