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At Lily’s house, Lucinda tries to persuade Lily that Keith is a dangerous man who is only using her. Lucinda tells Lily that she suspects Keith is Julia’s killer. Lucinda thinks that Lily is vulnerable right now and shouldn’t get involved with anyone least of all a man who could be a killer. Lily thinks Lucinda has too much time on her hands and advises her mother to find a man instead of worrying about her love life.

At the police station, Tom informs Keith that Ben thinks Julia was strangled and in order to see if his theory is true they must dig up Julia’s body in order to perform another autopsy. Keith refuses to let them dig up Julia’s body because he thinks Jessica is using her ex- husband to get Les off the hook for killing Julia.

At the Lakeview, Mike figures out that Katie was trying to play cupid for him and Jennifer.

At the gym, Katie tries to persuade Henry they could have a wonderful future together because she loves him. Henry remains convinced that Katie loves Mike more and that Katie is lying to herself.

At the Lakeview, Jennifer cries as she tells Mike that Craig has gotten a court order to force her to have a pre-natal DNA test. Mike is outraged at the thought of such a thing because it could hurt the baby. Mike advises Jennifer to fight for her baby and not allow Craig to win. Mike once again tries to persuade Jennifer to marry him because it is the best way to protect the baby. Craig is happy to learn that his shipment of jeans has arrived from Singapore. Craig makes plans to meet with Mr. Wa at the docks.

At the Street Jeans office, Barbara, Paul, Sierra, and Dusty come up with a plan to get rid of Craig for good they all toast to better days and the end of Craig. Dusty tells everyone that Craig’s shipment is arriving to day from Singapore.

At the gym, Henry is convinced that Katie will never forget about Mike and she will always love him. Katie tries to persuade Henry that Mike is a part of her past but Henry doesn’t believe her. Katie tries to seduce Henry but it doesn’t but her plan to get him to stop talking about Mike doesn’t work. Katie asks Henry to go over to the Lakeview and make sure that her plan to reunite Mike and Jennifer is running smoothly.

At the Lakeview, Barbara distracts Craig in order to keep him from going to the docks to pick up his shipment. Barbara welcomes Craig into the family and thanks him for keeping Jennifer from leaving town. Jennifer refuses to drag Mike into her life because it isn’t fair to him. A violinist begins to play music but Mike stops him saying they didn’t ask for a serenade. Henry arrives and tells Mike the serenade was his idea. Mike decides to leave because fighting with Jennifer isn’t doing any good.

At the police station, Keith insists that Les killed Julia and he won’t allow Tom to dig up Julia’s body just because they want to go on a fishing expedition. Keith vows to destroy Tom if he goes near Julia’s body. Sierra asks Margo to help her with her plan so she can protect Jennifer’s baby.

At the Lakeview, Barbara wants to toast to celebrate the baby but Craig refuses to toast with Barbara because he thinks Barbara drugged the champagne. Craig thinks Barbara is trying to keep him from going to pick up his shipment of jeans. Barbara drinks the champagne in order to prove to Craig she didn’t drug it. Barbara starts to leave but Craig stops her and demands she sit down to discuss the baby with him. Jennifer tells Henry she doesn’t want Mike riding to her rescue the rest of her life. Henry admits to Jennifer he is afraid to lose Katie if she doesn’t reconcile with Mike.

At the police station, Keith informs Lily that the police think Lily was strangled and they want to dig up her body and perform another autopsy. Keith also tells Lily that he thinks they are trying to get Les off the hook for killing Julia. Lily thinks that J.J deserves to know the truth about his mother’s killer so he won’t be scared the rest of his life. Lily thinks that by finding Julia’s true killer J.J will be able to move on and lead a normal life. Margo can’t believe what Margo is planning to do to Craig. Sierra admits to Margo she locked Craig inside the monetary. Sierra reminds Margo of all the crimes Craig has gotten away with lately. Sierra tells Margo that although the plan is drastic it’s the only way to stop Craig from hurting another innocent child. Margo’s reluctant to do something that is against the law.

At the street jeans office, Paul pays an actor to play the part of Mr. Wa.

At the docks, Dusty offers the real Mr. Wa top dollar to do him a favor.

At the Lakeview, Barbara falls asleep while talking to Craig. The phony Mr. Wa arrives to take Craig to the docks. Paul arrives shortly after Craig leaves and he discovers Barbara was only pretending she was asleep. Jennifer tells Henry he is Katie’s soul mate and he shouldn’t allow his ego stand in the way of his happiness. Jennifer asks Henry to thank Katie for her efforts to help her reconcile with Mike.

At the gym, Mike tells Katie about Craig’s court order forcing Jennifer to have a pre- natal DNA test. Katie tries to persuade Mike to continue fighting for Jennifer. Mike thanks Katie for what she tried to do for him and gives her a hug. Mike asks Katie not to try to help anymore because he is confident his relationship with Jennifer will work itself out.

At the docks, Dusty and Paul arrive with the police so they can check Craig’s shipment for drugs.

At the gym, Henry and Katie agree to stay out of Mike and Jennifer’s love life. Henry tells Katie that he knows a part of her will always loves Mike but its okay because he knows she also loves him. The two newlyweds kiss and make up.

At the police station, Lily promises to help Keith through this difficult time. Margo is still reluctant to help Sierra with her plan to stop Craig.

At the Street Jeans office, Barbara is positive that Jennifer and her baby will live happily ever after without having to worry about Craig.

At the docks. The police discover drugs inside Craig’s shipment of jeans.

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