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Craigís plane:

Roseanna holds Cabot while Craig tries to help her decide where they will go next. Roseanna doesnít think there is anywhere that they can go to be safe from James. Suddenly, she tells Craig that she knows what she has to do. She calls to Sei and asks if James is still on the plane. Sei tells her that the police have taken him off the plane. When Sei offers to take little Jimmy, Roseanna tells her that his name isnít little Jimmy and it isnít going to be Cabot anymore either. Craig isnít sure that he likes what he is hearing.

Roseanna tells him that she learned something from James, she learned how to be ruthless. Roseanna goes on to tell him that she has been a very selfish mother. She should have been doing whatever she had to do to keep Cabot safe. She has to give Cabot up and change his name to keep him safe from James. Craig tries to talk her out of it, she isnít thinking straight right now. Roseanna holds her ground though. She is convinced this is the only way. A little later, Roseanna sits holding Cabot again and talking to him. She tells him that he is going to have a whole new family and all new friends.

She knows that he will grow up to be a great man that will change the world. She is going to open the paper some day and see his picture and she will be very proud of him. Craig sadly watches the two of them from behind the curtain. Sei brings Roseannaís lawyer on board. Roseanna thanks her for coming and asks if all the arrangements have been made. The lawyer confirms that they have. Craig interrupts before Roseanna hands the baby over to the lawyer and asks if he can hold him before he goes. He sits down with Cabot and talks with the boy a little bit about what good times they have had. He then tells Roseanna that she is making a huge mistake and he canít let her go through with it. Roseanna tells him that it isnít his decision to make. She takes Cabot from him and says her good-byes to him. She asks the lawyer if she brought the envelope they discussed. The lawyer did bring it. She then asks Sei to accompany the lawyer to the plane and change Cabotís clothes. Then she is to take the 20,000.00 that is in the envelope and forget that she ever met Roseanna. Sei protests that she doesnít need the money, but finally agrees to take it and to keep quiet. Roseanna hands Cabot to Sei. The lawyer, Sie, and Cabot leave as Roseanna breaks down and sobs in Craigís arms.

Once she pulls herself together, Craig tells her that if he had knows that Cabot was related to James he never would have brought him into their lives. Roseanna corrects him and tells him that she has cherished every moment she ever had with Cabot. They try to decide where to go now. Roseanna tells him that she doesnít have a child anymore, a husband, any friends, and Carly is the only family she has left. The pilot asks for a flight plan, but Craig tells him that they havenít decided yet. He gets up to get them both a drink as Roseanna leans back in the seat and wonders if she really could go home again.

Paulís place:

Emily and Paul are ready to burn all of Paulís pictures and memories of Roseanna outside in an outside portable fireplace. Emily tries to light the match, but the wind blows it out. Paul comments that is how the marriage was too. He takes the matches from Emily and is able to light the fire. Emily tells him that they need some champagne to celebrate the beginning of his new life. Paul goes in and gets a bottle from the fridge, but forgets to bring glasses back with him. Emily reminds him that she is married to Hal, and drinking out of the bottle will be just fine. They two of them take a drink. They drink the whole bottle and go inside to finish it off. Paul pours what is left of the bottle into two plastic cups. Emily jokes with him asking if Roseanna picked the glasses out. She tells him that he really needs to get out more and have some fun. There is a lot to do in this town. She admits that she doesnít get to go out and enjoy it too much lately as Hal is always working late. She jokes that she has seen so much reality TV lately that she could write her own show. Paul asks what she would call it. She tells him that she would call it ĎRevengeí. She would even cast it locally. Roseanna would be her first pick so that she could give her drugs and mess with her head. Paul stands up for Roseanna saying that she really wasnít herself back then. Emily realizes that Paul could never hate Roseanna. He agrees with that. She then challenges him to chug the rest of his champagne with her. She tells him to start on her count of three, but she starts chugging on the count of two. Paul is a bit surprised by her behavior, but he is enjoying it. When he mentions Roseanna again, Emily teases that he still has it hard for Roseanna. Paul jokes back and tells her that he can prove to her that he is over Roseanna. He will prove it on the count of three. On the count of two he grabs her and kisses her. A little later, Emily sits on the couch alone. Paul comes in from the kitchen and hands her a cup of coffee. She asks him if he can smell the elephant in the room. Paul apologizes for kissing her, when she surprises him and kisses him back. Paul is shocked at her behavior, but still has a cute smile on his face. He asks her if she needs more coffee.

