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Carly brings Jack his lunch at the station, and they touch on the fact that Carly got a good night's sleep finally, without any nightmares of Les. She feels safe with him having died in the van accident. A police guard interrupts their conversation when he asks to speak with Jack about the accident. He tells Jack he thought he had heard a noise before the tire blew out. He has suspicions that the accident might not have been just that. Jack thanks him for coming forward and promises to look into it. After he leaves, Carly, who is still at the station, approaches Jack about the intense-looking conversation. Jack tries to dismiss the guard as unsure as to the events during the accident, but Carly presses Jack, knowing he isn’t telling her something. Finally Jack tells her the guard thinks he heard some popping noises before the accident and wonders if it was really an accident.

Keith comes to visit Lily at her house and notices how she seems a little out of sorts. He mentions that he noticed her light on all night. She explains that she told Holden that they should move forward with ending their marriage yesterday. Keith responds by passionately kissing Lily. She tells Keith that nothing has been solved, though, because they have to do right by their kids. She admits that part of her has moved on while another part doesn’t want to let go of her family. She apologizes for being confused and not knowing what she is doing. Keith understands her situation, but at the same time he wonders if she is capable of giving him a sign: should he go back to Chicago or should he start anew here in Oakdale? Lily is amazed that he would consider that.

Dusty meets with Lucinda and is very curious as to why they are not discussing business at her office. Lucinda responds that she doesn’t want anyone to hear their conversation. She explains that it has nothing to do with business, such as Street Jeans, per se, but rather she wants his advice on an area she feels he is an expert in: how to get rid of someone for good. He laughs her comment off by telling her hiring a killer is not in his job detail. Lucinda doesn’t want to kill Keith, but she wants help keeping him away from Lily because she knows that he is indebted to the mob. Once Lucinda mentions the name Vin, a man her PI’s have proven to be the one Keith is involved with, she has Dusty’s attention. He wonders if Lily knows about their connection, but Lucinda is sure that Lily is too blinded by the attention Keith is bestowing on her to see any real danger that someone unbiased would clearly see.

Emily goes to Paul’s house after he calls her regarding leftover flowers from Jen and Mike’s wedding. He seems a little preoccupied and hyper, so Emily calls him on it and asks him why she is really there. He admits to thinking about marriages and living happily ever after. He wonders why Rosanna and he couldn’t have had that. Emily is adamant that Paul needs to get out there and make new memories to replace the old sad memories. Emily asks why he has an empty wine bottle. He tells her it signified the day he and Rosanna realized how they felt about each other, and he remembers the time he and Rosanna shared at her house. Emily, not wanting to be mean, has to question whether that was an act, considering what they came to realize about Rosanna. Paul realizes how crazy it is of him to dwell on her when she is gone and decides it is time to get rid of these memories.

At the house James is holding Cabot at, Rosanna hears Cabot crying and calls out to him, wanting to be there for him, but James isn’t interested in allowing Rosanna to comfort him. He wants her to get ready to leave, but Rosanna is fighting this. She wants to be with Cabot and is hoping Craig will show up. He tells Rosanna that even Craig realized she is more trouble than she is worth. He taunts her further by implying that he has a casket waiting for her and that she will soon be "meeting her maker.’ Rosanna is petrified of what James is going to do with her, and as the two guards try to tie her up, she screams for someone to help her.

Lily wants to know if Keith is asking her to tell him to stay. He doesn’t necessarily want to hear the words as much as to know she's thought them. She promises him that she wants him to stay and proves it by kissing him. As they kiss with a promise of wanting more out of this relationship, Luke interrupts, and Keith decides it is a good enough time to leave. As he bids her goodbye, he tells her he has now decided that he is going to set up in Oakdale and commute to O’Hare. He also adds that he will be getting control over his gambling, but Lily assures him he has nothing to prove to her. Keith wants to all the same.

Carly wonders out loud if maybe Les wasn't just ranting about Keith. Jack is clearly not convinced of that and tries to diffuse the situation before Carly runs with it.

However, Carly is getting more worked up, wondering if Keith wasn't concerned that if the trial didn't go his way Les would get off, and Keith wanted to tie up loose ends. Jack is a lot less easily convinced that any of this means anything. He is not even sure the guard was right about the noise, because he was there, also, and does not remember hearing anything. He wonders why Carly is starting to let her imagination run away with her and says that she is sounding more like Lucinda. Carly justifies Lucinda�'s behavior with her love for Lily. Jack is worried that the more Carly involves herself in this, the more trouble she is likely to get into. He wants her to focus on her family, because the last time she involved herself in Lily's troubles she landed in jail. Carly is adamant that she loves Lily and is only concerned with her friend�'s safety. She calls Jack on the fact that maybe Jack just simply doesn't want to rock the boat with Keith, in case he retaliates by making it difficult for him to see J.J.

A pilot enters the room where James has Rosanna tied up and tells James the plane is ready to take off with the charted course set. They will be heading over the gulf towards the South China Sea. Again, James torments Rosanna by promising she won�'t feel a thing.

We later see James holding Rosanna dangerously close to an open door on the plane. Rosanna screams for James to stop and not do this in front of Cabot, but that only eggs James on more, and it seems he is preparing to throw Rosanna out of the plane when he is hit from behind.

Dusty thinks that Lucinda should just stay out of Lily and Keith’s business and not think that because Keith owes money to some questionable people, she should assume the worst. He thinks what Lucinda wants is beneath her, but Lucinda assures Dusty that she would do anything for her family, especially if Keith defaults on his payments and they come looking for Lily. Dusty doesn’t want to get involved, but Lucinda continues to try to appeal to the fact that he once loved Lily. She is sure Lily will listen to a man over her. Dusty still doesn’t want to get involved, which infuriates Lucinda, and she promises that if Dusty doesn’t help and something happens to Lily, it will be on his head.

