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Lily comes home and Holden is there, having taken care of their kids while Lily was away with Keith. Lily is convinced that, now that Les has died in the van accident, there has been justice for Julia. Holden doesnít seem as convinced. Lily is bothered by the fact that Holden still seems to be on Lucindaís bandwagon about Keith and whether he was involved in Juliaís murder. Holden explains he is unsure of Keithís motives and whether he is trustworthy, and he is being careful about him because he is concerned about their kids. Lily defends the fact that the kids like Keith, but Holden replies that Luke is not a fan of Keithís.

Keith is at the police station, trying to get information out of someone regarding whether Juliaís murder is now closed, since Les is dead. Everyone has gone to Mike and Jenís wedding and all Keith can find is Jessica.

They have a short conversation about Les, and Jessica tells him that for all intents and purposes the case is closed, but it wouldnít necessarily be officially closed, since Les never went to trial. It would be considered Ďcold.í However, the police would probably no longer follow any leads, considering their prime suspect is dead. Keith is a bit shaken by how Jessica seems to be responding to him. He calls her on whether she has listened to Lesí rantings and now believes what he has been telling anyone who will listen. He wants to know if Jessica actually believes Keith was involved in his own sisterís murder. Jessica notes how anxious Keith seems to be about the case being closed. Keith responds that he is anxious because he wants to give a definite answer to J.J. when he asks him if there has been justice for his momís death. Jessica understands that motivation; however, as she walks away she makes an off- handed remark about how happy and relaxed Keith seems to be now that Les is dead.

Rosanna seems to be struggling with a guard in front of Q and his assistant. She seems to be rendered unconscious, and Q is worried about a death happening in his club, so he orders the man to call for a doctor. The man calls James to tell him that Rosanna is not well and they have called a doctor. James orders him to call the doctor back and cancel him, and he will be there momentarily.

As James leaves the house where he is staying with Cabot and a hired helper acting as a nanny, Craig watches.

At Jen and Mikeís wedding, Gwen, who is working as a waitress at the event, is very upset with how poorly Casey treated her. They have words about how he was bothered by her casually talking to his parents. He didnít think she should be cozying up to them. He also feared she could slip up and tell them about the night they spent together. Gwen denies that she would have done that and says she was just trying to be nice. She understands that they only had one night together. Casey wants them to just stop talking about it. Gwen becomes increasingly upset and tries to leave. When she turns around she and Will collide, and she drops her dishes and glasses on the floor. She runs off after Will apologizes and offers to help her clean up the mess, and everyone there seems to notice something awkward between Casey and Gwen. Casey leaves to go after her, and Will and Celia make a comment about what is happening between the two of them. After Casey catches up with Gwen, he apologizes again and they seem to patch things up, and even start to joke about Barbara. Just then Celia walks in and tells Gwen she will help her get cleaned up, and they leave. They go to Celiaís room and Gwen comments on how well Celia has done for herself since she shipped herself to Oakdale in an orange crate. Gwen appears envious of Celiaís life. She lives in a mansion, goes to a good school and is dating Casey. Celia is appreciative for her life, but she does admit it seems like a movie.

Mike is alone in a room at Lucindaís talking to Katie, who made a big entrance when she arrived late to his and Jenís wedding. He is curious as to why she agreed to be matron of honor if she didnít want to be, since she barely made it to the ceremony. Katie apologizes profusely and tells him it was a misunderstanding. She realized that she was too involved in his life and wedding and felt it was no longer her place, and she had planned to not go at all. However, then she realized that it would be rude not to show up, and so she arrived late because of that. Henry is outside the door listening to their conversation. Mike wants to know why, when she barged in through the doors, she looked like she had something to say. Mike wants to know the truth. Katie tries to blow it off but finally admits that she did have something to say, but the minute she opened the door and saw him and Jen at the altar she realized how happy he was at that minute, and his happiness was the most important thing in her life, and so that was what she wanted for him. Mike accepts her explanation, thanks her and leaves to go back to his wedding. After he leaves, Henry walks in and an elated Katie hugs him, exclaiming she is so happy he followed her there. Henry responds, "Don't I always follow you?"

Meanwhile, people are mingling and talking happily at the wedding. There is a short conversation regarding Katie�'s late arrival and how Barbara had to step up. When Barbara excuses herself, Paul stops her from going to look for Katie and Mike.

He tells her he knows she tried to block Katie from getting to the ceremony, and he thought it was over the top for Barbara to want to conveniently sweep in as matron of honor. He threatens Barbara that he will tell Jen about that if she doesn't leave Mike alone to deal with this and talk to Katie. Finally, Barbara concedes.

