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By Elayna
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Jen is at her and Mike’s house finishing up packing the rest of her belongings when Mike walks in having taken a personal day from work. At first it is awkward between them each not knowing how to act towards the other. Jen apologizes to Mike saying she wanted to be gone before he came home, because she thought it was for the best. This angers Mike who tells Jen not to make assumptions on what would be best for him. Quickly however, Mike realizes he doesn’t want to be angry with Jen, and changes the subject and asks about how Street Jeans is. Jen relays what happened with Dusty closing down her Company because she left town with no forwarding address. Immediately, Mike defends their decisions to leave town, and is ready to do battle for her with Dusty, which causes Jen to become upset claiming what he is doing right now is the reason why she cannot be with him, because he always wants to fix her messes. Mike justifies his actions because they are done out of love. He pleads with Jen to let him help raise her unborn child with her, and for them to be a family. Jen does not think it would be for the best because of Craig. Mike thinks that Jen is allowing Craig to control her life and happiness with his empty threats. He asks Jen if she thinks she deserves to be happy because ever since she admitted to cheating on him with Craig, she hasn’t forgiven herself, and she has been acting as if she isn’t worthy of true happiness anymore. He reminds her of what they mean to one another, and admits to being scared of what the future holds, but he wants to have a future with her. His words seem to be greatly affecting Jen

At the gym, Katie is still anxiously trying to track down Henry to explain to him why she went to Las Vegas with Craig, and to get him to forgive her, but Henry is still not answering his cell phone. As she is trying to figure out what she should do, she hears a noise from the back room. She calls out for the person to identify himself or herself, and out walks Henry. She runs and gives him a hug, excited at finally coming face to face with him. Katie professes to Henry how much she missed him, and how worried she was when he didnít come home last night.

Henry tells her that he slept in his car, and Katie realizes how upset he is with her. She tries to explain herself, but Henry has had it, and wants no more of her explanations. She begs him to give her another chance to prove how much she loves him, but it is not enough for Henry anymore.

At the station, Keith is pressuring Tom to still press murder charges against Les, but Tom can’t because the evidence they have wouldn’t hold up in court because of the way it was procured. Lily tries to vouch for Keith, but Tom says there is nothing else he can do for them right now. A determined Keith reminds Tom that Les beat Julia within an inch of her life, and shouldn’t that count for something, but Tom tells him that incident is separate from the murder charges. Keith becomes so worked up that he starts to bleed from his stitched up stab wound, which concerns Lily. She wants Keith to relax and leave with her so she can take care of him. Keith is appreciative of Lily sticking by him, but he tells her it isn’t necessary for her to fight his battles. Lily reminds him that Keith was the one who was able to get her out of jail, and that it was her false confession that is causing all these problems now making the facts of the case difficult to sort through, so she will not rest until she and he bring Julia’s killer – Les – to justice.

At her and Jack’s house, Carly has finally drifted off to sleep, albeit with a bat in her hand, because she is still petrified of what Les did to her. She starts to have a nightmare where Les shows up, and Jack can’t help her. She wakes up with a start to find Jack there. She hugs him happy he is home to make her feel safe again. Jack is concerned about her nightmare, and the fact she is sleeping with a bat, but Carly changes the subject. He reminds her that she has to make her statement about Les today at the Police Station. Carly is set to, but still harbors guilty feelings that she didn’t do enough to protect JJ. JJ, who has come into the room, overhears this, and runs to hug Carly telling her that she saved his life. An appreciative Carly thanks JJ as well, because he hit Les over the head with the bat, ultimately saving her also. Carly is ready now to go make her statement, and JJ offers to go with her, but they have made plans for Emma to come over to stay with him. He begrudgingly agrees to stay home. Carly starts to go upstairs to change, and Jack stops her asking her why she did not tell him everything Les did to her, and when he reaches for her arm, Carly winces, prompting Jack to question how come she is still in all this pain. Again, Carly changes the subject wanting to be strong, reminding him they have to go or they will be late.

Jessica is meeting with Lucinda to give her an update about what she is witnessing between Lily and Keith. Lucinda is convinced Keith is only after Lily’s money, but Jessica wonders if he simply likes her. She even goes as far to wonder out loud if Keith may be keeping Lily close so if the case with Les falls through, he can turn attention back on Lily. Lucinda asks Jessica if she believes Les is innocent as he is claiming. Jessica replies that she can only base her answer on fact, and that is Les’ prints were not on Julia’s blood splattered cell phone. Lucinda is concerned that the cell phone showed up at a very opportune time, and Jessica questions whether she thinks Keith planted it. Lucinda isn’t sure, but feels something isn’t right.