Lily tries to talk to Luke to get him to tell her how he is feeling. He is upset Lily didn’t tell him she was leaving to go out of town with Keith, and he thinks that she is moving too fast with him. She is confused because she thought Luke liked Keith, and he admits that he likes him for helping get her out of jail, but that doesn’t mean he wants her dating him. He wonders about Holden. Lily assures him she will always love his dad, but things change in marriages. It is not necessarily either person’s fault, but they have to accept it. Luke is sure Holden still loves Lily, but Lily thinks his concern is only due to Lucinda worrying about Keith’s intentions. Luke tells her that Holden asked him if there was something that he felt was off with Keith. It bothers Lily that Holden would put Luke in the middle, but Luke only sees it as him looking out for them. Lily then feels she needs to tell Luke that Keith has had some trouble with owing money. She explains that Lucinda has blown it out of proportion and that Keith has promised to pay back the money he owes. Luke responds to a shocked Lily, “That is why he has you.”

Jack assures Carly that his not giving the guard's feelings too much merit has nothing to do with J.J. Carly is concerned because if the van had been messed with, Keith would be the only obvious person who would benefit from it. Jack continues to maintain that he feels it was a simple accident. Keith interrupts their discussion at this point. He wants to know if there will be an official closing of Julia’s case. Jack tells Keith that Les' death would signify a closing, but that doesn’t seem to appease him. However, he wants to bring both Jack and Carly up to speed on his plans. He had told them that he would be leaving Oakdale after Julia’s murderer was brought to justice, but his plans have changed. He plans on staying in Oakdale now and wants to know if J.J. can stay with Jack, Carly and their kids.

Craig helps to untie Rosanna, who is overwhelmed after thinking she had been about to die in front of Cabot. Craig instructs the pilot to turn the plane around and says that he will pay him when they land. Rosanna wants to know why Craig didn’t give her a heads-up that he was on the plane, but Craig tells her he had to do it this way to assure he wasn’t discovered. As James stirs, Rosanna leans over an unconscious James, threatening to kill him for what he just did to her and Cabot, to which Craig says, "Do it.’

Lily questions what Luke means by his comment, but Luke changes the subject. Lily wants to know why Luke has forgotten how good Keith had been to him. Luke remembers that and will accept Lily’s choices in men if she promises to take things slowly. Lily promises to do that, and even tells Luke that she and Holden are talking things through. She doesn’t want Luke to read into that but promises that she will do what is right for everybody. She appreciates Luke’s maturity in handling this.

An elated Jack and Carly thank Keith, and Keith replies that he knows that it would be best for J.J., and he knows Jack and Carly love J.J. like one of their own. Carly decides to mention that Jack heard some news, and Keith is interested in whether it has to do with Julia, but Jack immediately changes the subject and asks whether Keith has told J.J. the news. Keith tells Jack that he will leave the honors to Jack. Jack thanks him, and Keith heads out. Carly immediately jumps on Jack for not mentioning what the guard said so they could see Keith’s reaction. Jack is angry that Carly would not allow him two minutes of happiness after hearing he has custody of J.J. He wants Carly to stay out of police business, saying it wasn’t Carly or Keith’s business what the guard thought he may have heard, and he storms off.

Paul admits to being ridiculous for holding onto these memories and now realizes that he needs to move on and get rid of these items. Paul and Emily even lighten the moment by referring to Paul’s need to show Emily the box of mementos as a ‘cry for help.’ He decides to get rid of everything except for the first edition F. Scott Fitzgerald book that he will donate to a library. He grabs his trash barrel, preparing to throw things out, and Emily stops him to tell him if he is really serious, she has a better idea.

Rosanna struggles with the desire to kill James, knowing she cannot kill. Craig tells her he will do it for her, but Rosanna stops him, saying then they will be no better than James. Craig feels they will be doing the world a service, but Rosanna doesn’t think it is up to them to take his life. James starts to come to and, from the floor, taunts them by calling them sentimental fools, to which Rosanna responds by yelling for James to shut up as she knocks him out again.

Dusty shows up to visit Lily and can see that Lily is very emotional. She tells Dusty that she and Holden are most likely ending their marriage, but still she is unsure of what she wants. Dusty mentions that he saw Luke, who didn’t look happy either, but Lily is sure that, after their long talk, Luke will be okay, and so will she, with time. Dusty responds that he thinks Lily is not going to be okay and is in more trouble than she even realizes.

Jack approaches Carly again and apologizes for snapping at her. Carly admits he was right, though, because they need to focus on J.J. right now. Jack worries that J.J. is having a hard time dealing with all the family turmoil, but Carly is sure J.J. will be resilient. Jack then decides that it is a perfect time to make J.J.’s day by telling him Keith made it official that he can come live with them.

Lucinda is on the phone with her detectives, making sure they understand that she wants to continue their surveillance of Keith. She is surprised when she sees Keith enter the room. He tells her to put her calls on hold, because they have to get a few things straight.

Emily and Paul stand outside the house with Paul and Rosanna’s keepsakes and get prepared to light them on fire.

The police take James away, but James promises that no jail will hold him, a threat Rosanna takes to heart. Craig suggests they go away, just Rosanna, Cabot and him, but Rosanna tells a hurt Craig she can’t do that because, no matter where they go, James will track and find them. She knows what she has to do.

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