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At Metro, Will arrives and offers to help Allison with the club while Aaron is in Seattle. Allison gently turns down his offer, saying she and Rafael can handle things at the club.

Holden arrives and gives Allison the bad news that Aaron doesnít know when he is coming home. Holden explains to Allison that Aaronís mother, Julie, has been given six months to a year to live, so Aaron has decided to stay in Seattle to help out and be with his mother. Allison acts brave in front of Holden, but inside she is heartbroken that Aaron wonít be coming home any time soon.

At the hospital, Lily tells Luke the whole story of what happened to J.J. and ponders how they can prove that Les killed Julia. Lily tells Luke that the murder charges against them have been dropped, but they will still have to face obstruction of justice charges.

At Worldwide, Paul informs Dusty that Mike and Jennifer have left town for good in order to protect the baby from Craig. Paul is surprised because all Dusty is concerned about is the future of Street Jeans. Paul suggests that they find another designer to work at Street Jeans, or maybe once Jennifer is settled she can mail her designs to them. Dusty thinks both of those ideas are ridiculous and would never work. Paul doesn’t care about the company, he is just happy his sister is safe from Craig.

On the plane, Katie is determined to stick to Craig like glue so he won’t stop Mike and Jennifer’s wedding. Craig checks his list of about three hundred wedding chapels to see if he can figure out where Mike and Jennifer are getting married. Craig thinks that Katie secretly hopes he does stop Jennifer from marrying Mike because, no matter how much she denies it, she is still in love with Mike.

In Las Vegas, a nervous Jennifer asks Mike one more time if he still wants to marry her. Mike gives her a quick kiss and tells her he will meet her at the end of the aisle. The wedding march begins to play and Jennifer slowly walks down the aisle.

At the hospital, Luke admits to Lily that he was scared they would both go to jail. Lily tells Luke she felt the same way, but it's over now; they give each other a hug. Lily once again tries to persuade Luke to try and not be so angry with Holden.

On the plane, Craig makes an educated guess that Mike and Jennifer are getting married at the Palace of Happiness wedding chapel. Katie tries to persuade Craig to allow Mike and Jennifer to be happy together. Craig is determined to be a part of his child’s life.

In Las Vegas, the ceremony begins as Mike and Jennifer recite their own wedding vows to each other. Mike and Jennifer begin to exchange rings, but Jennifer suddenly feels nauseous and runs back up the aisle and into the bathroom.

At Metro, Will tells Allison it is okay to cry if she needs to do so, but Allison feels like she would be a weak person if she cried while Aaron’s family is going through something so horrible. Allison also feels like a selfish person, because while Holden was telling her the news all she could think about was that Aaron wouldn’t be coming home for a long time. Will tells her she isn’t selfish and that she is the strongest person he has ever known. Will tells Allison to pretend that Aaron is there looking into her eyes and telling her everything will be okay. Will’s words inspire Allison to go visit Aaron for a few days. Allison makes a plane reservation and asks Will to go with her to her apartment to help her pack.

At Worldwide, Paul still wants to team up with Dusty to seek revenge against Craig, but Dusty refuses to help clean up the mess the Ryans have made of both their lives and of Street Jeans.

On the plane, Katie tells Craig she will call Mike to warn him that Craig is on his way to stop the wedding. Craig gives Katie a kiss on the cheek and gets off the plane. Katie grabs her phone and calls Mike, but when she hears his voice on the phone she can’t say a word to him.

In Las Vegas, Jennifer grabs the phone from Mike when he tells her he can’t get a response on the other end of the line. Katie hangs up the phone when she hears Jennifer’s voice. Jennifer is ready to finish her wedding, but Craig shows up and interrupts them before they can resume the ceremony.

At Metro, Sierra arrives and Dusty tells her that Mike and Jennifer are getting married and have left town for good to protect the baby. Sierra wonders why they would need to protect the baby. Dusty tells Sierra that Craig is the father of Jennifer’s baby. Dusty advises Sierra to pull all of Wordwide’s money from Street Jeans. Sierra takes Dusty’s advice because there isn’t any other solution.

At the hospital, Lily explains to Luke that she is also responsible for Holden moving out of the house because there was a big distance between them before Julia was ever in the picture. Lily encourages her son to let go of his anger towards his father. Luke starts to leave as Holden arrives at the hospital. Holden offers to take Luke and his friends to his baseball game. Luke tells Holden that Tom and Margo have already offered to take him and teammates to the game. Luke does agree to let Holden come watch him play. Holden thanks Lily for helping him repair his relationship with Luke. Holden tells Lily that Emma will be going to Seattle to help Caleb and Julie. Lily asks Holden to let Caleb know she will call him later. Holden offers to drive Lily home, but she wants to stay until Keith wakes up.

At Allisonís apartment, Will helps Allison close her suitcase and walks her to the door when they hear the cab. Allison gives Will a hug and thanks him for helping her. She takes Willís car keys in her rush to leave, so Will follows her to the cab.

Will returns to the apartment and grabs one of Allisonís scarves and smells her perfume on it. He is startled by a knock at the door.

In Las Vegas, Craig tells the justice of the peace that he is the father of Jenniferís baby. Mike explains to the justice of the peace that the paternity of the baby isnít important to him because he wants to be the babyís father. Katie arrives and tells Mike and Jennifer she tried to stop Craig from interrupting their wedding.

Craig tells Mike and Jennifer that they can get married if they wish, but they had better get used to him, because he will be a part of this childís life for the rest of their lives. Jennifer is nervous and wonders if she and Mike should get married now that Craig knows the truth about the baby. Mike tells Jennifer that he loves her and they should get married no matter what.

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