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By Eva
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At Metro, Jack and Carly have dinner together because Jack thought it was a good idea for them to get out of the house and away from Carly’s memories of Les’s attack on her. The two lovebirds are having a pleasant evening until a waiter breaks some dishes and Carly is startled by the loud noise. Jack is worried by Carly’s reaction to the noise and thinks that they should talk about what Les did to her. Carly refuses to ruin the evening by talking about anything that happened with Les. Jack gets a call from Les who is at the cemetery with Keith and Lily. Tom asks Jack to be present when they dig up Julia’s body. Jack doesn’t want to leave Carly alone but Carly insists that he go to the commentary so that Julia’s killer can be caught and brought to justice.

At the cemetery Keith feels guilty about allowing the police dig up Julia’s body so he screams at Tom that they won’t be digging up Julia’s body today.

At the Street Jeans office, Barbara paces because she is nervous and anxious to know if their plan to get rid of Craig has worked. Sierra tries to calm Barbara down and stop her from calling Paul to find out if the plan worked.

At the docks, Craig tells the police he had no idea Mr. Wa was smuggling drugs inside his shipment of jeans. Craig tells the police Paul and Dusty are setting him up. Paul and Dusty deny Craig’s allegations against them and tell the police that Craig is too smart not to know that drugs were being smuggled into the country inside his shipment of jeans. Margo arrives and Craig thinks she will help him clear up this big misunderstanding of false charges against him. Mr. Wa tells Margo Craig threatened to take away his contract if he didn’t agree to let him smuggle drugs in the country. Craig tells Margo that Paul and Dusty are setting him up but Margo doesn’t believe his story.

Craig tells Paul and Dusty he will destroy them but Paul and Dusty aren’t scared by Craig’s threats because they know he will be in jail for a long time. Margo arrests her brother and Craig is in shock that his own sister would arrest him.

At the cemetery Keith tells Lily that it is wrong that Julia should have to suffer through another autopsy. Lily and Jack try to persuade Keith that Julia would want her killer brought to justice. Keith finally gives his consent to dig up Julia’s body.

At Metro, Carly nervously waits for jack to return from the cemetery and continues to drink wine. Carly mistakes someone else for Lily and begins to see Les’s face everywhere she looks inside the club. Carly decides she needs fresh air so she goes to the cemetery to meet Jack because she can’t handle being alone.

At the cemetery Carly calls Jack’s name several times but Jack isn’t there. Carly apologizes to Julia for the horrible way she died. Carly wonders if she will ever have a normal life again. Carly’s cell phone rings but when she answers it there is nobody on the other end of the phone.

At the police station, Lucinda tells Jack she suspects Keith is Julia’s killer and he is trying to frame Les for Julia’s murder. Jack tells Lucinda he has a lot of work to do and he doesn’t have time to listen to her anymore.

At the Street Jeans office, Barbara daydreams Craig is telling her that her plan to get rid of him failed. Craig also tells Barbara he will destroy her and her family. Sierra snaps Barbara out of her thoughts and tells her Dusty and Paul is on their way to give them the details of how the plan worked out. Dusty and Paul arrive and tell them that Margo is in the process of scaring Craig to leave town. Barbara worries that Margo will slip and tell Craig the truth.

Inside the police car, Margo tells Craig he is facing thirty years in jail. Craig asks Margo to let him escape from her custody. Margo tells Craig to get out of the car and be quiet. Margo tells Craig that she still loves him although he doesn’t deserve her love.

Margo still has hope that Craig can change his life. Margo makes it clear to Craig that if she allows him to escape he may never return to Oakdale. Margo instructs Craig to buy a plane ticket and pick a destination out of the country. Margo gives Craig some money and says a tearful good-bye to her brother.

At the police station, Jack informs Keith and Lily that they don’t have the results of the autopsy yet. Keith asks how Carly is doing after her ordeal with Les. Jack tells him she is having a hard time dealing with it.

At the cemetery Carly gets even more scared when she hears noises and footsteps behind her.

Ben thinks that Julia died from a severe allergic reaction to something and he also thinks her death wasn’t an accident. Keith tells everyone Julia was allergic to bees and he; Les and J.J were the only people who knew about her allergy. Keith explains to everyone his theory of how Les killed Julia. Keith thinks that when Julia refused to allow him to take permanent custody of J.J, he pinned her down and injected her with enough bee venom to kill her.

At the cemetery a man’s voice tells Carly she should be at the cemetery. Carly starts to run away from the voice and falls down.

At the Street Jeans office, Margo arrives to tell everyone Craig is gone and that she hated to help with their plan to get rid of him. Everyone toasts to the good news after Margo leaves the office.

At the cemetery Jack arrives to comfort a scared Carly who is crying in a corner.

At the police station, Tom thinks they need to find proof to substantiate Keith’s theory of how Julia was killed. Keith asks Tom to make Les pay for killing his sister. Tom assures Keith that if Les is guilty he will pay for his crime. Keith tells Lily he must get some fresh air. Lily offers to go with him but he tells her he needs to be alone.

Inside the plane, Craig is on his way to Bangkok Thailand and eager for a fresh start in his life.

In an unknown location we see that Rosanna is looking at a travel folder about Thailand.

At Jack and Carly’s place, Jack thinks Carly should take a vacation to Montana to relax a bit. Carly asks Jack to go with her but he tells her he can’t leave because they have a lead in Julia’s case.

At the police station, Tom informs Lily they found a puncture wound on Julia’s thigh. Tom is confident they are very close to catching Julia’s killer.

At the cemetery, Keith talks to Julia’s grave and tells her that soon this will be over and they will have peace. Keith takes out Julia’s bloody cell phone from his pocket.

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