James tries to wake Rosanna up, and it is obvious to him that she is faking it. Rosanna tries to attack him, and the other man who had supposedly hurt her to begin with is assumed to be working with Rosanna. The man finally admits that Craig Montgomery paid him off to help him. Rosanna doesnít want the man to be blamed for her mistakes. James is livid and promises Rosanna will suffer for this, as will Craig. He thanks Q for holding Rosanna, but now they must leave.

Katie tells Henry how she had to go to the wedding because it was the right thing to do, since she had committed to it. Now that she has made her appearance they can leave to go on their trip. However, Henry is no longer on the same page as her. He tells her that he is not going anywhere anymore. Katie isnít sure what he means. He makes it clear to her when he tells her that they are over; the marriage is through. A devastated Katie tries to argue with Henry about his decision. She tries to get him to see that she wasnít there to stop the wedding and didnít try to, and she wants to be with Henry, but Henry canít hear these words anymore. He is done feeling like he is second in Katieís heart to Mike. She disagrees, but Henry calls Katie on her own words. He tells her he heard her say to Mike HIS happiness was the MOST important thing to her. Katie tries to claim it was a figure of speech, but Henry doesnít believe her. He thinks that comment was second nature for Katie to think and say. He tells her he no longer will wait for that day for Katie to feel the same way he does and for her to look at him as she does at Mike; it's more than he could take any longer. Their wedding day was the best day of his life, and he will always treasure that, but in his mind he has to let go, because he wants to find someone who feels equally for him as he feels for that person. With that, he leaves Katie and walks away.

Keith goes to Lilyís house and finds her there with Holden. She explains he had taken care of the kids, and they had some things they needed to talk about. They talk briefly about Lesí death, and Lily questions out loud how come Les got through to Keithís cell phone, but Holden didnít get through to hers. She asks Keith if he was sure he didnít hear her phone. Keith lies, claiming Lily probably shut her phone off by accident right before they got on the plane. Lily accepts that, and Keith agrees to leave them to talk. Back inside, Lily and Holden start to talk about the state of their crumbling marriage. Lily tells Holden he was right about their marriage being on the rocks long before Julia and Keith. They had been hurting each other for too long and it needed to stop. Holden reminds her that she didnít want to give up on their marriage. Lily admits to that, but she feels now they have reached an impasse and they should move forward with the divorce.

Dusty arrives late for the wedding but walks in with Mike, who is back from talking to Katie.

They cut the cake and everyone is enjoying themselves on the surface. However, Jen wants to know from Mike if everything is okay with Katie. Mike tells her that Katie just wanted to apologize again. Then Dusty, Barbara, Sierra, Paul and Margo are worried about where Jen and Mike will go on their honeymoon and whether they would have the unfortunate luck of running into Craig. Finally, Hal and Emily are questioning if Will has an interest in Celia. Will denies it and tells them she is Casey�'s girlfriend, but it does seem that he may be hiding feelings while he sadly watches Celia and Casey interacting happily as Casey introduces Celia as his girlfriend.

Craig is inside the house where James was staying. He has paid off James�' nanny and tells her that he will take Cabot and will give her some chloroform to make it look good, for James' benefit. She agrees to this, and she and Craig are going over the plan when they hear James and Rosanna�'s voices outside the door. When they enter, the nanny runs in and tells James that a man tried to take Cabot but she stopped him, and the guards are now chasing him. She shows an anxious James that Cabot is still there, safe and sound.

James is furious, exclaiming that Rosanna and her betrayals are more trouble than she is worth. James tells Rosanna to take a good look at Cabot because it will be the last time she sees him.

Holden disagrees with Lilyís desire to move forward with the divorce. He believes he owes it to himself and their children to figure it out. Lily shoots back that he didnít feel that way when Julia was in his life. He shoots back that Lily wants to move forward with the divorce now that she has Keith. Either way, Holden will not make any more mistakes and will only move forward with the next stage in their marriage, or divorce, when he is convinced it is the right thing to do.

Jen and Mike are getting ready to leave the wedding to go on their honeymoon. Jen thanks Barbara for her help and then goes to throw the bouquet, just as a very emotional Katie is leaving the room she and Henry had been talking in. Jen throws her bouquet and it hits Katie in the head, and she ends up catching it. Jen and Mike donít even notice as they run off, and an embarrassed Katie tells people she isnít single and should throw it to someone else, but Barbara snaps for Katie to let it go because it isnít her wedding. Katie runs off and later breaks down all alone as she holds onto the bouquet.

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