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At their house, Holden tries to reach Lily again on her cell phone and still is unable to reach her.

Luke comes home from Washington, D.C., and is glad to see Holden there, but he is curious as to where Lily is. Holden puts him off quickly by mentioning Lily being out for the night with a friend, which only piques Luke'�s curiosity more. Holden then suggests that Faith, Luke and he have a take-out dinner from Al's. After dinner, Faith asks Luke if he likes her new bracelet from Uncle Keith. Luke suddenly puts things together and becomes upset at what is going on between his mom and Keith. He becomes more frustrated as Holden tries to explain as best he can what is going on with Lily and Keith. As soon as Faith leaves the room, Luke lights into Holden about the fact that both he and Lily are not acting so much like parents as like two people who have no idea what they want in life.

Barbara is at Lucinda’s, working busily on last-minute preparations for Jen and Mike’s wedding. She is a bit overwhelmed with all the vendors needing her attention, and when Katie shows up to drop off her present, she suggests helping Barbara. Barbara rejects her offer, but Katie will not take no for an answer and goes back to the kitchen to work with the caterer.

Mike shows up at the Street Jeans office to pick up Jen for their appointments about the wedding. Jen is very preoccupied with her designs for Street Jeans, but she realizes what she is doing and apologizes, and they get ready to go to the tasting and her dress fitting. As they are about to leave, Dusty walks in and says he was hoping Jen could finish up some more work so they wouldn’t be behind. At first Jen wants to leave, but when Dusty suggests she not worry because he will have Carly finish things up, Jen decides to stay. Mike offers to handle the tasting and says he will come back later after she is done so he can take her to her dress fitting.

Lily and Keith continue to enjoy the passion between them during their camping trip.

As they are kissing, a storm blows in. Their tent is blown away and they are forced to take refuge back in the plane, breaking the mood. Once in the plane, Keith wants to continue, but Lily thinks they should wait and that maybe the storm happened for a reason. She doesn't feel ready. Keith questions Lily because he felt Lily was acting ready. He wonders if it is Holden or Lucinda or, worse, her own inner voice stopping her. Lily denies all of those reasons. A frustrated Keith offers to take Lily back to Oakdale.

James orders the woman guarding the door to the room where Rosanna is to move aside, and Craig quickly hides as James enters the room, promising Rosanna he will not let James take her. James tells Rosanna he is here to take her on an adventure. Rosanna tries to stall by apologizing for trying to make that phone call, but James tells her it is time to go and get her hands dirty, so she can learn the meaning of work.

He tells a shaken Rosanna that he is taking her to a labor camp in an underdeveloped country. Rosanna begs him to reconsider, but James continues to toy with her and does not change his mind. Rosanna suggests another solution. She knows James must love Cabot, as does she, so they can try again, for Cabot'�s sake, to live together, and she promises not to try to run away. She cannot live without Cabot any longer. James will not be deterred from his original plan. Finally Rosanna bargains that he let her see Cabot one more time before she leaves. James wants to know why he should do that. She appeals to his sense of maliciousness by telling him that she will suffer worse when she has to say goodbye to Cabot. James says he will reconsider it and leaves. Craig is impressed with Rosanna buying them time. The only thing left, Craig says, is for Rosanna to trust him implicitly.

Mike shows up at Lucinda’s and Barbara is overwhelmed with all the arrangements, but very happy to be doing it. She thanks Mike for being there in Jen's place and tells him how happy she is that Jen is marrying him, and Barbara’s genuine warmth affects Mike. Barbara leaves to go get Jen’s dress, and Katie comes out from the kitchen where she has been working with the caterers, surprising Mike. Since Katie is there, they decide to pick the cake flavor. Barbara walks in just when Mike is playfully feeding Katie a piece of cake. Barbara looks upset, but she leaves without saying a word.

At the Street Jeans office, Dusty and Jen finish working on her designs. Jen has adopted the attitude of "play nice" with Dusty because fighting him is pushing him more towards Carly. He tells her to leave and go get her dress fitted, but Jen makes it known again that she is always available if she is needed at work. She tells Dusty nicely that she will in fact work with Carly, but she won't work for Carly. She reminds Dusty that he can always call her when she is on her honeymoon, but Dusty doesn’t want to bother her. Jen responds that that doesn’t mean she can’t do her job. Dusty gently reminds Jen that she shouldn’t worry about him, because he is not the one who tried to steal her company, and Carly is not replacing her, she is only there to help. Jen apologizes and thanks Dusty again for getting rid of Craig for her.