At the station, Les is anxious to be released so he can petition to get visitations with JJ, but Tom advises Les not to get too cocky because he is still being charged with two additional assault charges, including one on a police officer’s wife, and that he should not get his hopes up. Tom wants to look at the coroner’s report again, and when Ben shows up, he asks him to go over it to see if there was something that they previously missed. Ben agrees to recheck the report.

Mike continues to plead with Jen to not walk away from their relationship, and as much as Jen is tormented by her decision, she stands firm believing it would be the best for all involved. She believes Craig is jealous of Mike because he realizes Mike is the type of man Craig could never aspire to be. For that reason, Mike is a reminder to Craig that he will have more of an influence in her baby’s life, and that will eat at Craig, and in turn he will make their baby’s life miserable. Mike thinks Jen is compromising her life because of Craig. He worries she is accepting a life without happiness because of Craig. He doesn’t want him to have that kind of power over her. Jen believes she only has two choices – to protect her baby from Craig or being with Mike, and she has to choose her baby because of what Craig is capable of. Jen has to choose the path that will give her baby the best fighting chance, and that is why she has to go, and with that, she walks out the door leaving a devastated Mike behind.

Jessica reminds Lucinda that if the case falls through with Les then the police could start looking at Lily again because Julia died from a blow to the head, and Lily admitted to pushing her and Julia falling and hitting her head. If that is the case, then Lucinda wants Jessica to make sure Les is convicted. Jessica hands Lucinda’s check back to her for payment of her services saying that Lucinda had hired her to defend Les, and she morally cannot lose a case to make Les take the fall for someone else. Lucinda leaves promising if Jessica won’t help her then she will find someone who will.

Katie pleads with Henry not to leave her. She tells him she realizes everything she has put him through, and she apologizes for taking as long as she did to reciprocate his feelings, but she reminds him how happy they had recently been. She tries to make Henry to see that she wants to be with him and not Mike anymore, but Henry is not at all convinced. He relays all he has gone through for her from the beginning, and how every little bit she could give him, he took. He admits how he married her in hopes one day she would love him just a little in return. He tells her how he used to train himself to look away from Katie’s face when Mike would walk in the room, so as to not see how Katie would look longingly at Mike. He swallowed his pride, in hopes one day Katie may look at him the same way. He now believes Katie is simply in love with that way Henry loves her. He can’t do it anymore though. Katie implores him to just believe in what she is saying to him about how much she now loves him. She asks him what she can do to show him. Henry tells him that he needs her to look him in the eyes and tell him that she no longer loves Mike. However, Katie cannot do that. She tries to explain that a part of her will always love Mike, and that honestly, at times, she still does wonder about what might have been, but she used feel that every day, and now it is much less frequently. She knows that is because her feelings for Henry are becoming more important then her feelings for Mike. She goes to kiss Henry, but he pulls away. Katie tells Henry if he is looking for irrefutable proof of her feelings, then she will show him, and with that, she leaves.

At the station, Ben finds Tom and tells him that he found notes in the autopsy about Julia’s throat being constricted. He tells Tom throat swelling is not consistent with a head trauma. They both realize that this may be the reason Julia died, and so they have to get to the bottom of this new evidence.

At Lily’s house, she is tending to Keith’s bleeding through his bandages. He again thanks her for taking care of him, and their bond is becoming more apparent. Lucinda, who has let herself in, observes from afar how close they are becoming, and is noticeably concerned.

At home, Mike is flashing back to memories he shared with Jen, and when he hears a knock at the door, he jumps up thinking it is Jen, but it is Katie. He tells her that Jen has moved out, and no matter what he said; she would not be deterred from leaving. Katie is determined, and she tells Mike to not just sit down and accept her decision, but to continue to fight for her. Mike is not sure it would work, but Katie tells him to not give up, and that she will help him win Jen back.

Meanwhile, at the Street Jeans offices, Jen is also recalling memories she shared with Mike. She is devastated in her belief that leaving Mike was her only option, and her love and longing for Mike is obvious when she lies down on the floor desperately hugging the promotional Street Jeans poster featuring Mike.

Carly has arrived at the Police Station with Jack to give her statement regarding Les. Tom asks to speak with Jack to bring him up to speed on Benís findings, but Jack is unsure he wants to step away from Carlyís side, but when Carly assures him she will be fine for a moment, Jack goes to talk to Tom. Off to the side, Tom tells Jack of the new evidence, and recommends to Jack the only way to find out what really killed Julia is the exhume her body. Meanwhile, a police officer has told Carly to wait in the interrogation room to make her statement.

Carly goes into the room and close the door, and immediately realizes she is not alone, and turns around to find Les standing there blocking the door.

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