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At Mike and Jenniferís place, Jennifer asks Mike to have a small intimate wedding at the lake tomorrow. Mike turns her down and wonders why she is in such a rush to get married. Jennifer admits that she is worried someone or something will come between them again. Mike assures her that he has moved on and Katie is no longer a threat to their relationship.

Jennifer receives a phone call from Dusty telling her that he is holding a press conference for Street Jeans at Metro in two hours and she must be there. Jennifer tells Mike that Dusty has been making her jump through hoops because he doesnít think she can handle motherhood and work. Mike is supportive of Jennifer working but he worries that all the stress isnít good for the baby. Jennifer assures him she can take care of her health and handle work. Jennifer agrees to plan a special wedding and she asks Mike to come with her because she has a wonderful idea.

At Metro, Dusty is unhappy when Barbara shows up and offers to help with the press conference. Dusty orders Barbara to get lost.

At Alison's place, Alison awakens Will from a wonderful dream. Alison thanks Will for sleeping on her floor just because she was scared and didn’t want to be alone. Alison gives Will a kiss on the cheek. Will tells Alison he can sleep on her floor as long as she feels scared to be alone. Alison tells Will she doesn’t feel scared anymore and he won’t have to sleep on her floor. Alison doesn’t have any food in the apartment so Will offers to go get breakfast for them. Alison asks Will to bring her an egg sandwich. Alison is surprised when Will blurts out she likes her egg sandwich with ketchup. Will notices she s surprised and tells her that most people eat egg sandwiches with ketchup.

At the Lakeview, Holden arrives to pick up Faith and take her to the movies. Lisa tells Holden that she is sorry things aren’t going well with him and Lily. Lisa tells Holden that she thinks Lily has been behaving in a strange manner lately. Holden admits that Lily has been seeing Keith. Lisa warns Holden to protect Lily from Keith because he seems dangerous. Lisa tells Holden Keith hasn’t paid his hotel bill and she is ready to throw him out of the hotel. Holden tells Lisa that he was unaware that Keith was in such bad shape financially. Lisa thinks that Holden should do some snooping in Keith’s room in order to protect Lily from him. Lisa pretends to lose the hotel’s master key but she leaves it on the table for Holden to use to sneak into Keith’s room.

At Lily’s place, Keith invites Lily to go with him to 50’s night at Yo’s restaurant. Keith wonders why Lily has been acting so strangely toward him lately. Lily admits to Keith that she is hurt because she didn’t tell her about J.jJs trust fund. Lily explains to Keith that Lucinda got a copy of the trust fund and showed it to Holden who is now worried about her. Lily knows she has hurt Keith with her suspicions about him, so she apologizes to him for listening to Holden and Lucinda.

At Alison’s place, Celia arrives to return some clothes she borrowed from Alison, which didn’t look good on her. Celia wonders she saw Will walking out of Alison’s apartment. Alison explains that Will spent the night on the floor because she didn’t want to be alone. Celia tells Alison that the break in at her apartment may have been Will’s fault. Celia explains that she caught Will in her apartment while she was gone and he had broken one of her perfume bottles and he persuaded Celia to leave him alone in the apartment to clean it up. Celia tells Alison that Will may have left the window open when he left the apartment. Celia also tells Alison that she thinks Will may have trashed her apartment so that he could become a hero to her.

At the church, Mike and Jennifer are excited picturing the decorations and music for their wedding. Jennifer gives Mike a kiss because she has to leave to go to Metro. Mike leans in to give her another kiss before she goes but Jennifer gets nauseous and runs out of the church. A few minutes later Jennifer returns and apologizes to Mike for running out on him. Jennifer starts to leave but feels weak so Mike tells her to sit and rest a few minutes while he goes to get her some water.

At Lily’s place, Keith admits to Lily that he borrowed money from J.J’s trust fund because he is broke. Keith asks Lily not to think he is a bad person because he borrowed money from J.J’s trust fund. Lily’s face is turned away from Keith so he can’t see the expression on her face. Lily struggles to hold back tears as she begins to realize that Keith might have a motive to kill Julia. Lily calms herself down and turns to Keith and tells him she doesn’t think less of him because he borrowed money from J.J’s trust fund. Keith explains that he hasn’t been earning any money because he took a leave of absence from his job as a pilot. Keith also tells Lily he can’t pay his bill at the Lakeview.

At the Lakeview, Holden sneaks into Keithís room to see if he can find any information about Keith.

Holden has just started his search when he hears someone opening the door so he hides in the closet. The guy that Keith owes money to sneaks in to find out if Keith is really broke or hiding money from him. The guyís search is interrupted by a phone call from someone. The guy tells the person on the other end of the phone that Keith is broke and is unable to pay him right now. The guy also tells the person on the phone that Keith has been seeing a new girl and should be able to pay his debt very soon.

At Metro, Barbara offers to help Dusty with the press conference because Jennifer is very late. Dusty refuses her help and handles the press conference himself but he doesnít do a very good job. Jennifer finally arrives and handles the press conference without a problem.

Barbara tells Jennifer to go home and rest. Barbara tells Dusty that he must allow Jennifer the freedom to do her job. Barbara tells Dusty Jennifer is pregnant and he must be considerate of her condition. Dusty warns Barbara that if Jennifer messes up one more time and canít handle both motherhood and her job he will find another designer for Street Jeans.

At Lily’s place, Lily offers to let Keith move into her guest house Faith interrupts their conversation and wonders if they are going to great grandfather’s house. Lily explains that J.J’s Uncle Keith might move into the house. Lily sends Faith with her nanny to go meet Holden at the Lakeview. Keith accepts Lily’s invitation to move into the guesthouse.

At the Lakeview, Casey runs into Will and wonders what is going on between he and Alison. Will assures Casey that he and Alison are just friends. Casey encourages Will to tell Alison that the break in might have been his fault. Casey tells Will that Celia wants to tell Alison the truth. Holden tells Lisa about the conversation he overheard in Keithís room. Lisa advises Holden to warn Lily about Keith before itís to late.

Faith arrives and tells Holden Uncle Keith is moving into great grandpaís house.

At Alison’s place, Will arrives with Breakfast for he and Alison but when Alison opens the door she tells him she knows what he did and she can’t understand how he could d something so awful to her because she thought they were friends. Alison slams the door in Will’s face. Will is puzzled and doesn’t understand why Alison is angry with him.

At Lily’s place, Keith and Lily finalize plans for their date. Lily gives Keith the key to the guesthouse. When Lily’ goes upstairs we notice that Keith is hiding something behind his back.

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