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At the docks, Lily struggles with a man and a gun goes off. Keith arrives and wonders if Lily is okay. Keith gets on top of the guy so he won’t hurt Lily. Lucinda arrives and demands Keith get of the man because he is a private detective who works for her.

At Al’s diner, Gwen gets fired because she spilled a drink on the girls who teased Celia. Celia feels badly Gwen was fired because of her so she tells Gwen’s boss that she bumped into her and caused her to spill the drink on the girls. Gwen’s boss gives Gwen her job back but warns her that if she makes another mistake she is fired. Gwen thanks Celia for saving her job for her. Celia apologizes for getting her in trouble. Gwen tells Celia that the girls deserved it because they had no business being so concerned about her personal life. Gwen tells Celia that the girls are mad because they both have had a crush on Casey for a long time.

At the park, Casey and his friends from the prom committee talk about music for the prom. One of the guys tells Casey he is glad that he has started dating someone because girls have had crushes on him for years but he hasn’t paid any attention to them. The guy says he was getting worried about him. Casey shrugs off the joke about him being stuck in his room listening to his MP3 player instead of being out on dates. Casey explains that he isn’t as boring as everyone at school thinks he is. One of the other guys suggests they hire Gwen’s band instead of using pre-recorded music. Casey objects to the idea because recorded music would be much better.

At the Street Jeans office, the man Carly thought was Les turns out to be the janitor. The janitor apologizes for scaring Carly and promises that next time he comes in he will make noise so he won’t scare her. Jack arrives and wonders what Carly is doing at Street Jeans. Carly explains to Jack that Dusty offered her a job. Jack wonders why the janitor thought Carly was going to skewer him.

At Mike and Jennifer’s place, Jennifer tells Katie to sit down and enjoy watching her and Mike fight. Katie apologizes for interrupting them and starts to leave the house. Mike wonders why she let herself in the house. Katie tells Mike the reason isn’t important anymore. Jennifer asks Mike to leave her alone with Katie because they need to have a talk. Mike thinks Jennifer needs to rest and should talk to Katie later. Jennifer insists so Mike leaves the ladies alone to talk. Jennifer demands Katie look her in the eye and tell her she isn’t in love with Mike.

At Al’s diner, Celia wonders how Gwen knows that the girls have had a crush on Casey. Gwen tells her she is a very observant person and has seen how the girls act around Casey. Gwen advises Celia to be very careful around those girls. Celia has an idea to make Will pay attention to Gwen.

At the park, Casey persuades the guys on the prom committee to use pre-recorded music instead of a band. Will arrives and tells Casey he is a new and improved Will who only wants to have fun. Casey finds it hard to believe that Will has forgotten about Alison so easily. Will goes to call someone to see if he can get some beer.

At Metro, Alison tells Henry she will let her barender handle the part because she is trying to avoid Wil. Alison explains to Henry that what happened between her and Will was her fault because she misses Aaron so much.

At Jennifer and Mike’s place, Katie wants to end the tension between her, Jennifer and Mike so they can all be friends. Katie admits she is still in love with Mike but insists she is trying hard to make those feelings go away because she knows that Mike loves Jennifer. Katie also tells Jennifer that every day she falls more in love with Henry. Jennifer doubts that Katie can make her feelings for Mike goes away.

At the Street Jeans office, Jack thinks Carly needs to rest and taking a high stress job isn’t a good idea. Jack wonders why carly never brought up the subject of working again until now. Carly explains that she didn’t think she wanted to work again until Dusty made her the offer. Carly explains that the job won’t be stressful because she will only be helping Jennifer she won’t have to bear the burden of being the only designer for the company. Carly manages to avoid jack’s question about the janitor for a fem minutes but jack asks her why the janitor was so afraid that Carly would skewer him. Jack wonders if Carly thought the janitor was Les. Carly admits that is exactly what she thought and jack gives her a hug and apologizes for not being able to stop Les from attacking her. Carly assures him the attack wasn’t his fault. Carly explains that she needs this job in order to forget about Les. Jack thinks that Carly should see Dr. Michael’s but Carly refuses to do so because she doesn’t want to relive the attack.

At the docks, the private detective asks for his gun back from Keith and tells Lucinda he will charge her extra money because of what happened to him. Lily is angry that Lucinda hired a private detective to follow her. Keith wonders why Lily was following him. Lily avoids the question and continues to blast Lucinda for treating her like a child. Lucinda tells Lily Keith owes a lot of money to the mob because he borrowed money from them to pay off his gambling debts.

Keith admits that Lucinda is telling the truth. Lily asks Lucinda to leave her alone to talk to Keith. Lily asks Keith if the goon following him around was from the mob. Keith tells Lily yes the goon was from the mob. Lily is angry with Keith for letting a mobster on her property. Lily blasts Keith for lying to her and pretending to love her just to get her money. Keith tries to tell Lily he isnít interested in her for her money but Lily stops him and says she has heard that story before many times. .

At the Street Jeans office, Carly finally persuades Jack the job will be good for her. Carly tells Jack she needs ten minutes to finish signing the contracts.

At the park, Casey objects to Celia’s idea of setting Gwen up with Will so he can forget about Alison. Casey is also unhappy that Celia brought Gwen with her so they could hang out together.

At Mike and Jennifer’s place, Jennifer thinks its best that Katie and Henry stay away from her and Mike for a while. Jennifer asks Katie to leave the house key.

At the docks, Lucinda explains to Lily she was only trying to protect her because she has had a rough year this year. Lucinda tells Lily she understands why she would be drawn to Keith. Lily tells Lucinda she won’t come home with her because she wants to go to her own house.

At the park, Gwen apologizes to Will for their awful first date. Will accepts Gwen’s apology. Celia invites Will and Gwen to a barbeque at Casey’s house, Will and Gwen are both eager to go and have some fun.

At Metro, Katie cries and tells Henry the party is off because Mike and Jennifer will never be able to forgive her and be friends.

At Mike and Jennifer’s place, Jennifer tells Mike that Katie is still in love with him. Mike is surprised by this and asks Jennifer if she is sure Katie said those exact words. Jennifer starts to cry and tells Mike to go ask Katie himself. Jennifer apologizes to Mike and explains it’s just her hormones making her crazy. Mike thinks they should rest and think about all this tomorrow. Paul calls Mike and asks he and Jennifer to meet him at Metro. Jennifer decides to go and forget about her troubles.

At the Street Jeans office, Jack tells carly he had Les transferred to another prison on the other side of the state until his trial. Carly is relived and gives Jack a hug but she is still worried about Les.

At Metro, Katie doesn’t want to talk about what happened at Mike and Jennifer’s house. Henry is about to call the guests to cancel the party when Mike and Jennifer come in the door.

At the guesthouse, Keith tells Lily he is leaving Oakdale tonight.

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