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As the World Turns Update Friday 5/13/05



By Eva
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At Metro, Henry explains to Mike and Jennifer that Katie planned a surprise engagement party for them. Katie tells Mike and Jennifer that she will understand if they don’t want an engagement party. Katie offers to explain to all the guests and cancel the party. . The guests arrive and Katie gets ready to make an announcement but Jennifer stops her and explains to the guests that she and Mike ruined Katie’s surprise but they are happy everyone came to the party.

In Bangkok, Craig arrives at a casino to meet with a man named Q to see about getting a fake passport.

At Al’s diner, Lucinda tells Holden that Keith admitted to Lily he owes money to the mob. Lucinda gets a phone call from a private detective who tells her Jessica has been granted a continuance for Les’s trial because she thinks he isn’t Julia’s killer. Holden gets angry and decides to go talk to Lily to let her know he doesn’t want Keith anywhere near his kids.

At the guesthouse, Lily demands answers from Keith before he leaves Oakdale. Keith explains to Lily that he was afraid to tell Lily the truth because he thought once she found out he would lose her because of his lies. Keith admits to Lily he has never been afraid to lose anyone.

At Metro, Paul tells Jennifer that Katie has been driving him and everyone in the family crazy trying to make everything perfect for the party. Jennifer feels badly about the argument she had with Katie earlier and wants to go apologize to her. Mike asks Jennifer to let him talk to Katie. Jennifer gives Mike a kiss. Mike asks Katie to come with him for a few minutes. Nancy asks Alison about how Aaron is doing in Seattle. Alison tells Nancy he is fine but even if he wasnít he wouldnít tell her because he is a guy. Nancy thinks Alison must miss him very much. Hal jokes that Alison doesnít need Aaron because she has Will to protect her. The comment makes Alison uncomfortable so she leaves to check if there are enough drinks for everyone. Will starts to leave and Emily asks him if there is something wrong between him and Alison. Will thinks Emily should ask Alison that question. Will once again tries to leave the party but Paul stops him because he wants to know where Will is going. Will doesnít think Paul would care if he went anywhere. Paul asks Will if there is anything wrong. Will tells him things are fine and he even has a date tomorrow.

Barbara is thrilled by the news and even offers to put Willís date on the guest list for Jenniferís wedding. Barbara thinks Paul should start dating again. Paul chooses to ignore his motherís comments to him. Paul tells Jennifer that Barbara is pressuring him to date again. Jennifer apologizes to Paul for allowing Barbara to plan the wedding. Will blast Jennifer for pretending to be a happy family at the party. Will is also angry Jennifer didnít tell him about the wedding and the baby herself. Jennifer explains to Will that Barbara helped get Craig out of her life. Jennifer also tells Will everything that has been going on in her life.

In Bangkok, Craig gambles and is on a lucky streak when suddenly he hears a woman’s voice that sounds a lot like Rosanna demanding to be let out of a room that is locked.

At the guesthouse, Keith tells Lily that he thought she was his chance to start over and make up for all his mistakes. Keith explains to Lily he was afraid she wouldn’t give him a chance to work things out with her. Keith regrets he wasn’t able to mend the rift between he and Julia. Keith thinks Lily will never forgive him for his past mistakes. Keith thinks Lily is a perfect person who always does the right thing. Lily explains to Keith that she is far from perfect and has also made mistakes. Keith and Lily share a few kisses and then Keith comes up with a great idea. Keith asks Lily to go away with him for a few days. Lily accepts his invitation. Keith heads out the door to file a flight plan but when he is on his way out Holden arrives to talk to Lily. Holden tells Keith he is glad he is leaving because that way he doesn’t have to throw him out. Lily defends Keith and says Keith will only leave the house if she wants him to leave the house. Holden informs Lily and Keith that Jessica has asked for a continuance for Les and the case could take a month to come to trial. Keith is very angry and decides to leave Holden and Lily alone to talk.

At Metro, Nancy tells Henry married life agrees with him. Barbara asks Henry if he knows where his wife might be.

At Mike and Jennifer’s house, Katie apologizes to Mike for all the mistakes she made with him and he does the same to her. Mike admits he will always love Katie and he is glad they love each other enough to let each other go. Mike and Katie agree to be friends and they both head back to Metro.

In Bangkok, Q tells his employee to calm the woman down by telling her if she doesn’t be quiet she will be removed permanently. Craig tries to pump for information about the woman who he thinks is Rosanna but Q tells him to get back to his game before his lucky streak ends.

At Metro, Emily encourages Paul to begin dating again but Paul tells her he likes to be alone. Paul doesn’t think he is meant to be in love. . Mike arrives and Barbara tells him she hopes he won’t keep Jennifer waiting this long on her wedding day. Mike tells Jennifer that he and Katie had a long talk and decided to be friends. Jennifer gives Mike a kiss. Katie also tells Henry about her talk with Mike and gives him a kiss.

At the guesthouse, Lily blasts Holden for interfering in her life. Lily informs Holden she and Keith will be going on vacation. Lily asks Holden to take the kids for a few days. Holden tells Lily he hopes she is doing the right thing by going away with Keith.

At the police station, Keith blasts Tom for letting Julia’s killer go free. Tom explains les won’t be free because he will be in jail until his trail. Les taunts Keith by telling him the police are getting closer to figuring out he was set up by him to cover up the fact he is Julia’s killer. Keith tells Les that he is a man who always gets what he wants and he will make sure he pays for killing Julia.

At Metro, Mike and Jennifer feel the baby kick for the first time.

In Bangkok, Q tells Craig his fake passport will be ready as soon as he has won enough money to pay for it. Craig looks over Q's shoulder and watches his employee open the door to the locked room. Craig sees Rosanna inside the locked room. Craig tells Q he will stay to win some more money.

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