ATWT Update Tuesday 5/3/05

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 5/3/05



By Camille
Pictures by Boo

Katie and Henry are at Metro. Henry is trying to find out some more details about Craig's disappearance, but Katie won't budge. Finally she relents, telling Henry that he can't tell anyone what she is about to tell him. Henry unthinkingly blurts out that he's not the one who can't keep a secret. He apologizes but then tells Katie that since secrets have a way of coming out, she had better tell Mike and Jenn that she is the one who told Craig about Jenn's pregnancy. Katie is worried about Mike's reaction and asks Henry to go with her.

Mike is searching through his wallet for his credit card when an old picture of Katie falls out. He leaves it lying on the table where it is spotted by Henry upon his arrival. Mike tells Henry that he can have the picture and Katie unnoticed, is upset. Mike tells Katie and Henry that he and Jenn are getting married and Katie congrats him then tells Henry that they have to go. Later she tells Henry that she is not going to tell Mike and Jenn the truth.

Jenn and Dusty are at BRO's offices. Jenn is trying to convince Dusty that she can have it all, be a wife, a mother and have a career. Dusty is a bit skeptical, Jenn took off when things got rough before how does he know she won't do it again. He tells Jenn that he wonders if she knows just how is riding in this. Jenn says that she does and tells him she'll see him bright and early tomorrow morning. On her way out she meets Barbara, who has a gift for her. Jenn tells Barbara that she and Mike are getting married and Dusty has given her her job back.

Barbara tells Jenn that she had a hand in Craig's disappearance. Jenn starts to feel pains and Barbara rushes her to the doctor's office.

There she is checked out and everything is fine. She and Barbara hears the baby's heartbeat. Mike arrives just as they are setting up for the sonogram and when Barbara tries to leave both he and Jenn tell her to stay to see the ultrasound. Later the doctor tells Jenn and Mike that Katie was at the office after Jenn's appointment and had a lot of questions about Jenn's pregnancy. Mike and Jenn realize that it was
Katie who told Craig about the baby.

Lily and Keith return from their flight. They are alone in the house. Holden has taken the girls to the zoo. Keith tells Lily that he would like to be more than best friends, Lily isn't sure. She admits that she is drawn to Keith. The girls return telling Lily that when Holden saw Keith's car in the driveway, he just dropped them off. Keith asks Lily to meet him at the Lakeview for dinner.

Keith returns to the hotel to find that he has a message waiting. He reads it then tears it up. Later he has an unexpected visitor.

Jessica tells Lucinda about the second autopsy on Julia's body and the discovery of Bee Pollen in Les's car. Lucinda tells her that she believes that Keith is setting Lily up and that she's starting to believe that he might have set Les up. Les overhears her and he and Lucinda have a chat. Les tells Lucinda that Keith has a motive for killing Julia, JJ's trust fund.

He tells her that Keith has a lot of bad debts and that if Keith killed Julia for JJ's trust, what will he do to Lily. Lucinda believes him and tries to tell Lily that she's dating a murderer. Lily refuses to listen to her and goes off to have dinner with Keith. Lucinda decides to take care of Keith herself. Lily gets to the hotel just in time to hear the visitor tell Keith that he did the job and "took care of her" and now he wants to get paid.

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