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Mike and Jen are at home, and Jen is trying to reach Will to tell him about her news regarding the baby and her impending wedding to Mike. However, she is unable to reach him. Dusty calls looking for Jen, upset that he is shouldering her load of work again. Jen tries to put him off but finally agrees to come in to work, even though she is exhausted. After she hangs up the phone, though, Mike informs Jen that he is going to take care of matters with Dusty, and she is going to stay home and get some sleep.

At the 50s dance at Yo’s, Margo and Tom bump into Casey, who has just had a big argument with Celia. He is very upset over it and tells his parents that Celia had taken off, and he was mistaken about Celia. He thought she was sweet, trustworthy and reliable, and now he believes he was wrong about all of that; with that, he leaves the dance.

Meanwhile, an emotional Celia shows up at the rooftop, where Will is balancing on the edge, looking down. She screams, thinking he is planning on doing something drastic. Will gets down and tells her he was simply thinking, and he wants to be left alone. Celia doesn’t want to leave either. Will admits to being extremely mad at Celia for her telling Allison that he was the one who trashed her apartment. Celia is unsure of what to believe. She defends having told Allison that she believed Will had done it. She felt Allison deserved to know because she had been a really good friend to her. Will admits to having been in Allison’s apartment because he forgot his keys, and he did accidentally break a perfume bottle, but he adamantly denies trashing her apartment. Celia wonders out loud if Will was just caught up in the idea of wanting to play the hero for Allison by being the one to make her feel safe. Will explains to Celia that no one, including his family, understands him; Allison was the only one, and he would never trash her apartment after everything she has done for him. Celia realizes that she was probably wrong about Will trashing Allison’s apartment and now feels terrible about all the trouble she has caused.

Keith is outside of Yo’s talking to the man whom he owes money to, trying to get him to back off. The man threatens to tell Lily if Keith doesn’t wise up and give him the money promised to him. Lily happens into the conversation, and Keith pretends to not know the man.

The man introduces himself as Vin (short for Vincent) and seems to toy with Lily to make Keith nervous, but in the end he leaves without telling Lily anything or letting on that he and Keith know one another. After he leaves, Lily questions Keith about the man, and Keith changes the subject by claiming that he is getting bothered by Holden being around Lily so much and trying to dig up information on him. Lily is momentarily sidetracked by Keith claiming to be jealous about Holden’s intentions towards Lily, as well as about how the man Vin was looking at her; he adds that that is why he wanted him away from Lily. After a bit more conversation on the subject, Lily invites Keith back to her house.

Lucinda questions Holden on what he found out about Keith, and Holden admits to finding nothing concrete. He and Jack confronted Keith regarding the man Lily saw Keith with, and Keith had stories and pictures to back up his claim that they were old pilot buddies. Jack checked out the story and the man, and everything appeared to be on the up and up. Holden tells Lucinda he felt silly confronting Keith and being proven wrong. He tells Lucinda Lily obviously is interested in becoming closer to Keith, and he feels it is no longer his business. Holden thinks they should let this drop because all the evidence points to Les as Julia’s killer, not Keith. Lucinda asks for Holden’s gut impression of Keith, though, and Holden does agree that he believes Keith is up to no good, and that he is capable of hurting Lily and would probably do just about anything for money. However, he admits his feelings on the subject are probably skewed because of how he feels about Lily. Lucinda suggests he is still in love with her, but Holden reminds her that he and Lily are no longer a couple; he has accepted it, and Lucinda needs to now. With that, Holden leaves.

Mike shows up at Jen’s work to talk to Dusty, which further aggravates Dusty; he was waiting for Jen to handle some business, and here Mike is showing up in her place. Mike explains it was his idea to come there, not Jen’s. He tells Dusty he is there to take care of Jen, and to make sure Dusty understands a few things. Mike reminds Dusty of how hard Jen works, but now that she is pregnant Dusty is going to have to cut her some slack. Dusty reminds Mike that Jen begged him to give her another chance, which he did, but Jen has to fulfill her commitments, for example, not being late for her own press conference. Mike tells Dusty that Jen is willing to put in her forty hours, but she has a life outside of the office, and Dusty needs to respect that and give her some room. Dusty agrees with what Mike has to say, but after Mike leaves Dusty gets on the computer, looking for some information.