She asks him if he liked it. When Paul finally admits that it felt good, Emily tells him that he needs to be kissing many women. He needs to get out and start dating again. Once she feels that she has made her point, she tells him that she has to get going and asks him to keep the kiss between the two of them. Paul jokes that he will cancel the ad he had taken out in the paper. He also tells her that she needs to tell Hall not to spend so much time at work, she is beautiful and doesnít deserve to be taken for granted. Emily promises to pass on the message and leaves. Paul wonders back outside to check on the fire. It has burned itself out. There is still a partial picture of Roseanna left in the ashes. Paul takes it out and sadly looks at the woman that still holds his heart.

The Farmhouse:

Luke comes in to find Emma baking fresh cookies. He has come to see Holden, but Emma tells him that Holden has gone to pick up some supplies. She asks him how things are going at home. He tells her that he is sad that Lily seems so eager to get the divorce from Holden and move on with Keith. Holden comes in and overhears what Luke has been talking about. Luke apologizes to his father. Holden asks him to sit with him for a bit so they can talk. They have a good father-son chat as Holden tries to explain that he and Lily will always love the kids. Luke realizes that things change, but wishes Holden would talk to Lily about Keith. Holden tells him that he canít tell Lily who to date, just like he wonít be able to tell Luke who to date when he starts dating. Emma has packaged up the cookies for Luke to take home to his sisters. Luke says his good-byes and takes off. Holden worries what this divorce is doing to his son. Emma tells him that it is a very sad day in the family when the kids are acting more mature than the parents. She urges Holden to go to Lily and tell her how he feels. She is convinced that the two of them belong together. Holden tells her that Lily has chosen Keith. She reminds him that he chose someone else over Lily too not too long ago. Holden starts to get a little defensive, but Emma starts to get through to him when she reminds him that he and Lily have been in love since they were very young. He tells his mother that she has feelings for Keith now too. Emma tells him that what Lily is feeling is excitement over something new, but what she has with Holden is history. She wants him to stand up and take action and not let Keith move in and take over his wife and children. She knows that Holden is the only man that Lily has ever really loved.

Lilyís house:

Dusty pays a short visit to Lily and tries to persuade her that Keith is not the kind of person she should have in her life. Lily defends Keith saying that he is a good man and just fell on some rough times. He is trying to straighten his life up. Dusty reminds her of Vin and his goon friends that are after Keith. Lily admits that Keith owes them some money but he really is trying to straighten his life up. Dusty finally backs down a little bit and tells Lily that he just wants her to be safe. She promises to call him if she needs his help before he takes off.

Walsh Mansion:

Keith has come to see Lucinda to see if he can change her mind about him. Lucinda makes it very clear what she thinks of him and his spending time with her daughter. The visit does not accomplish what Keith was trying to accomplish and he leaves with Lucinda thinking even less of him than she did before. A little later Dusty comes to visit with her. He tells her that he has been to see Lily and now thinks that Lucinda should trust her daughterís judgment and leave Keith alone. Lucinda refuses and vows to find out all there is to know about Keith Morrisey.

Cottage house:

Keith comes in to find Lily has some surprises for her. She is dressed very nicely and has lit candles all over the place. She brings out a bottle of champagne and asks how his day has been. He opens the bottle of champagne and tells her that his day just got a whole lot better. He also tells her that he could get used to this. She tells him that is the point as the two sit down to a meal that Lily has had sent over from the Lakeview. She tells Keith that she has another surprise for him and hands him an envelope. It is a cashiers check.

Keith is touched that she wants to help, but tells her that he canít accept it. If he takes her money, he will be proving everyone right. They will think he really is a freeloader. Lily tries her best to convince him to take the money, but Keith stands strong. As much as he wants to clear his past also, he just canít see taking money from her. Lily is disappointed, but tries to understand. The two start to make out heavily.

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