ATWT Update Wednesday 5/4/05

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 5/4/05



By Camille
Pictures by Boo

Henry tries to get Katie to come clean to Mike and Jenn about her involvement in Craig's finding out about the baby. She is reluctant, saying that she doesn't want to lose Mike's friendship. She comes up
with a plan to surprise them with flowers and decorations and heads over to the cottage.

An angry Mike wants to rush out of the Doctor's office and confront Katie but Jenn stops him, telling him that this should be their special night, just about the three of them. They head back home to find Katie
waiting for them. Mike tells her that they know what she did .Katie tells them that she was afraid of losing their friendship and it was an accident that she told Craig.

Mike tells her he doesn't believe her and calls her a liar. He goes inside the cottage with Jenn but then Jenn comes out to have it out with Katie. Jenn tells her that everything that she had ever done has been just to get Mike to fall in love with her again but it won't work because now Mike and Jenn and the baby are a family. Later Jenn tells Mike that Katie is still in love with him and Mike says that it doesn't matter, Katie can't hurt them anymore.

Will takes Alison home and then when she hears a crash goes to investigate. It turns out to be one of Aaron's hubcaps falling but Alison is spooked. Alison tells Will that whenever she was upset and going through stuff, Aaron would cheer her up by having all night poker parties and Will jumps at the chance to do the same. He offers to spend the night if she's scared.

At Java Celia and Casey are discussing the 50's dance. Celia shows Casey a skirt she just bought. She then brings up the subject of Alison and Will. Celia tries to convince Casey that they should tell Alison that Will may have trashed the apartment but Casey refuses. Celia thinks that Will is taking advantage of Aaron's being away to get close to Alison.

Margo interrupts them to show them a skirt that she just bought. It's identical to the one Celia was going to wear. Celia tells Casey that she knows where to go to get a new outfit and heads over to Alison's, where she is surprised to find Will. She asks will when they are alone if he told Alison that he was at the apartment but Will tells her to stay out of it. Later after Celia has left and Will is leaving, Alison asks him to stay the night. She's still upset.

Holden comes over to bring a toy house that Faith left at the farm. He finds Lucinda having a martini. Lucinda tells him that Lily is out on a date with Keith and then tells Holden about JJ's trust fund. Holden says that he already knew and Lucinda tries to convince him that that is Keith's motive for killing Julia. She shows Holden a copy of the bank account which indicates that Keith tried to access JJ's trust fund the day Julia died. Holden isn't convinced and soon leaves. Later he goes to Metro where he sees Lily and Keith having drinks.

Lily confronts Keith about the conversation that she overheard. Keith explains that the "her" in the conversation was his landlady whom his "friend" Joe paid. He says that he was embarrassed to tell her the truth because he owes Joe money and didn't want Lily to know that he is a deadbeat friend. He also tells Lily that he has closed his apartment and will remain in Oakdale because it's what JJ wants. Lily is glad and they flirt.

Later when Keith goes outside to make a phone call, Holden confronts Lily about Keith. He tells her that she should slow down and that he's only thinking about the kids. Lily asks him if he was thinking about the kids or thinking about slowing down when he had sex with Julia. Holden tells her to ask Keith about JJ's trust fund. Later Lily tells Keith that she's not going to let Holden spoil their fun.

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