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By Rosey
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Mikeís place:

Katy tries her best to convince Mike not to give up on the relationship with Jennifer. She knows that the two of them really love each other and that they should be together. Mike has given up hope. Mike explains that Jennifer is trying to protect him from Craig, even though he has told her over and over that he doesnít need protection. Katie is not giving up. She tells Mike that she is going to fix all this mess and not to give up hope. She takes off, leaving a doubtful Mike to wonder what she is up to now.


Paul is surprised to find Jennifer has spent that night there. He tells her that she is more than welcome to stay at his house. Jennifer is frazzled this morning and not wanting to really talk about anything. Paul tells her that he has set up a meeting with Dusty and Sierra to ask them one more time to consider taking Street Jeans back on line. Jennifer thinks it is a waste of time. She gets a phone call from someone named Morgan claiming that he represents someone that is interested in buying Street Jeans. He asks Jennifer to meet him at Metro. Jennifer reluctantly agrees and tells Paul what the call was about. He tells her that it doesnít hurt to have a back up plan just in case he canít get Dusty and Sierra to reconsider. Jennifer takes off to meet Morgan at Metro.


Once Morgan has made his call to Jennifer, he informs Craig that the meeting has been set up. Craig is pleased to hear this and makes himself scarce while Morgan waits to meet with Jennifer. When Jennifer shows up, he greets her and welcomes her to his table. Jennifer is anxious to get right to business and asks who he is representing. He hands her an envelope and tells her that it is all explained in the papers. Jennifer realizes that something is up and asks what is going on. Craig comes out of the shadows and informs her that Morgan is his attorney and she has just been served a subpoena requiring her to submit to a paternity DNA test. Jennifer is furious that she has been tricked, and even more angry that Craig plans on being a part of the babies life. The two of them argue for a bit before Morgan steps in and threatens Jennifer with huge legal problems if she tries to fight it. Jennifer calls Craig a monster. Craig counters that he is just a concerned parent that wants to do right by his child. Jennifer tells him that she will fight him tooth and nail before she will allow him to be a part of her babies life. She storms out. Once outside, she gets a call from Lisa.

Margo arrives to meet with Craig next. She isnít happy with her brothers actions and lets him know that she has heard all about what he did to Jennifer. Stealing her company from her, stopping the wedding to Mike. Craig tries to defend himself and pleads with Margo to just understand that he just wants to be a part of his babies life. Margo starts to soften towards him a little bit when Morgan arrives to inform Craig that he was successful in getting a court order so that Jennifer is not allowed to leave Oakdale until after the baby is born. Craig is please with his attorney, but Margo is furious with Craig when she hears this. She warns Craig to back off and leave Jennifer alone, or she will wash her hands of him once and for all. She storms off, leaving Craig looking upset that Margo just doesnít understand what he is doing.


Dusty and Sierra finish up their breakfast and prepare to leave as Barbara stops them and begs them to reconsider bringing Street Jeans back to World Wide. Dusty and Sierra both are pretty adamant that they have made the right decision. They inform Barbara that they have agreed to meet with Paul one last time, but they consider it just a formality. After they leave, Lisa approaches Barbara ready for their lunch together. Barbara apologizes and tells Lisa that something has come up and she will not be able to have lunch with her. Barbara rushes off.

Later, Katie arrives and convinces Lisa to help her with a scheme to get Mike and Jennifer back together. Lisa agrees to help and has shut down her whole dinning room area for the occasion. She calls Jennifer first and begs Jennifer to come and help her with a fashion show that she is giving tonight.

She lies to Jennifer, telling her that the coordinator suddenly got sick and Jennifer is the only one that can help her. Lisa tells Jennifer to be sure to wear one of her hottest outfits. Katie is really pleased with way Lisa pulled that off and encourages her to now arrange for Mike to be there.

Lisa calls Mike and tells him that a very important contractor is staying at the motel and he needs to get his best suit on and get right over there for a meeting with him. Lisa and Katie are both pleased with their scheme. Lisa is a bit confused as to why Katie wants this so badly, considering that Mike is her ex. Katie explains that it is the best thing for all concerned. She is happily married to Henry now, and Mike has a right to be just as happy as she is. She also explains that it is a way for her to prove to Henry that she is totally devoted to him and their marriage.

When Jennifer arrives, Lisa thanks her for pulling through for her and then shows her into the dinning room. Jennifer is shocked to find Mike waiting for her.