At Lily’s, Keith and Lily get closer, and Keith thanks Lily for letting him stay at Cal’s house. They seal it with a kiss, which leads to the couch. Lily finally stops things, saying they should probably put the brakes on things at this time. Keith agrees, saying that taking things slowly wouldn’t hurt and he is in no rush. They agree to see where it takes them. Just then, Lily becomes sidetracked with the notion that she has seen Vin before. Keith is a little unnerved and questions her. Lily remembers seeing him around her earlier in the evening, and she questions whether the man was hanging around to get close to her for her money. She wonders if Vin knew she was an heiress and Lucinda’s daughter. Keith quickly discounts her theory and tells her that he was probably nobody, and he is also probably long gone, so Lily shouldn't worry. He then tells Lily he has some more unpacking to do and needs to go back to Cal’s. He kisses her passionately, and as he leaves he bumps into Vin, who has been waiting for Keith outside. He reminds Keith of all he is trying to hide from Lily and what Lily would do if she found out what type of person he is and what he has done.

Celia tells Will she will make things right for him and Allison by talking to her, but Will asks her to leave it alone. He tells Celia Allison had a right to be mad at him. He was trying to be someone he isn’t, and Allison can’t deal with it. He is in love with Allison, and he was doing things in hopes of Allison coming to rely on him, and maybe one day falling in love with him. She wants a friend, and that is what he was masquerading as when he knew he wanted more. Celia offers her friendship to Will, along with an ear if he ever wants to talk. Will slowly opens up to her, telling her about his family. He tells her of his brother’s ongoing hatred of his mom, the fact that Jen was never around, and how his dad Hal’s new son needed him more. He explains how he felt needed by his mom, but soon he realized she was unstable and he can’t fix her. When he stops and thinks about his life, he realizes his family has always been too busy or screwed up to be there for him, and he has no friends left and is all alone. Celia empathizes with him, to Will’s surprise; he sees her as a happy, confident person. She admits to putting on a show and really being insecure and lonely much of the time. Will then questions Celia about where Casey is, and Celia explains that they had a big argument because Casey was standing up for Will and upset over the fact that Celia had told Allison. She reminds Will that if he thinks he has no friends he is wrong, because he has Casey and her. She tells him she has to go meet her brother, and as she is leaving Will asks her not to tell anyone she found him on the roof, because everyone would overreact and send him back to the hospital, and then his life really would be over. Celia is worried about what she has seen on the roof and is unsure whether she can promise that.

Margo and Tom are back at home discussing Casey and his fight with Celia. Margo is worried about Casey, but Tom thinks it is nothing and that when he comes down in the morning he will be fine. Margo wonders if Casey’s problems with trust so early in his relationship with Celia stem from her, when she broke Tom and Casey’s trust with Doc. She wonders if her example of breaking trust hurt Casey. Tom assures her that Casey is not acting out or afraid to trust because of her. When Casey comes down into the kitchen, Tom leaves to give Margo a chance to try to get Casey to open up.

Casey slowly opens up to Margo, telling her Celia blew it with him and he is upset. Margo suggests he call her, but Casey feels it is Celia who needs to reach out to him, since she was the one who screwed up. Margo explains that in adult relationships it isn’t always so black and white. She tells Casey people make mistakes, there is not always only right or wrong, and people in relationships will disappoint each other, but you need to be willing to roll up your sleeves and work at your relationship, no matter who is to blame.

Will is desperate to make sure Celia doesn’t mention to anyone what she thinks she may have seen up on the roof. Celia is clearly worried about Will’s thoughts. Will does end up admitting to having a single thought about what it would be like to no longer have to be in this life, but he assures Celia that he is not suicidal. He knows people will jump to the wrong conclusion because they don’t understand him. Finally, Celia agrees that she will keep his secret, on one condition: if he is ever lonely or sad, he will call her, and she will be there. He agrees to this, and as she leaves he tells her that she and Casey will be okay, and he will talk to Casey and explain that Celia and he have worked things out.

Mike tries to get back into bed with Jen so as not to wake her, but she wakes up and questions Mike about how things went with Dusty. Jen questions whether she shouldn’t have just taken care of Dusty herself, but Mike assures her things are now fine. Meanwhile, back at the office, Dusty has found the information he wanted. He makes a phone call and leaves a message for Carly to call him back.

Lucinda is on her phone after having left Holden. She is speaking to a private investigator, asking for more in-depth information regarding Keith.

Casey is outside on his steps leaving a message for Celia after having spoken with his mom. He leaves her a message explaining that he is still upset over what she did, but he wants to talk things out and can’t wait to see her. He seems relieved after having made the phone call and gets up to go back in the house for the night. We see that he is being watched.

Lily is locking up for the night and goes to the front door, and on the way she sees Keith talking with Vin through the window. She backs up to stay hidden, visibly upset over catching Keith outside her house with someone he claimed not to have known.

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