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By Elayna
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At Metro, Paul meets up with Emily, who is determined to cheer him up regarding his unresolved feelings about Rosanna and their marriage. She wants him to venture out into the world again, starting first with dinner with friends, and then moving on to dinner with a special woman of his choice. Paul is not interested in dating right now and shoots down Emily’s suggestions. He even mentions to Emily that to this day he wonders if Rosanna isn’t in trouble, because he has this strange feeling. Emily discounts that. She reminds Paul how Rosanna drugged her, set up Will, and left Paul. She thinks Paul should accept the truth. Paul is hesitant, though, saying that the truth may not always be what it seems, as when Emily wasn’t really the one tormenting Rosanna. The situation looked obvious, but they didn’t accept it; instead they tracked down the truth, which was a whole lot different than it had appeared. Emily fully believes that, even if there was something else going on with Rosanna, she had a choice, and she chose not to include Paul in whatever she was going through and instead walked away from her marriage. Emily believes that is something Paul should not forget or get over any time in the near future.

Holden runs into Les at the police station while looking for Jack. Les’ words continue to affect Holden. He assures Holden that Keith is Julia’s murderer and that Keith even admitted to planting the bee pollen evidence in Les’ truck. He tells Holden that Keith is a dangerous man involved in the mob, and because he is so much in debt he is willing to do anything he can in order to get money. Jessica recommends that Les say no more because she is trying to get his case thrown out, but the damage has been done, and Holden’s doubts about Keith are strengthened.

Craig is gambling in Bangkok, biding his time until he can figure out how to get to Rosanna. He tricks Q into wanting to freshen up so the lady guarding the door, which Rosanna is behind, will be left alone with Craig. He offers the woman money, suggesting she looks sad about what she is being forced to do and that she doesn't look like she agrees with what is going on. The woman finally takes the money and lets Craig in to see Rosanna.

A shocked Rosanna turns around to find herself staring at Craig. She responds quickly by telling Craig to leave her alone!

Celia arrives at Casey’s house, ready for their double date with Gwen and Will. Casey is still not sure he wants to do this, but Celia convinces him it will be fun. Celia excuses herself to use the bathroom, and Gwen shows up. The unspoken tension is obvious between her and Casey, but soon Celia comes back downstairs and Will arrives, and the night begins. However, each time Gwen and Casey are alone they talk and interact uncomfortably. When Casey is out at the grill, Celia teasingly asks him if he didn’t think she would find out about his secret lover. Casey responds very defensively and is a bit upset until Celia tells him she was joking only referring to Leah, who has a crush on Casey. Casey blows it off, saying they have known each other since kindergarten and she is harmless.

Carly and Jack are having a meal together at the diner, trying to recover some semblance of a normal life after all that has happened recently. They talk about her job and the kids, and the conversation is relaxed until Holden shows up looking for Jack to talk about Les and Keith. He is very concerned about Keith’s mob connections and the fact that Les thinks Keith is setting him up for Julia’s murder.

Jack is amazed and angry that Holden is letting Les sway his thoughts. He is angry that Holden wants Jack to listen to a man who tries to kill his wife and child. Holden is not trying to discount what happened to Carly and J.J.; he just wants Jack to consider the possibility that Les may not have killed Julia. He mentions the fact that Keith tried to get J.J.’s money from the trust fund on the day Julia was murdered. Jack doesn’t want to hear any of this because needing money is a hardly a reason to commit murder. He tells Holden to drop it, he will never listen to the likes of Les. He wants Holden to figure out another way to handle Lily dating Keith, and with that he is called to the station.

Rosanna is leery of Craig and wants to know if James sent him. Craig doesn’t understand what Rosanna is talking about. Craig is just concerned with getting Rosanna out of this room where she is being held. However, Rosanna won’t go, and she tells a shocked Craig that James has Cabot. Immediately, Craig demands details, because he thought Cabot died in the fire. Rosanna brings him up to speed on how James duped them all. She tells Craig that when James first surfaced with promises of reuniting her with Cabot it was to use her to get Barbara's charges dropped. Then she thought it was payback to Paul, because James made her leave him. Finally, she realized James wanted them to set up house. She was horrified and, in a weak moment, tried to call Paul; James found out and sent her here, and he has since left with Cabot. She has no idea what James is going to do next, but she can’t leave this room until she knows what James’ next move is. Craig tells Rosanna that he will not leave her there, and he will help her bring Cabot home.

