ATWT Update Wednesday 4/20/05

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 4/20/05



By Rosey
Pictures by Boo
Proofread by Angie

On the plane:

Mike and Jennifer discuss their decision to leave Oakdale for good, what it will be like to be a family, and how wonderful their lives will be. Another passenger on the plane asks Mike to hold her baby while she goes to the restroom. Mike is a natural with the baby, and Jen enjoys seeing him like that.

At the health club:

Henry angrily confronts Katie about why she told Craig about the baby. He insists that she did it so Mike would leave Jennifer and be with her. Katie tries to convince Henry that she loves him and only him, but he doesn't believe her. He tells her that Mike will hate her when he finds out she is the one who told Craig.

At Jen and Mike's place:

Craig shows up to see Jennifer, but instead he finds Paul. Paul tells Craig that Jen is out on a walk. When Craig says he'll wait, Paul tells him its a "long walk". Craig spots an itinerary on the table. Paul says it's his, but Craig won't give it back. When Craig leaves, Paul calls Jen and leaves a message to tell her that Craig knows about the baby, and he planted a fake itinerary placing her and Mike in New Mexico to keep Craig off her trail.

At the barn:

J.J. falls from the loft. He grabs on to a board, but before Lily can get to him he falls to the ground. As Jack and Les struggle outside, they hear Lily yell for help. Jack grabs the knife from Les and the police arrive to arrest him. J.J. is breathing, but not responsive, as they rush him to the hospital. Jack finds out that Les also assaulted Carly and Keith.

In Barbara's car:

She daydreams about someday meeting her grandchild and of her and Jen being close again. Paul gets into her car and tells her that Jen and Mike are going to get married, and they aren't ever coming back. Barbara insists that she has a right to know where her daughter is, but Paul refuses to jeopardize his sister's future. He doesn't want his sister and niece or nephew to live their life in a court system because of Craig. As Barbara becomes very emotional, Paul comforts her.

Back at Jen and Mike's place:

Craig assumes he was set up with the itinerary to New Mexico, so he heads back inside to look for more proof. He spots a laptop computer and sees that Jen made travel arrangements with it to Las Vegas. As he is about to leave, Katie shows up and asks what he is doing. She tells him to leave Mike and Jen alone, but he refuses, since he knows that Jen is carrying his baby. After Craig leaves, Katie gets on the computer to find out the same thing Craig did.

In Las Vegas:

Mike and Jen arrive at the wedding chapel to get married. When Jen goes to freshen up, he buys an engagement ring to surprise her with. Jen comes back and tells Mike she got a message from Paul. She is upset, but Mike insists that Craig won't ruin their day. He gets down on one knee, proposes, and gives her the ring. They go ahead with the wedding plans.

At the hospital:

After several tests, Dr. Harris tells Jack, Carly and Keith that J.J. is going to be fine. He has no bleeding on the brain, but he has a strong concussion. He may not remember anything that happened, but he'll probably only have a headache when he wakes up. Jack and Carly go to sit with him. Keith gets checked out by a doctor for his wound. Lily tells him she is glad he is okay. She says that she would like to stay with him, at least until they know more about J.J. Keith says that he would like that a lot.

On the plane:

Craig anxiously awaits the plane's departure, telling the flight attendant that he has to get to Vegas pronto. She tells him that they are waiting on one more passenger. A few moments later, Katie takes the seat next to him. She is going to Vegas too!

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