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As the World Turns Update Wednesday 5/11/05



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At the guesthouse, Lily continues to search for clues to ease her doubts about Keith. Lily finds a ring with an inscription from Jack to Julia written on it. Keith arrives, and Lily quickly puts everything back and goes to stand by the picnic basket. Keith walks in and Lily explains to him that she used her house key because she wanted to surprise him with a picnic basket. Keith tells Lily it's okay that she came in and invites her to share the picnic with him.

At Al’s diner, Gwen tries to persuade Casey to let her band play at the prom instead of using a d.j. Gwen even offers to play the prom free of charge.

At Will’s thinking spot, Celia tells Will she will be his life coach so that he can make friends and not be so lonely.

At Metro, Katie plans an engagement party for Mike and Jennifer with hopes they will forgive her for telling Craig about the baby. Henry wonders if Katie will be able to accept it if Mike and Jennifer never forgive her for her actions. Katie promises Henry this will be her last attempt to seek forgiveness from Mike and Jennifer, and if they don’t forgive her this time she will stay out of their lives.

At the Street Jeans office, Jennifer fires Carly because she doesn’t need any help with her company. Jennifer admits to Carly that she doesn’t trust her because she thinks she is too ambitious and will try to steal the company away from her. Jennifer reminds Carly of the many times she tried to steal Barbara’s company away from her. Carly admits that she has made many mistakes in the past, but she has learned from them. Carly assures Jennifer she only wants to help her with the company.

At the guesthouse, Lily recalls the advice Carly gave her and admits to Keith she doesn't think he is being honest with her. Keith admits he wasn’t totally honest with Lily last night. Keith tells Lily that Julia always thought he kept his emotions bottled up inside. He admits that he does it because he was never able to trust anyone in his life. Keith tells Lily that he may be falling in love with her. He thinks he scared Lily away with his words, but Lily tells him it feels nice to hear those words from someone again. Lily admits to Keith that he has brought back feelings she hasn’t felt in a long time.

At Al’s diner, Casey explains to Gwen that he isn’t the only one who is in charge of the music for the prom, and he must consult with the rest of the prom committee. Gwen gets upset with Casey because she thinks he is judging her based on her appearance. Casey insists that isn’t the case at all and agrees to give a tape of her music to the prom committee.

At Will’s thinking spot, Celia encourages Will to go to the prom and begin to get past his dream of being with Allison. Will gets upset and screams that he doesn’t want to go to the stupid prom and hang out with stupid people. Celia once again tells Will to stop feeling sorry for himself.

At the Street Jeans office, Carly tells Jennifer that Dusty hired her and she will leave only when Dusty tells her to go. Dusty arrives and demands that Jennifer work with Carly or leave the company permanently. Jennifer stomps out of the office, telling Dusty she will be working from home today.

At Al’s diner, Gwen wants to speak to Casey about something else, but Celia interrupts their conversation.

At Metro, Will arrives and gives Katie a picture of Mike and Jennifer. Allison apologizes to Will for thinking he trashed her apartment. Will tells Allison he would love to be her hero, but he would never hurt her. Allison feels badly for even thinking for a minute that Will was capable of doing something like that. Will tells Allison that he realizes he had become too dependent on their friendship. Will also tells Allison it’s best that they not be friends anymore.

At the guesthouse, the goon calls Keith to demand his money, and he tells Keith he is coming to his house to get it. Keith tells him he isn’t alone and arranges to meet him at the docks. Keith explains to Lily that he has to go meet Joe. Lily tells him good-bye and waits a few minutes, then follows Keith to his meeting.

At Al’s diner, Celia is determined to get Will a date for the prom. Casey makes Celia promise not to meddle in Will’s life because Will is a private person. Casey gives Celia a kiss and leaves to meet with the prom committee. Gwen asks Celia to help her get a date with Will. Gwen wants to make it up to Will for their awful first date. Celia doesn’t want to break her promise to Casey, but she tells Gwen she will talk to Will about the date.

At Mike and Jennifer’s place, Jennifer tells Mike that Carly is trying to steal her job. Jennifer gets angry with Mike when he tells her he doesn’t think Carly wants a full-time job because she has three children to raise.

At the Street Jeans office, Carly tells Dusty that she thinks Jennifer is right, and he is only using her to put pressure on Jennifer because he doesn’t think she can do her job and have a family. Carly blasts Dusty for going on a power trip against Jennifer just because is in a position to order her around. Dusty thinks that Carly has a problem. Carly apologizes for her outburst and explains that she felt like he was attacking her, and he wasn’t her attacker. Dusty advises Carly to talk to someone about the attack. Dusty gets Carly some tea and calms her down. Carly asks Dusty not to tell Jack about her outburst. Dusty persuades Carly to take the job and goes to get the contracts for Carly to sign.

At Al’s diner, the girls from school tease Celia about being dumped by Casey. Celia explains to them that she and Casey made up and he is taking her to the prom. The girls tell Celia they are going to tell the whole school she is a slut who went all the way with Casey in the backseat of his car. Gwen overhears the conversation and dumps a drink in both girls' laps.

At Metro, Henry spills a drink and ruins the picture of Mike and Jennifer, so Katie decides to go over to Mike’s place and get another picture.

At Mike and Jennifer’s place, Katie uses Mike’s spare key and walks in on Jennifer and Mike, who are still fighting. Jennifer tells Katie she must be happy to see them fighting with each other.

At the docks, Keith meets with the goon and gives him the ring Jack gave to Julia as payment of his debt.

At the Street Jeans office, Carly calls Jack to tell him she will be home soon. Carly sees the shadow of someone in the elevator. Les walks into the office, and Carly screams.

At the docks, the goon refuses to accept the ring as payment and gives Keith twenty-four hours to pay his debt. As Lily watches Keith meeting with the goon, someone puts a hand over her mouth and drags her away.

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