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As the World Turns Update Wednesday 5/18/05



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Katie & Henry’s house:

Barbara comes knocking on the door. When no one answers right away she lets herself in, calling out for Katie. Henry comes bouncing down the stairs and lets her know that he doesn't appreciate her letting herself in. Barbara demands to know where Katie is. Henry tells her that Katie is at Lucinda's. Barbara tells him that she doesn't need to be, everything has already been done. Henry asks her why she is there. She wants to know why he is there. Why isn't he watching over Katie while she fawns over Mike? The two of them argue for a while, with Henry insisting that Katie loves him and that they are happily married now, and Barbara insisting that Katie is still in love with Mike and Henry is living in a dream world. She lets slip that she will do anything to make sure that Jennifer is happy. Henry guesses that she had something to do with Craig leaving town.

Barbara doesnt confirm or deny it, she only reiterates that she will do whatever she has to do to make sure Jennifer is happily married to Mike. Henry tries to throw Barbara out a couple of times, but she isn't about to leave before she has made her point. Henry tries to stay strong in his belief in Katie, but Barbara's words do start to seep in and worry him a little when Barbara tells him that she saw Katie trying on Jennifer's wedding dress and dreaming that it was she walking down the aisle towards Mike instead of Jennifer. Henry laughs and asks if she is implying that Katie is going to poison Jennifer or something and replace the bride. He reminds her that Katie is already happily married. Barbara doesn't think that would stop Katie. Finally, totally fed up, he grabs her by the arm and forcefully shoves her out the door. Barbara is determined to get the last word in and warns Henry that he had better keep Katie away from the wedding. Henry asks if she is now threatening Katie. Barbara only says that if he doesn't stop Katie from coming to the wedding, she will.



Jennifer tries on some shoes as Mike walks in and sees his beautiful bride. Jennifer jumps up and runs into his arms. The young couple are extremely happy on this wonderful day. Mike comments that she had better wear a long dress, because he won't be held responsible for what he does if he sees her beautiful legs in those shoes. He tries to cart her off to the bedroom, but then he decides the couch will work just as well. The two gleefully fall onto the couch together and start on a heavy make-out session. Katie comes in and is horrified to see them together. She yells at them to stop. Don't they know that it is bad luck for the groom to see the bride on her wedding day? Mike and Jennifer both poo-poo her worries. They don't believe in all that stuff. Katie decides that the damage has already been done, but she asks them to at least stick to the ceremony traditions with the something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue thing, and to be sure to put a penny in her shoe. She shows them the menu that she has just finished arranging with the caterer. Jennifer thanks her for caring but tells her that they have decided to put all that bad luck behind them. Just then the phone rings, and Katie immediately thinks, "Uh-oh." Jennifer answers and hears Niki's voice. Jennifer is disappointed to hear that her sister will not be able to make it to the wedding. She has been called away on an emergency case. Jennifer promises to take many pictures to send her. When she hangs up the phone, she quickly breaks down in tears. Mike is alarmed and tries to make things all better for his bride, but her hormones are on a roll. She doesn't know who will help her get dressed now, and hold the bouquet, and fix her veil... Mike offers to do all of that for her, but she knows that he has no sense of what she is panicking about. Niki was supposed to be her maid of honor, and now she just doesn't know what she is going to do. Niki was supposed to let her borrow a bracelet for her "something borrowed." Katie has a solution for that. She has a beautiful tennis bracelet that she offers to let Jennifer borrow. She tells Jennifer that it is very special to her and will bring her good luck. Jennifer asks why it is so special, suspecting that Mike bought it for her. Katie tells her that Henry bought it for her a long time ago when they first became friends, and now they are happily married. This makes Jennifer feel much better. Mike is thankful to Katie for making things all better and for all the help she has given them with the wedding. Katie starts to take off so she can get ready for the wedding, but Jennifer starts to panic again. She won't have anyone to help her get dressed. Mike reminds her that Barbara will be there soon. Jennifer knows that, but she isn't here yet. Mike is totally shocked when Jennifer asks Katie to be her maid of honor. Katie is reluctant, but with Jennifer's persuasion she finally agrees. Jennifer gives her Niki's dress, certain that it will fit just fine. Katie rushes off so that she can get ready and get back in time to help Jennifer. When Katie leaves, Mike questions Jennifer's decision. Only a week ago they never wanted to lay eyes on Katie again. Jennifer knows that, but she sees that Mike has forgiven her for her mistake with Craig, and she wants to forgive Katie in return. Mike finally agrees to go along with whatever the bride wants. They start to make out again, but Jennifer reminds him that he needs to get going and change into his tux, although Jennifer wouldn't mind if he got married in his jeans. Barbara enters and tells them both that she would object to that. She quickly rushes Mike out to get ready before she gives Jennifer a beautiful pair of sapphire and diamond earrings to wear. Jennifer is touched. Barbara explains that they used to belong to her grandmother, and she thought that they would be perfect for both the "something old" and "something blue." Jennifer tells her that the earrings are perfect, they will go with her "something borrowed" perfectly. She shows the bracelet to Barbara. Barbara thinks the bracelet is beautiful and asks whom it is borrowed from. She is horrified when Jennifer tells her that she borrowed it from her matron of honor, Katie. Jennifer knows that Barbara doesn't like Katie too much, but she asks her to please put that aside for her wedding day and be nice to Katie. Barbara promises to be all smiles for Katie.

