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By Elayna
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On the plane, Jen and Mike discuss Craig’s arrival at the chapel. Jen realizes what her life will be after Craig’s emotional display. She wants to spare Mike from a lifetime of dealing with Craig, and so she is determined to break up with him to spare him. She tries to give Mike his ring back, which Mike refuses to take. Jen wants the best for Mike, and even though she loves Mike, she has to give him up to make is life better then what it would be with her. Jen is adamant, and finally Mike is forced to accept the ring back. Mike suggest that they talk this over again in the morning, but Jen tells him that she won’t be there, because she is moving out, and throwing herself back in work because that it all she has left.

Katie tries again to find Henry, and leaves yet another message telling him she’s home, and that she wants a chance to talk and explain herself. Craig interrupts her message reminding her that he knows she wants to be with Mike deep down. Katie defends herself telling Craig that what he is saying is just not true. She reminds him that she accompanied him to Las Vegas to stop him from ruining Mike and Jen’s wedding, but Craig counters saying she actually went to be there for Mike when Craig stopped the wedding. She then reminds him if that were the case why would she have warned them Craig was looking for them? Craig counters again with the fact that she never spoke up when Mike answered his cell phone. Craig is convinced Katie is fooling herself, and suggests she take the gift he bought for Mike and Jen to their house to find out of they went through with their wedding.

Carly is at home taking care of JJ, but also fighting flashbacks of Les terrorizing her and JJ. She is spooked at noises, and is almost having a panic attack as a result of her memories. She has to do something to quell these visions and thoughts, so she calls Jack, but can’t get a hold of him because he is busy at the station.

At the station, Les is doing his best to discount any evidence they have against him. Jack is not going to back down because Les is going to pay for what happened to Carly, Julia and JJ. Just as he is speaking with Les about the fact no one will want to defend him, Jessica comes in, and announces herself as his lawyer to the shock of both men.

Jack asks Jessica how she could defend Les after he almost killed Carly. He appeals to the fact that Jessica was also victimized in her home, and so she should be empathetic of what happened to Carly, but Jessica wonít step down. Jack realizes she must be getting paid a hefty sum to represent Les, but Jessica will not tell him whom her client is.

At the hospital, Keith and Lily are kissing, and finally when they realize what is happening, both are taken aback. Keith asks if she minded, and when Lily stalls, Keith assumes he overstepped his boundaries. Finally, Lily catches her breath and tells him that she wanted to kiss him back. They both don’t have a moment to talk about what that means when Jack calls Keith, and asks him to come to the Police station. Lily and Keith leave to find out what Jack needs.

Katie wants to no longer talk to Craig about Mike and Jen, and just wants to go find Henry, but Craig goats her more about her mixed feelings. Katie just wants Craig to make things right with Henry, and tell him Katie went with him to stop Craig from stopping the wedding. Craig again suggests she went to Las Vegas for an ulterior motive, and insinuates that he may tell Henry if Katie doesnít help him. Katie canít believe Craigís audacity to blackmail her. Katie wants to know what she could possibly do for him. He tells her he wants her to speak glowingly about him at the custody hearing. Katie doesnít want to because she doesnít want an innocent baby used as a pawn, but Craig subtly reminds her that Mike will never speak to her again if he finds out her role in the demise of his wedding.

Just then Mike shows up and tries to go after Craig. Katie stops him, and tells Craig to leave before he makes things worse. Before he leaves, though, both he and Katie learn that Jen and Mike never finished with their wedding ceremony, and are not married.

Dusty is at Street Jeans closing up shop when Paul shows up. He pleads Jenís case, but it falls on deaf ears because Dusty can no longer rely on Jen. He had invested everything in Jen, and believed in her because she was a great designer, but he is cutting his losses.

Paul is furious, and they continue to argue about whether Dusty should give Street Jeans another shot. They are disagreeing when Jen shows up ready to work. She is confused by the boxes, but then realizes what is happening. She asks Paul to leave so Dusty and she can talk. She pleads with Dusty, but he isnít willing to change his mind in the end. He tells her she should focus on creating this life inside her, and that his decision is strictly business, and with that he leaves a dejected Jen.

Jack, Jessica, Tom, Les, Keith and Lily are all at the Police Station when the lab results are delivered on Juliaís phone. A disbelieving Jack tells everyone that Lesí fingerprints are not on the phone. With that, Jessica tells her client and Jack that without murder charges Les should make bail. Les accuses Keith of trying to railroad him into these trumped up charges.

Les also accuses Keith of committing the crime. Lily and Keith ask about the other evidence, but Tom doesnít think putting JJ on the stand as a witness at his momís murder trial would be a good idea. As for Keith finding the phone, since Lily didnít personally see him pull it out of the wall, that wonít hold up well either. It looks like Les may walk. Lily stands by Keith willing to do whatever she can to prove Les is the murderer. She owes him, Julia and JJ. Keith is appreciative of Lily standing up for him as they continue to bond.

Meanwhile Katie wants to come clean with Mike and starts to apologize for ruining his life, but backpedals when she can’t go through with it. Mike ends up thanking her for her part in trying to stop Craig. Katie feels very guilty, and offers her support after he tells her Jen broke up with him. He is happy though that her and Henry are happy and stable, and Katie keeps their problems to herself. Mike leaves to be by himself, and Katie tries to reach Henry again to no avail.

Barbara shows up at Metro looking for Paul to tell him she has heard that Jen is back in town. Paul tells her he knows, and relays what happened in Las Vegas to Barbara. She wants to go to Jen to lend her support, but Paul tells her Jen would be better if she just stayed away. Of course, Barbara does not see it this way, and pushes how they have to band together now. He reminds her this ball got put in motion thanks to Barbara running to Hal and Craig overhearing their conversation. Paul says he will help Jen any way he can, he only wishes he could figure a way to change her DNA so Barbara would have no claim to Jen and leave her alone. Barbara responds angrily, and leaves the bar.

Jack shows up at home, and at first, Carly is not sure who is at the door, and starts to become nervous, but upon hearing Jack’s voice, is better. She immediately knows something is wrong when she questions him about Les’ case. He admits to the lack of evidence, and Carly becomes very upset wondering if Les will get out, and come after JJ and her. Jack assures her that he will lay down his life before he allows Les to get to her again.

Jen is wondering around a boxed up Street Jeans wondering what to do next, when Craig shows up again reminding her again of his place in this child’s life. Jen has had it with Craig, and tells him to get out of her life. After Craig leaves, she hurls a bottle at the empty wall as her frustration gets the better of her as she realizes how much she has lost thanks to Craig.

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