ATWT Update Monday 5/2/05

As the World Turns Update Monday 5/2/05



By Camille
Pictures by Boo

Holden is at Julia's grave when Lucinda tracks him down. She's come to talk to him about Lily and Keith. She tries to convince him that Keith is bad news. Holden agrees to go over to the house and see what's
happening. When they get there Luke tells them that Lily is out with Keith. Holden asks Luke for his opinion and Luke says that Keith is a nice guy. Holden agrees and tells Lucinda to drop her accusations.

Keith stops by and tells Lily that he needs to get away for a while. He asks her to go with him. They go for an airplane ride.

Keith lets Lily fly and she is having a great time. They kiss and soon after Lily gets a phone call from Tom. He tells her that there's been a break in the case and Lily and Keith decide to head back to the police station. Keith confronts Les at the station and tells him about the bee pollen. Les tells all who will listen that Keith is setting him up.

Alison returns home to find Will waiting for her at her door. She invites him in and they enter to find that the apartment has been burglarized. She calls Hal and he comes over to investigate. Hal sees the open window and asks Alison if she opened it. She says no and then remembers that she closed it before she left. She asks Will for confirmation but Will pretends that he can't remember if she did. Will does however remember leaving the window open after he cleaned up Alison's apartment and he realizes that he may have been the cause of the burglary. Alison has to go to the club to give out the paychecks and Hal promises to put bars on the window by the time she returns. At the club Alison and Will run into Celia and Casey. Celia is shocked about the burglary but suspects that Will might have had something to do with it. Casey tells her not to tell Alison her suspicions.

Later back at the apartment, Will offers Alison a shoulder to cry on.

At the police station Tom tells Margo he's close to wrapping up Julia's case and he asks her out on a date. They agree to go to 50's night at Al's. Katie shows up and Margo tells her about the plot to set Craig up and that he is now out of the country and will never return. She warns Katie not to tell anyone else and Katie immediately hurries off to tell Mike.

The Forensics report on Les's car comes back and there are traces of bee pollen all over his car. Tom calls Lily to tell her about the new discovery.

Dusty walks into BRO to find Jennifer packing her things. He tells her that Street Jeans is back in business and that Craig is now gone indefinitely. He tells Jennifer that Worldwide is ready to back Jennifer if she can handle it. He reminds her that Worldwide pulled out of Street Jeans because Jennifer left them not because of Craig, and that if she comes back she has to give 100%. Jennifer rushes off to tell Mike.

Katie is at Mike's. She tells Mike that Craig is out of the picture and will never return. Mike is skeptical. Katei confesses that Margo told her that Craig was involved in a shady deal that went bad. She tells Mike that now he and Jennifer can be married and Mike tells her that Craig wasn't the problem, Jennifer was. At that moment Jennifer walks in. Kate makes a hasty exit. She tells him now that with Craig gone
everything has changed and asks Mike to marry her. Mike is upset and tells Jennifer that the problem wasn't Craig, it was Jennifer deciding that Mike couldn't handle Craig.

He tells her that if they are to continue, she needs to start trusting him. She agrees and he accepts her proposal.

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