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By Eva
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At Mike and Jennifer’s place, Jennifer arrives home all upset and tells Mike the press conference was a fiasco. Mike tells her to sit down and rest. Jennifer thinks she should work on the press release but Mike persuades her to rest. Barbara arrives and tells Mike and Jennifer that Paul is on his way because they need to have a family meeting. Paul arrives shortly after Barbara and Barbara informs him Jennifer needs their help.

Casey and Celia arrive early for the 50’s party at Yo’s. Celia is excited and wants to get a picture taken with Casey. Casey wants to wait until Allison and Will arrive so they can take a picture as a group.

At Alison’s place, Will pounds on Alison’s door begging her to let him in so they can talk about why she is upset with him. Alison screams for Will to go away and leave her alone. Will pounds on the door again and when Alison doesn’t open the door he goes to her window. Alison thinks Will has gone away like she asked until she hears him tapping on the window. Alison is upset to see Will at her window and thinks this is how he broke into her apartment to trash it. Will tells Alison he is going to stay there until he can come in and explain things to her.

At Lily’s place, Keith thinks Lily looks beautiful in her outfit and the two head to yo’s for the 50’s party.

At the Lakeview, Jack arrives to meet Holden for a guy’s night. Holden tells Jack the conversation he overheard when he was hiding in Keith’s closet. Holden asks Jack to please talk to Lily and warn her that Keith is dangerous. Jack doesn’t want to do that until he has more proof that Keith is dangerous. Holden asks Jack to investigate Keith and even though Jack doesn’t think it’s a good idea he agrees to do a favor for Holden.

At Alison’s place, Will apologizes to Alison for accidentally leaving the window open when he opened it in order to get in the day she left for Seattle because he needed to get his car keys. Will also apologizes for breaking her perfume bottle. Alison figures out that Will broke her perfume bottle because he smelled her perfume and accidentally dropped the bottle. Alison accuses Will of trashing her place so he could play the hero. Will figures out that Celia put these ideas in Alison’s head. Will tells Alison he would never do anything to hurt her because he loves her. Will realizes what he just said and makes it clear he thinks of Alison as a friend. Alison makes it clear that she loves Aaron and that her love for Aaron will last forever. Will tells Alison that he understands that she loves Aaron. Alison doesn’t want to keep hurting Will and she feels like their intense friendship doesn’t leave him free to date other girls that are available to him. Alison tells Will she can’t be his friend anymore and opens the door for him to leave the apartment. Will stands in the hallway and leaves a message for Jennifer that he needs to talk to her and he is on his way to her place.

At Lily’s place, Holden arrives to drop off Faith and is informed by the baby sitter that Lily is on a date with Keith. Holden asks Jack to help him search the guesthouse. Jack refuses to do that until he has spoken to Lily and told her what Holden suspects about Keith.

At Yo’s, Lily is nervous about going inside with Keith and making their relationship public. Lily finally takes Keith’s hand and they go inside to dance.

At Tom and Margo’s, Margo is late for their date because she had a long day at work. Margo asks Tom to wait ten minutes while she has her roots touched up. Margo comes downstairs when she is ready and Tom thinks she looks beautiful. Tom gives her a corsage they share a kiss after Margo tells Tom he might get lucky tonight.

At Mike and Jennifer’s place, Jennifer tells Paul she thought the press conference was a fiasco. Barbara assures her it wasn’t as bad as she thought because she spoke to the reporters and they all loved the new clothing line. Paul offers to help with Street Jeans so Jennifer can have more time to plan her wedding.

Jennifer refuses his kind offer because she needs to be at the company to make sure the clothing line is just the way she envisioned it. Jennifer doesn’t know how she is going to plan a wedding and handle work at the same time. Barbara offers to plan the wedding and design a beautiful wedding dress for Jennifer. Jennifer reluctantly says yes to Barbara’s offer when she sees how happy her mother is about the idea. The two hug each other and by the look on Jennifer’s face we can tell she really didn’t want her mother to plan the wedding.

At Yo’s, Tom and Margo arrive and say hello to Casey and Celia. Tom and Margo spot Lily and Keith. Tom tells Margo he suspects Lily and Keith are having a relationship because Lucinda calls him every day to ask him to find some reason to arrest Keith. Lily and Keith say a quick hello to Tom and Margo before Tom and Margo go dance. Keith persuades Lily to dance with him and the two head for the dance floor. A few minutes later Jack and Holden arrive for a guy’s night and Jack thinks they should leave when he sees Lily with Keith.

Holden goes over to interrupt Lily and Keith’s dance because he thinks Lily should know that Keith has a man with a gun chasing after him. Holden tells Lily that Keith hasn’t paid his bill at the Lakeview and that a man with a gun is chasing Keith because Keith owes the man money. Lily tells Holden the man worked at the airline with Keith and Keith does owe him some money. Holden is stunned that Lily believes Keith’s story. Jack drags Holden away and apologizes for interrupting their evening. Casey calls will to see if he and Alison are coming to the party. Celia is upset that Casey is so concerned about Will and isn’t paying attention to her. Tom asks Casey how things are going with Celia and Casey tells him things are fine with Celia. Celia is teased by girls from school but Celia gets them back by saying that their terrible attitude keeps them from dating a nice guy. Casey calls Alison to see if she and Will are coming to the dance. Alison thinks Casey is Will and screams they are not friends anymore. Casey tells Alison he isn’t Will and wonders what happened between her and Will that upset her so much. Alison tells Casey that she and Will aren’t friends anymore and to ask Celia about what happened between them. Casey is angry with Celia for telling Alison about Will. Casey defends Will and blasts Celia for sharing her suspicions with Alison without having any proof her suspicions are true. Celia insists she was just looking out for Alison because she is a friend. Celia gets so angry with Casey she leaves the party. Tom and Margo win the dance contest. Casey leaves a message for Will to call him so they can talk.

At Mike and Jennifer’s place, Will arrives and sees the congratulations sign Katie made for Jennifer and Mike. Will overhears Jennifer and Barbara talking about the wedding while Barbara is measuring Jennifer for her dress. Will also hears Jennifer yell to Mike who is in the kitchen that they must get married next week before the baby starts to show. Mike and Paul arrive with beer and sparking cider for Jennifer. Paul makes a toast and calls Mike his new brother.

Will feels hurt and left out of his family so he leaves without letting anyone know he is outside. Will goes for a walk and thinks about the words Alison told him and what Paul said to Mike. Will gets Casey’s message but ignores it. Paul makes it clear to Barbara that she shouldn’t go overboard with this wedding and remember that it is Jennifer’s day. Paul and Barbara leave so Jennifer can rest. Jennifer wants to call Will and tell him the good news but Mike thinks she should call Will tomorrow because she needs to rest.

At Yo’s , Keith goes outside to get some air and is punched in the face by the goon who has been following him around town.

At a bar, Holden tells Jack he isn’t jealous of Keith he is just worried about the kids. Holden thinks Jack should forget about investigating Keith. Jack tells Holden he will keep his promise to him and investigate Keith. Jack advises Holden he should examine his feelings for Lily and make sure he isn’t still in love with her because if he is in love with her it could be a sticky situation since she is now involved with Keith.

At Yo’s Margo wonders if Lily still loves Holden Lily tells her she fought hard for her marriage but she feels its time to move on with her life. Outside Yo’s, the goon tells Keith he will be watching him until he gets his money. The goon thinks Keith should be able to pay him soon because he is dating a rich woman. Keith makes it clear he isn’t with Lily for her money. The goon wonders how Lily would feel if she found out how far Keith is willing to go for money.

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