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As the World Turns Update Thursday 5/26/05



By Eva
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At Metro, Katie shares her pain with Margo because she thinks she has lost Henry for good this time. Margo tells Katie she should try to understand how hurt Henry feels because she left him before they got to the airport to run back to Mike and Jennifer’s wedding. Margo asks Katie if she would have left Henry if Mike had stopped the wedding and told her he loved her and not Jennifer. Katie replies maybe but she s still not sure what she would have done in that situation. Henry overhears Margo and Katie’s conversation so he takes off his wedding ring and calls a lady for a date.

At the Lakeview, Will arrives to talk to Paul but he isn’t at home but instead he runs into Barbara who offers to listen if he needs someone to talk to about his problems. Will tells her he doesn’t want to talk to her he will just come back when Paul is home. Barbara tells Will she wants to know how his life is going and be able to share things with him again. Barbara wants to find out that Will is taking to the prom. Will doesn’t tell her anything so she assumes its Celia and tells him she approves of her. Will gets upset and tells him Celia is Casey’s girlfriend and they are just friends. Will tells Barbara that she wouldn’t know the girl he is taking to the prom. Will tells Barbara the prom is just a stupid dance and she shouldn’t make a big deal about it. Will makes it clear he wants Barbara to stay out of his life. Casey gets worried when he overhears Gwen tell Celia she wants to speak to her in private. Casey asks Gwen what she has to tell Celia that can’t be said in front of him.

At the Snyder farm, Emma continues to encourage Holden to stop thinking so much and go with his heart to fight for his marriage.

At Keith’s place, Keith and Lily continue to make love. Lily wonders if Keith really wants to be with her. Keith tells Lily he loves her so much it hurts.

At Lily’s house, Holden arrives with flowers for Lily but is disappointed when Faith informs him Lily is with Uncle Keith at his house.

At Keith’s place, Lily is stunned by Keith’s words to her and finds it hard to believe he could fall in love with her so fast. Keith explains to Lily that she brought him out of a dark place and he is ready to move toward the future with her.

At the Lakeview, Gwen tells Celia she is nominated for prom Queen Casey is excited about the news. Casey brags to all his friends that his hot girlfriend has been nominated for prom Queen and he is a very lucky guy. Celia is uncomfortable with all the bragging and leaves to powder her nose. Casey wonders what Gwen hopes to gain by hanging around with Celia. Gwen tells Casey Celia is a nice girl and she just wants to be friends with her. Gwen tells Casey she intends to keep their secret. Casey apologizes to Gwen for misjudging her and asks if they can put their past behind them and be friends. Gwen agrees to be friends with Casey.

At Will’s thinking spot, Will wonders what Celia is doing in his private spot. Celia tells him she likes to think up there too. Celia guesses that Barbara made Will upset. Will is surprised by how well Celia knows him. Celia wonders if things would be different if she and Casey weren’t dating. Will wonders if Celia and Casey aren’t having problems in their relationship. Celia explains to Will that she thinks they only nominated her to be prom queen because she is Casey’s girlfriend. Will tells Celia she was nominated because she is smart, beautiful and a fun person to be around. Celia thanks Will for making her feel better and gives him a hug.

At Metro, Katie is determined to reconcile with Henry. Margo advises her to give Henry some time to think and heal. Margo leaves to go back to work. Henry arrives with his very attractive date.

At Keith’s place, Lily thanks Keith for helping her to feel at peace for the first time in a long time. Lily goes to the kitchen to get Keith a surprise.

Holden arrives with flowers to talk to Lily. Holden is stunned to see Lily come out of the kitchen in a bathrobe. Holden tells Lily they should precede with the divorce.

At the Lakeview, Barbara arrives and tries to pump Casey for information about the girl Will is taking to the prom. Casey refuses to reveal information, which Will doesn’t want Barbara to know.

At Metro, Katie gets jealous and tells Henry’s date to take her hands off her husband. Henry gives Katie the speeding ticket he got when they were on the way to the airport so she can pay the ticket.

Katie thinks Henry is trying to make her jealous by dating another woman. Henry tells Katie he is trying to move forward with his life. Katie begs Henry for another chance. Henry tells Katie he can’t live in Mike’s shadow for the rest of his life. Henry tells Katie he understands that Mike will always be in her heart. Henry tells Katie a painful good-bye when he tells Katie he doesn’t have a marriage anymore.

At the Lakeview, Barbara runs into Gwen and asks her to get a glass of water for her. Barbara sees one of Will’s t teachers who tell her they need to have a parent teacher conference. Barbara decides to talk to the teacher right now. Casey tells Celia he is jealous of the time she spends with Gwen. Celia promises to spend more time with him and they kiss. Gwen watches Casey and Celia while they talk.

At Keith’s place, Lily wonders why Holden brought her flowers if he wanted to talk about a divorce. Lily cries because her marriage is going to end. Keith suggests that Lily go talk to Holden.

At Will’s thinking spot, Will daydreams Celia tell him she loves him and not Casey? Celia and Will and Celia also kiss in his daydream.

At the Snyder farm, Holden is sad because things didn’t go the way he hoped with Lily.

At Keith’s place, Lily decides to stay with Keith and not go talk to Holden.

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