Lilyís house:

Lucinda has interrupted Lily changing Keithís bandage. Lily explains that Keith pulled a stitch and it has started bleeding again. Lucinda isnít happy with what she sees and doesnít pretend to be. Lily offers to let Keith borrow one of Holdenís shirts since he has blood on his shirt. Keith accepts the offer and goes to the bathroom to change. Lily gets annoyed at Lucindaís attitude and insists that she and Keith are just friends. Once Keith has changed his shirt, he comes out and makes his excuses to leave. Lily makes him promise to go home and get some rest before his phone rings. Tom has called to ask Keith to come to the police station as there has been a new development in the case. Lily offers to go with him to the station, but Keith tells her that isnít necessary. As he leaves, Lily asks if he promises to call her later, like a young girl with a crush.

Lucinda lays into Lily once Keith has left. She tells her daughter that she needs to be acting her age and is frustrated that Lily doesnít see the danger that she may be putting herself into. Lily argues with her mother at first, defending Keith. Lucinda spells out her concerns to her daughter, explaining that Jessica told her that the case against Les is not that strong. She hints to the idea that she thinks that Keith may be Juliaís murderer and she is worried that Lily is putting herself in harms way if that is true.


Dusty and Sierra arrive for their meeting with Paul. Paul makes one last plea for them not to dump Jennifer. He knows that she took off this last time, but assures them that it will not happen again. Dusty and Sierra still have their minds made up and decline to do business with Street Jeans again. Barbara crashes the meeting and quickly takes charge. She tells Dusty and Sierra that they should feel responsible for the situation that Jennifer is in now as they are the two that forced Jennifer and Craig to work together. Dusty has heard enough and is ready to leave. Sierra decides that she would like to listen to what Barbara has to say.

Barbara and Paul both continue to plead Jenniferís case and promise that they will work together to make sure that Jennifer doesnít fail this time. Finally, they all come to an agreement with a few stipulations that are non-negotiable. If Jennifer takes off again, World Wide is done with her. Once the agreement is made, Paul goes out of the office to call Jennifer and tell her the good news. She is rushed for time though, and after telling Paul what Craig pulled on her she cuts the call short and Paul doesnít get to tell her. Back inside, Barbara has handed Sierra a list of all the crimes that Craig has gotten away with and tells her that this time, Craig must be put away for good.

Police Station:

In the squad room, Jack and Tom talk about Juliaís case and Carlyís impending deposition. They wonder where Carly has gotten off to. In the interrogation room, Les has backed a terrified Carly against the wall and very threateningly tells her that he will have his son back. He lightly touches Carlyís cheek and revels in the fear that he sees on her face. Just then Jack, Tom and an officer burst into the room and pull Les off of Carly. Tom tries to keep Jack from beating the crap out of Les as the officer rushes a very amused Les out of the room and back to his cell. Jack yells at the officer for allowing Les to be in the same room with Carly.

Carly is clearly very shaken up by the encounter but she pretends that all is well with her. She assures Jack that she is fine and tells him that he needs to apologize to the officer as it wasnít his mistake. Jack and Tom both tell her that they would understand if she didnít want to give her statement today. Carly insists that she is fine and wants to get it over with. Jack takes off to apologize to the officer and Tom shows Carly back to the interrogation room. He takes off to find the stenographer, leaving Carly alone. Once Carly is alone in the room, she starts to freak out a little bit remembering what Les did to her.

Later, Keith shows up and asks Tom what the new development in the case is. Tom explains that the first autopsy didnít do some of the tests that should have been done and that they need to exhume Juliaís body to do another autopsy. Keith is not pleased with the idea at all.

Jack & Carlyís house:

Carly arrives home and finds herself alone. When she looks at the couch, she remembers the violent encounter she had with Les and almost falls apart. She obviously is having a hard time dealing with what happened. She takes a shower and fixes herself a sandwich and some juice. She hesitates slightly before sitting on the couch to eat her sandwich. Finally deciding that she is being silly and sits to enjoy her meal. She takes a bite of the sandwich and reaches to grab the newspaper that is laying on the table. She accidentally knocks the juice off the table. Frantically she tries to mop it up with napkins before it stains the carpet. She realizes that it is ruined and tells herself that she has ruined everything. She stands and walks to the wall, sliding down the wall into a ball, she collapses in tears. Jack has arrived home looking for his wife. Carly has put the chain lock on the door and she rushes to open it, falling into her husbands arms. Jack was very concerned when she left the station without telling anyone. He tried to call, but kept getting the answering machine. Carly explains that she must have been in the shower. Jack tries to calm her down and find out what is wrong. Carly finally opens up and admits to him that she is having a hard time dealing with what Les did to her. She tells him that she is really scared and sobs into his arms begging him to hold her and never let her go.

The Gym:

Katie arrives looking for Henry. Henry is surprised when Katie tells him that Jennifer and Mike are back together, and it is all because of her. She beams at him as she tells him that she did it all to prove to him that he is the one she wants to be with.

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