Back at Katie's cottage:

Katie comes in with quite a few shopping bags. She has stopped and picked up shoes and accessories to go with the matron of honor's dress. She rushes around, trying on earrings and comparing shoes with the dress.

Henry watches her quietly from the top of the stairs, letting some of Barbara's words haunt him. Katie doesn't see him as she answers the phone. Someone is calling about the flowers. They can't find Barbara, so they are calling Katie. They tell her that they will not be able to have rose petals at the wedding. Henry is saddened when he hears Katie tell them that they will either call their competitors and find some rose petals within the hour or she will sue them. She is perfectly serious. This wedding is the most important day of her life.

Al's Diner:

Celia finds a very depressed Will at a table and wonders what is wrong. He is upset that his mother is making him be an usher at the wedding. Celia doesn't understand why that is so depressing, she thinks it is nice. Will explains that with his mother, it will mean that he first walk her down the aisle, and then he will have to sit with her. That means he will have to let her hug him and give her his hanky when she cries. Then he will have to go to the reception with her and comfort her as she watches her baby girl. That will then lead to him taking her home, which will mean she will ask him to spend the night because she can't bear to be alone. Then he will be stuck there for the rest of his life. Celia starts to feel sorry for him and tells him that it can't be that bad, his family does love him. Will tells her that his mother's kind of love will kill you. Casey is at the counter getting their shakes when Gwen delivers them. He isn't happy to see her at all. She tries to ignore that and tells him that she enjoyed hanging out at his house the other night. Casey tells her that it won't happen again. He is with Celia now and won't be hanging out with any other girls. He takes the shakes and heads back to the table, joining Celia and Will. Celia has come up with a great plan. She and Casey will go to the wedding too, and then Will can hang with them instead of his mother. Casey objects big time. He can't stand weddings. Gwen finds a table close by to clean so that she can listen in on the conversation. After much persuading, Celia is able to talk Casey into going to the wedding. Once Gwen hears that they are going to the wedding, she calls a caterer friend of hers and is very happy to hear that he is the one who will be catering Jennifer's wedding. She offers to help for the night, she needs the extra money. At the table, Celia is working herself into real excitement about the wedding. Gwen brings them the check and tells them all that she will be at the wedding too, as a waitress. Casey isn't happy to hear this, but he keeps it to himself for the time being. Celia continues to go on and on about how much fun they will all have. Casey tells her that he has a few errands he needs to run before the wedding and takes off. Before he leaves, though, he approaches Gwen and asks her why she is really going to be at the wedding. She swears that they called her needing help, and she needs the money. Casey doesn't believe her, but he doesn't challenge her either. Will knows that Celia did all this on purpose to help him stay away from his mother. Celia just tells him that she thinks they will all have a blast, she loves weddings anyway. Will is still thankful to her.