Holden talks to Carly, who supports Keith because of all he did for Lily and Luke. She trusts Keith because Lily does. She also sees how Keith is with J.J., and she thinks that Keith doesn’t have it in him to be a murderer. Holden is still adamant about believing Keith is trouble, and he is concerned about him being around Lily and his kids. Carly wonders why Holden is jealous and reminds him that he gave up the right to have a say in Lily’s life the minute he chose Julia over Lily. However, Carly thinks that if Holden is that worried, he should call her.

Keith and Lily have flown to the location of a cabin Keith used to play near as a child. However, the cabin is gone, and Keith thinks they should head home. Lily won’t be deterred, though, and suggests to a happy Keith that they set up the tent that was in the plane and camp for the night. Keith is very happy at Lily's suggestion, and he offers to make them dinner. As they set up camp, Lily comes across a buried box, and Keith tells her it was his buried treasure box as a child; he had put some of his belongings in it. They go through the contents and Keith gives her a glimpse of his childhood, but then they come across a pocket knife, which Lily is subtly taken aback by. Keith starts to recount a story of a man and some missing brunettes, and it is soon apparent he is relaying a childhood campfire horror story. He teases Lily by grabbing her arm and scaring her at the high point of the story. They both get a good laugh out of it. Keith offers to make them dinner, which turns out to be a bust, but Lily and Keith are getting caught up in their passion as they continue to kiss every chance they get. Lily excuses herself, and when she does Holden calls her cell phone; Keith shuts it off and lays out the sleeping bag for them. Lily returns and passionately kisses Keith.

Emily continues to try to convince Paul that there are plenty of other fish in the sea. Emily tells Paul he is a catch and any woman would be more than happy to be with him. Paul thinks Emily is wrong and tells her of all the faults he has in his eyes. Emily is determined to get Paul through this and find him a woman who will appreciate him. As the night rolls on they both become a bit inebriated by the wine, and Paul starts to loosen up, and they have a lot of laughs. At the end of the night, Emily offers to give Paul a ride home, but Paul turns her down. Emily leaves to go home, and after Emily is out of sight Paul opens his wallet. He takes out his wedding band and stares at it for a moment, but then quickly puts it back in its place.

At Casey’s, Celia and Gwen have some laughs as they look through Casey’s baby photo album. When Casey sees what they are doing, he quickly grabs it away. He covers by claiming to be embarrassed by some naked baby pictures of him in the bathtub. The subject then turns to the prom as Celia and Casey discuss plans, and then, out of the blue, Gwen asks Will to the prom; he accepts. They talk about getting a limo and they seem to be having fun, but when Casey and Gwen are alone later, Casey tells Gwen that what they are doing is not going to work. Gwen responds that she won’t tell anyone. Celia interrupts their conversation, asking Casey to dance, which he does, as Gwen sadly looks on.

Back at the police station, Jack corners Les and suggests to Jessica that her client stop making accusations against innocent people. Les responds with the same story he told Holden about Keith setting him up, and says that Keith is in heavy debt to bad people who would do anything. He tells Jack that Keith admitted to framing him, and when Jack asks him for proof, Les tells him that the policemen at the station should have heard him, since Keith admitted what he did at the station. Jack is not at all convinced and tells Les so. Les tells him he thinks Jack doesn’t want to know the truth because he wants him in jail to keep him away from J.J. and his wife. Les' goading convinces Jack more than ever of his guilt, and when he returns to the diner he tells Holden so in no uncertain terms. Holden quickly leaves without saying anything more.

Rosanna isn’t sure that she can trust Craig after what he did with Cabot before, but Craig assures her that he is concerned about her safety and will do anything for Cabot. He promises he will do whatever he can to help her. Just then, Craig and Rosanna hear a female voice outside saying that Rosanna is no longer there, and then they both hear James’ unmistakable voice outside the door demanding the woman move, because he has come to get Rosanna back.

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