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As the World Turns Update Friday 5/20/05



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In Bangkok, Rosanna talks to Mr. Q’s employee and tells her she has given Craig enough money to be able to get her and Cabot out of the country. Rosanna admits to My she is worried because Craig could take all her money and leave the country without her. Rosanna tells My that even though she doesn’t trust Craig, he is her only chance at freedom.

In a Bangkok hotel room, Craig meets with a representative of the bank who brings him a briefcase full of money. The banker points a gun at Craig and demands that he tell him the password to Rosanna’s account, or he won’t give him the money.

In Henry’s car, Henry talks to Katie about everything he has planned for them to do in Hawaii, but Katie is distracted by memories of Mike. Henry notices his wife is distracted, and once he manages to get her attention he asks her if she really wants to go on a honeymoon with him. Katie insists she wants to go on the trip and asks Henry to drive faster so they won’t miss the plane.

At the Walsh mansion, Mike is worried because Katie hasnít arrived at the wedding yet. Barbara is upset and reminds Mike that Katie isnít his problem, because she has a very loving husband to take care of her. Barbara also reminds Mike that everyone has gone to a lot of trouble to make this a special day for him and Jennifer, and the wedding is the only thing that should concern him. Mike tells Barbara that Katie is his friend and he is concerned that something may have happened to her.

Paul arrives, and Mike leaves to get some air and get a break from Barbara. Paul wonders if Barbara has hidden Katie away somewhere to keep her away from the wedding.

At the police station, Keith and Lily try to find out more information about the accident with the transport van, but the policeman informs them that they don’t have any more information because the police have not arrived at the scene of the accident yet.

On the highway, Carly cries and calls Jack’s name, but he doesn’t move or respond to her. Carly puts her head on Jack’s chest to see if she can hear a heartbeat. Jack regains consciousness and tries to get up and go get Les out of the van. Carly tells Jack the van exploded with Les still inside of it. Carly tells Jack she was very frightened that she would lose him again when she heard he was transporting another prisoner. Carly makes Jack promise that he will never do anything like this again. Jack holds Carly and assures her he is fine and he isn’t going anywhere.

In Bangkok, Craig figures out Rosanna’s password, and the banker hands him the briefcase with the money.

In Henry’s car, Katie worries that she will ruin Jennifer’s wedding day by not being her matron of honor. A police car wants Henry to pull over to the side of the road. Katie wonders if the police are stopping them to take them back to the wedding.

At the Walsh mansion, Paul warns Mike that if he hurts Jennifer, he will hurt him in more ways than he can imagine. Paul also tells Mike he is happy his sister found such a good man. Casey takes his seat next to Celia just as the wedding march begins to play.

The policeman stopped Henry because he was speeding, but Katie still has Mike on her mind. Henry asks Katie to get the registration out of the glove compartment, but she opens the door of the car and runs away from him. A heartbroken Henry knows exactly where his wife is going.

In Bangkok, Rosanna worries that Craig won’t be able to get the money because she didn’t give him the password to her account. Rosanna pleads with My to go to the bank and give Craig the password. My explains to Rosanna that she would love to help her, but if she does Q will kill her little boy. My encourages Rosanna not to give up hope that Craig will get the money and return to get her out.

In a Bangkok hotel room, Q arrives with Craig’s fake passport and Craig pays him for it.

At the Bangkok casino, a work camp uniform arrives for Rosanna with a note from James. Rosanna rips the uniform to shreds.

At the police station, Jack and Carly arrive and inform Keith and Lily that Les died in the van explosion. Keith asks Jack if he saw Les’s dead body. Jack explains that Les was inside the van when it exploded. Keith doubts that Les is dead because nobody saw his dead body.

At the Walsh mansion, Katie arrives just as the minister says, "If anyone has any just cause why these two people should not be married..." Katie apologizes for being late and takes a seat with the rest of the guests.

Mike and Jennifer exchange wedding vows and rings.

At the police station, Carly gives Jack a gentle kiss on the cheek and they go to another part of the station so she can give first aid to his cuts. Lily is scared because Keith told Jack that he hoped that Les was dead. Lily encourages Keith to let all this go because the case is closed now.

In Bangkok, My suggests that Rosanna trick James into thinking she wants to form a family, and when he lets his guard down she should take her son and run.

Rosanna tells My that if James ever let his guard down she would kill him, because it is the only way she and her son would be safe. My encourages Rosanna not to give up hope. Rosanna still isnít sure Craig will return to get her. Craig arrives and tells Rosanna he promised he wouldnít leave her there. Craig tells My to watch the door and let them know when someone is coming. Craig explains to Rosanna that Jennifer is pregnant with his child, and her family set him up for a crime he didnít commit to force him to leave the United States. Craig promises to get Rosanna out and assures her James has met his match.

At the police station, Carly explains how frightened and helpless she felt when she thought Jack might be in danger. Jack tells Carly he felt the same way when he was too late to stop Les from attacking her. Jack holds Carly and once again assures her that he isn’t going anywhere. Jack gets word that a body was found in the debris of the explosion. Jack assumes that it was Les, since everyone else survived the explosion. Keith tells Lily he has to take care of something and leaves.

In Bangkok, someone arrives to take Rosanna away, but Rosanna struggles to stall for time and not leave the casino. The man picks Rosanna up and carries her out of the casino.

At the police station, Lily and Lucinda argue once again over Keith. Lily leaves because she is tired of having the same argument with Lucinda. Carly thinks Lucinda should trust her daughter. Lucinda tells Carly she trusts Lily; it's Keith she doesn’t trust.

At the Walsh mansion, Katie decides to go some place less crowded. Mike sees Katie leave the room and follows her. Celia tells Will she wants to have a wedding just like this someday. Will tells her all her dreams can come true now because she lives in the United States. Casey sees Gwen go to another room and decides to follow her. Celia gives Will a hug. Gwen points Tom and Margo towards the hors d'oeuvres. Casey blasts Gwen for becoming so friendly with his parents. Gwen explains she was just trying to be a good friend to him. Casey tells Gwen he doesn’t want her friendship because he doesn’t even like her. Gwen shouts back that he liked her enough to sleep with her. Mike sees Katie crying and won’t allow her to leave until she explains the grand entrance she made at the wedding.

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