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At her house, Jen awakes thinking it is early, only to find out that it is 9 AM. She jumps out of bed, upset at having overslept and knowing Dusty will be angry with her. Mike wants Jen not to worry and to just take care of herself, but Jen doesnít want to be given any slack because she is pregnant, and she still wants to be professional and timely. Mike assures her that because of his talk with Dusty the other night, he will understand.

Meanwhile, Dusty is meeting Carly and looking at her sketches. He wants to hire her to help out Jen. Carly is confused because she knows that Street Jeans is Jenís company, and she wants to know why they would be looking for a second designerís input. Dusty tells her that Jen is pregnant and getting married. A surprised Carly understands and is now willing to help. Dusty officially hires her as Jen walks in the door.

Casey is waiting for Celia as Gwen, the waitress at the diner, watches him. The other waitress bets her that she can�'t get more than his order, but Gwen feels she can get more out of Casey. She approaches him to take his order and then asks him if they can talk. Just then, Celia shows up, and suddenly Gwen becomes invisible to them as they say their apologies. Celia admits to being wrong about her interference with Will and Allison. Gwen watches them sadly.

Casey pulls out a set of tickets and asks Celia to the prom, and an overjoyed Celia says yes. Gwen keeps interrupting them to try to take their order, but it seems that she simply wants to interrupt their moment.

Keith awakens at Calís ready to start his day, only to find Vin sitting in his living room waiting for him. Vin is not going to leave until Keith gives him the money he owes him. Keith just wants Vin to leave in case Lily stops by, but Vin is in no rush and makes some veiled threats about showing up at Lilyís, now that he knows where she lives, and talking to her, and then doing whatever he wants with her. Keith is determined to keep them apart and threatens Vin if he goes near Lily. He promises to get Vin his money, and Vin tells him it had better be by that night -- or else.

At home, Lily is happily remembering her night with Keith at the 50ís dance, but then she also canít help but remember when she saw Keith outside her house talking to Vin. Holden surprises her by letting himself in. He is there to apologize for how he acted the other night at the dance. He just doesn�t want Lily hurt, and he wants her to take things slow. He admits to acting a bit like a jealous husband, which surprises Lily.

She reminds him, though, that he can�'t have it both ways. He didn�'t take things slowly with Julia. However, Holden reminds her that it was a mistake, and he wants them to learn from it, plus he wants to protect the children. He also thinks that Lucinda and her beliefs about Keith are getting to him. She explains to Holden that it took her a while to accept the end of their marriage, but she has now. She just wants to have some happiness in her life. She does assure Holden that she is going to take things slowly.


Holden goes to leave and bumps into Keith at the door, who has brought Lily flowers. Holden explains he was there to apologize to Lily, and then he apologizes to Keith for his behavior the other night as well. Keith accepts it, and Holden leaves.

Will shows up at Mike and Jenís to see Jen because of the message she left on his cell phone. Mike tells Will that Jen is at work, but they have exciting news. Will asks Mike just to tell him, since he is already there. Mike shares that they are getting married and having a baby. Willís flat reaction surprises Mike, and he tells Will that they would also like to have him as an usher in the wedding. Will accepts but quickly makes his exit, telling Mike to have Jen call him. Mike is a little confused because he expected a happier reaction from Jenís brother.

Carly leaves from her meeting with Dusty after getting a call from Lily. She also wants to let Dusty and Jen speak. Jen angrily confronts Dusty about him talking with Carly and, even worse, hiring her without consulting her first even though it is her company.

Dusty explains he is doing what he feels is the best for Street Jeans. Jen is extremely angry because she does not feel she needs help and resents Dusty implying she does. He points out that she didn'�t show up at her own press conference and was late this morning, and so she should welcome the help, but Jen is not at all happy with Dusty.

Lily tries to get Keith to open up and talk to her about Vin or what he might be hiding, but Keith is avoiding any leading questions. She mentions how important trust and honesty are for her in relationships, and Keith agrees that they should have that. However, they agree that they need to still take things slow. Keith then explains he has to go run some errands and suggests they meet up later, to which Lily agrees.

Will shows up at the diner where Casey and Celia are and he is sporting quite an attitude, which he directs mostly at Gwen; when Casey calls him on it, Will takes off. Celia apologizes to Gwen for Will and then voices her concern about Will to Casey, who kind of blows it off as ĎWill being Will.í Celia is concerned and makes an excuse that she has lost something and needs to go find it, and she takes off to find Will.

Carly goes to talk to Lily at her house, worried about how she sounded. Lily explains that she is really enjoying her time with Keith, but she is concerned that he is hiding something from her. She feels she is defending Keith to everyone when she wonders if she really knows him at all. Carly assures Lily that Keith wouldnít hurt his sister and that Les is Juliaís murderer, but she thinks if Lily has any concerns then she should put her cards on the table. Lily then tells Carly that Holden admitted he was jealous, which Carly is happy to hear, because she is still holding out hope for Lily and Holden. Lily is sure it was just a knee-jerk reaction, but Carly isnít so sure. Carly leaves to head back to Street Jeans to start her new job.

Keith is at the Lakeview and has met up with a man whom he is trying to sell his watch to. The man pays for the watch just as Keith notices Holden.

Keith approaches Holden, accusing him of following him. Holden responds that he is there for a meeting and has no interest in what Keith is doing. Keith is still suspicious, and even suggests Holden�'s earlier apology was for Lily�'s benefit. Holden just reminds Keith that he is going to protect his children, so he will continue to be cautious of Keith.

Mike calls Jen about Will and interrupts her argument with Dusty. He tells Jen that he was surprised by Willís lack of reaction to their news, and Jen is a little concerned, too, but can not deal with it right then. She hangs up with Mike and gets back to her discussion with Dusty. She adamantly is against working with Carly. Jen does not trust Carly and feels her ego would not fit in at Street Jeans. Dusty explains she had better get used to her because that is how it is going to be, and with that he leaves to take a phone call. Jen yells after him that this is not the end of this conversation.

Celia shows up on the rooftop, knowing she would find Will there. Will is there again, sitting on the ledge. He wants to know why she is there bothering him, but Celia wants to apologize again and further questions if that is why he is there sulking on the roof again. Will responds angrily that Allison is not the only thing he has in his life to think about. Then Celia suggests that if he doesnít need a friend, then maybe he needs a slap in the face so he can quit feeling sorry for himself. A surprised Will just stares at Celia.

After Celia has left, Gwen tries to screw up some courage to go talk to Casey. She finally approaches Casey and asks if they can talk.

Carly shows back up at Street Jeans ready to work, only to come face to face with Jen, who lets her know that she was not in on Dustyís decision to hire her and has no interest in working with Carly. A confused Carly does not know how to respond to Jenís anger.

Lily shows up at Keithís with a picnic basket, wanting to have lunch, only he is not home. Lily prepares to leave after she leaves the basket, but her curiosity gets the best of her, and she turns around and starts looking through his papers. She opens the drawer of a desk and finds a wedding ring, and notices it has an inscription. She realizes after reading it that it was Julia's wedding ring from Jack. Just then, she hears Keith getting his keys out, ready to enter the house.

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