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At the Walsh mansion, Barbara shows Jennifer how she has decorated for the wedding. Jennifer thanks her mother for making her wedding so beautiful. Jennifer also mentions that Katie was also a big help with the wedding plans. Jennifer receives a gift from Katie, which she thinks is a sweet gesture. Barbara secretly worries that Katie will stop Mike and Jennifer’s wedding. Mike tells Paul that Jennifer asked Katie to be her matron of honor. Paul thinks Jennifer is very civilized, because not every woman would ask her groom’s ex-girlfriend to be her matron of honor. Mike smiles and tells Paul he is very proud of Jennifer because she is able to put his relationship with Katie in the past.

At Henry and Katieís house, Katie talks to the florist on the phone and demands that he deliver the rose petals he promised or face a lawsuit.

Henry sits on the stairs and listens to Katieís phone conversation, and after she hangs up the phone he asks her not to go to Mike and Jenniferís wedding.

At the police station, Carly gets nervous when Margo informs her Jack is transporting Les to prison. Carly asks Margo why she didnít stop Jack from transporting Les to prison. Margo tells Carly she tried to tell Jack that he was too close to the case and should send someone else on the transport van. Carly figures out that Jack was transporting Les for her sake.

Margo explains that Jack felt he needed to make sure nothing went wrong and Les got to prison so that he could assure Carly that he would never hurt her again. Carly explains to Margo that ever since Les attacked her she hasnít been able to get rid of her fear of him. Margo advises Carly to speak to someone about her fear of Les. Carly explains that she has had a feeling all day that something terrible is going to happen to Jack.

Inside the transport van, Jack hears a noise, and the van driver informs him the tire has blown out. The van driver tells everyone to hold on as he struggles to stop the van safely.

At the police station, Margo tries to calm Carly down and assure her that this prisoner transport is routine, and this time won’t be like the last time because Jack isn’t alone, he has other cops with him. Tom arrives to take Margo to the wedding, but Margo isn’t sure she should leave Carly alone. Carly tells Margo to go to the wedding and have a good time because she is sure Jack will be fine. Carly calls Jack but he doesn’t answer because he is lying motionless inside the transport van.

At the Walsh mansion, Barbara tries to find someone to fix the thermostat in Jennifer’s room because she feels hot. Sierra congratulates Jennifer because she is marrying a wonderful man who will be a better father to her baby than Craig. Jennifer figures out that Sierra helped in the plan to make Craig disappear. Sierra avoids Jennifer’s question about Craig and goes to find someone to fix the thermostat in the room. Will is still upset that Jennifer and Paul are allowing Barbara back in their lives. Celia arrives and Paul mistakes her for Will’s date. Barbara also makes the same mistake and begins to ask Celia questions about herself after she has sent Will to find someone to fix the thermostat. Gwen almost drops a Walsh antique when Casey arrives and startles her. Gwen offers Casey an hors d'oeuvre and is about to put it in his mouth when he asks her if she has seen Celia. Gwen eavesdrops on Barbara’s conversation with Celia. Will arrives and interrupts the conversation before Barbara gets too personal with Celia. Will apologizes to Celia for his mother and is about to tell Celia she looks beautiful when Casey arrives and tells Celia she looks hot and gives her a kiss. Mike wonders if Sierra has seen Katie anywhere. Sierra tells Mike she doesn’t think Katie has arrived yet. Sierra tells Mike about the problem with the thermostat in Jennifer’s room. Mike decides to go upstairs and fix the problem. Mike arrives to fix the thermostat and Jennifer gives him a kiss.

At Henry and Katie’s house, Henry thinks Katie wants to go to the wedding because she thinks Mike will change his mind at the last minute and stop the wedding because he loves her, not Jennifer.

At the police station, Carly asks one of the police officers which road the transport van took to the prison. Carly calls Jack again, but he still doesn’t answer the phone.

Somewhere on route 39, Jack awakens and discovers there is a gas leak. Jack helps the other men get out of the van. Les pleads with Jack to help him get out of the van.

Inside her car, Carly calls Jack again, but he still doesn’t answer his phone. Carly assures herself Jack is okay and that he is probably already at the prison.

Somewhere on route 39, the other policeman tells Jack to leave Les inside the van because the van could blow at any minute. Jack goes to pull Les out of the van anyway and manages to get him out.

At the guesthouse, Keith and Lily arrive home from their trip. Keith worries about the threatening phone call Les made to Lily. Keith decides to go tell the police about the call. Lily tells Keith they should eat some food first and then worry about Les. Keith wonders if Lily is glad they didn’t make love. Lily explains she wants to clear up things in her past before she can make love to him and concentrate on the future. Keith and Lily kiss for a few minutes, and then Lily goes to the kitchen to make them some omelets.

At the Walsh mansion, Celia thanks Casey for coming to the wedding to offer Will moral support. Celia understands why Will gets tense around his family, because Barbara is an intense person.

Mike fixes the thermostat and then he gives Jennifer a back rub and a kiss. Barbara catches them kissing and pushes Mike out of the room.

At Henry and Katie’s house, Katie explains to Henry that she must watch Mike get married so she can know Mike is a part of her past. Katie tells Henry she wants to move toward a future with him. Celia talks to Tom and Margo until Casey arrives. Gwen gives Tom and Margo champagne and tells them she is going to the prom with Will, Casey, and Celia. Casey looks nervous when he notices Gwen is talking to his parents. Barbara wants to take a family picture, so she drags Hal away from Emily. Emily drinks champagne to calm her nerves and ease her anger towards Barbara. Barbara takes a picture with Will, Paul, and Hal.

Somewhere on route 39, Les tries to get away from Jack, but Jack gets on top of him to stop him. Les punches Jack, but Jack stays on top of him. The van begins to catch on fire.

At the Walsh mansion, Casey starts to follow Gwen, but Margo stops him to tease him about going to the prom. Margo leaves and Tom arrives to tell Casey that he enjoyed meeting Gwen, who told them he was going to the prom. Will escorts Celia to her seat. Jennifer looks beautiful in her dress. Hal gives Jennifer a kiss and a hug and escorts her out of the room. Margo wonders if Katie has arrived yet. Mike tells her Katie hasn’t arrived yet. Margo tells Mike Katie was planning on coming and was excited about the wedding.

At Henry and Katie’s house, Katie gets a message from Mike just as she and Henry are on their way out the door for their trip. Katie decides to ignore the message and leave with Henry.

At the guesthouse, Lily has memories of the many times she burned meals she cooked for Holden. Keith tells Lily it is okay to have memories of Holden, because those moments made her the person she is today. Keith and Lily decide to go to the police station and report Les’ threatening call to her.

Somewhere on route 39, Les manages to get away from Jack and he runs back inside the van. Jack is trying to persuade Les to get out of the van when Carly arrives and takes his hand to pull him away from the van.

Carly manages to pull Jack away before the van explodes. The impact of the explosion knocks Jack and Carly to the ground.

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