Jack & Carly's:

Carly is sleeping and dreaming of Les. She wakes up in a full-blown scream. Jack rushes to her side and tries to wake her. Carly is so terrified from the dream that she doesn't realize it is her husband there and not Les. She slugs him pretty hard a few times before realizing it is Jack. Jack is finally able to calm her down. When she realizes how late it is, she tries to pretend that nothing is wrong and jumps up to get ready for the day. Jack stops her and wants to talk about this. She is having dreams every night now. He thinks that she needs to get some help. Carly assures him that she is okay. Today Les will be transferred to the state pen, and she is sure that she will be better after that. She tells him that she is going in to Street Jeans to do a bit of work. Jack thought they were closed for the day for the wedding. Carly knows that, but she still has deadlines. Besides, it is better than her sitting at home alone. She has Jack's cell phone number and promises to call him if she needs him. She runs off to take a shower, and Jack calls the office to make sure that Les is still being transferred today. He tells them that he wants to be on the transfer with them.

Street Jeans:

Carly arrives and finds herself alone. She sits down to do some sketching. She has her sketch pad and all her pencils and stuff laid out in front of her on the coffee table. She hears the elevator ding and gets a bit jumpy. She grabs a huge pair of scissors and gets ready for any would-be attacker. She realizes that she is being silly and tries to calm herself down. She sits again and starts to wildly sketch on the pad. She hears Les' voice in her head telling her that he will never leave her alone. When she stops sketching, she realizes that she has drawn a picture of Les. This really spooks her, and she throws the pad to the ground and stands up, backing away from it. Emily enters and touches her on the shoulder. Carly screams and turns to find Emily there. Emily realizes that she has scared Carly badly and apologizes as she holds a sobbing Carly. Carly calms down, and Emily gets her a glass of water. Carly apologizes for freaking out and, like she did with Jack, tries to minimize her actions. Emily notices the sketch pad on the floor and picks it up.

She asks if that is Les, and if Carly drew it. Carly admits that she did, without even realizing what she was doing. Emily finally gets Carly to talk about her fears and get some of it out. Carly agrees that she may need help. When she tells Emily about the dream she had this morning, she realizes that Jack said the same thing in the dream that he said to her when he left to transfer Starziak the day they thought he had been killed. This freaks Carly out. She believes that it means something horrible is going to happen. Emily tries to convince her that it was just a dream and it doesn't mean anything. Jack is fine. Carly isn't convinced, though, and turns down an offer to share a dessert with Emily at Al's. She thanks Emily for caring but tells her to go on and get ready for the wedding. She is going to the station to see Jack.

Police station:

Margo comes into the main room to overhear Jack making arrangements to go on the transfer. She takes him into the interrogation room and asks why he wants to be on the transfer. Jack tells her that he wants to make sure that Les makes it. He admits to her that he really wants to just see Les dead. The man attacked his wife. He just wants to be able to come home tonight and assure Carly that Les is gone.

Margo tries to convince him that all he needs to do is be there for Carly. He needs to just hold her and be there for her. Jack is frustrated. He doesn't feel like he is doing enough. Margo asks if he is also doing this for himself. He hasn't been on a transfer since the Starziak mishap. Jack finally admits that is part of the reason, too. He wants to do this for Carly, and for himself. Margo knows a stubborn man when she sees one and knows she will not be able to talk him out of it. A guard appears and tells Jack that they are ready to transfer the prisoners. Jack takes off. Carly comes in shortly after, looking for Jack. When Margo tells her that Jack has gone on the transfer vehicle, Carly knows something horrible is going to happen. She can't believe that this is happening again.

Transfer van:

Les and another prisoner are already in the van when Jack climbs in. Les can't believe that Jack is going to be going with them. He isn't a happy camper. He tells the guard to call his attorney, Jack shouldn't be allowed to be there. The guard sarcastically tells Les that he will get right on it. He then tells Jack that they have one more prisoner to get, and they will then be on their way. Les continues to bitch about Jack being there. Jack is very pleased that he is getting under Les' skin like this. When the other prisoner has been fetched, they load up the van and prepare to leave.

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