In the airplane, Lily tries to make Keith understand that she wants to be with him, but she needs closure in her marriage. She feels like her marriage is in the middle of the end, and it feels unsettled. She wants to be with Keith completely only when her life is more resolved, and not because it is in the moment or because of being angry at Holden or her mother. Keith understands, and they decide that since the storm has passed they will head back to Oakdale. He goes outside to check on the plane, and as he does his cell phone rings and he tells Lily to answer it. Lily is surprised by who is on the other end of the line: Les.

Rosanna realizes that Craig is suggesting that the only way for them to get her out of this situation is for Rosanna to give him money. She is angry at first, thinking Craig wants her to give him a blank check so he can take off with her money. She doesn't trust him because he lies and cheats.

Craig admits to have done some underhanded things, but Rosanna can�'t deny he loves Cabot. They argue over whether Rosanna should trust him, and finally Craig convinces her. She writes her account number and password on a piece of paper and gives it to Craig. She leaves him with one last plea: if he ever loved Cabot and considered himself his father, he will not take her money and leave.

After they choose the cake, Mike thanks Katie for her help, and they start to reminisce about old times. Katie wishes Mike the best and tells him even after everything, she still considers him one of her best friends. Mike leans over and kisses her on the cheek as Barbara walks in. She quickly makes an off-hand comment about Mike kissing the wrong bride. Mike assures Barbara they are just friends, which Barbara begrudgingly accepts while eyeing Katie.

Jen calls and tells Mike that she is ready to go to her fitting, and Mike leaves.

Holden and Luke continue to talk about Lily and Keith’s budding relationship. Luke wonders if Holden being there will confuse Faith, as if life is back to normal. Holden assures Luke he will always be there, but Luke and Faith shouldn’t be getting their hopes up because Lily has moved on. Holden wonders out loud if Lily should be spending time with Keith. He asks Luke if he noticed anything odd about Keith, and Luke is struck by the fact that he thinks Holden is acting jealous, which Holden denies. Holden remarks on the fact that Luke is handling things better than he has in the past, and Luke thinks it is because they are now on the same side.

Les toys with Lily, telling her that her new boyfriend is a murderer. Lily defends Keith, but Les will not back down, telling her Keith admitted to him that he planted the bee pollen in his truck, again something Lily doesn’t believe. He tells Lily she needs to watch her back; since Keith killed his own sister, she should know he wouldn’t hesitate to kill her. Lily won’t hear any of it, saying Keith is not a murderer, to which Les responds he is the worst kind of murderer because he plans it out. He leaves Lily with a message and promise to Keith -- that he will take what he loves and run it through a meat grinder while giving him a front-row seat. Keith gets back in the plane and sees Lily visibly upset by the phone call, and he takes the phone and has words with Les. He quickly hangs up on him and tells Lily to not worry and forget anything he said to her. She can’t, though, because he threatened Keith after he told her again Keith was Julia’s killer. Keith blows it off as Les being Les. He diverts her attention by telling her he is a patient person, and he will wait for Lily and wade through all the people trying to stand in their way, including Holden, Lucinda and Les, because he wants Lily more than he has wanted anything in a long time, and when he sets his mind to something, he accomplishes it.

Mike picks up Jen at her office, and as they get set to leave they invite Dusty to their wedding; jokingly, Jen says the invitation stands only if Dusty keeps Carly in check. Dusty happily agrees to both and thanks her again for staying.

Back at Lucinda’s, Katie walks into the room where Jen’s wedding dress is laid out and can’t help but want to see what she would look like in it. She puts on the veil and then puts the dress on its hanger around her neck so she can realistically see herself in it, and as she gazes at herself in the mirror, Barbara walks in and sees her. Barbara is upset over what Katie is doing but leaves again quietly without saying anything.

Emma stops by Holden and Lily�'s house and is very surprised and upset when Holden tells her that Lily is out for the entire night with Keith. She had no idea things were moving so fast with Lily and wonders if Holden approves. He most definitely doesn't, and he mentions that he has been trying to reach Lily but her phone is off. Emma reminds Holden that Lily is a good mom and would never intentionally shut off her phone, in case something happens with the kids. She suggests Holden try her again, because maybe the phone was out of range.

Holden tries to reach Lily again, and it goes straight to voice mail, which upsets Holden. Holden angrily tells Emma he doesn't know what to believe with Lily anymore.

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