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By Elayna
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At their house, Jen and Mike revel in their engagement. Mike wants to get married as soon as possible and asks Jen if they can keep it simple and have a ceremony with just themselves. He wants to go to Las Vegas and get married that very night. At first Jen is unsure, but soon she is just as excited as Mike at the possibility of being married that night. Paul shows up just as they decide to pack and leave on the first plane out of Oakdale.

They share their news with him because they know they can trust him, even with the facts about Barbara. Paul shows his support but offers a bit of advice: leave Oakdale and never return if they want to really protect Jen’s baby from Craig and to keep him from finding anything out.

Katie realizes her mistake when she sees that Craig did not know Jen’s actual due date. She backpedals by acting as if she could be wrong. She reminds Craig that even if she isn’t wrong, they can’t assume that Craig’s one night with Jen would necessarily translate into her carrying his baby. Craig pressures Katie to tell him more of what she knows, and finally Katie tells Craig that the doctor told her that Jen was stressed and very concerned about her due date. Craig is suddenly convinced that Jen and Mike are stealing his child. Katie tries to get Craig to calm down before he starts ruining everyone’s lives (such as Mike's, Jen's, Henry's and hers). She tells him that she knows Mike and he would never lie about something like that. She staunchly defends Mike’s morals, and Craig calls her on the fact that it is showing that she is still in love with Mike.

At the Hughes’ house, Casey is very upset with his outburst directed at his mom about her own lack of sexual responsibility. He tries to apologize to her, but Tom suggests he go upstairs and try to reach Celia, and give Margo a moment. When they are alone, Tom tries to comfort a very shaken Margo. She tells Tom that Casey was right with everything he said, and because of her irresponsibility her own son rightfully does not respect her. She is so upset because she thought Casey was past what happened with Doc Reese. She pointedly says that her family will probably never forget the mistakes she made.

Jack arrives home frantic about Carly’s condition and what has happened. She tells him about Les and how he took J.J. She is very worked up about Jack finding Les ASAP because she is convinced Les will hurt J.J. Jack tries to calm her down, but Carly loses consciousness. Carly wakes a few moments later, and the EMT tells a shaken Jack that blackouts are not uncommon with head traumas. Jack inquires as to the extent of Carly’s injuries and then tells Carly he will kill Les.

Meanwhile, Keith and Lily are helping the police to locate Les by driving around in the car. Keith is determined to help save J.J., since he couldn’t help save his sister. Lily wants to calm Keith down because he is driving very fast, but then they come upon the taillights to Les’ car. Keith drives up right behind Les and is hot on his tail.

In Les’ car, Les tells J.J. that if he tries to escape again he will do to him the same that he did to his mom, which scares J.J. to death. When Les notices the headlights right behind them, he figures it must be Keith, and he speeds up. When he sees that Keith is not backing off, he has J.J. call Jack so he can order Keith to back off. When J.J. calls Jack, a relieved Jack tries to comfort J.J. J.J. is concerned about whether Carly is okay, and after Jack assures him she is Les grabs the phone and tells Jack that if he doesn’t get Keith off his bumper he will hurt J.J. by wrapping the car he is in around a tree. Jack promises to stop Keith, and Les hangs up. Just then a tire in Les’ car blows, and he is forced off the road. Once they are stopped, J.J. takes off out of the car, and Les goes after him.

Jack calls Keith and Lily and tells them to back off because of Les’ threats, but Keith is afraid to do it, thinking they may lose him. Lily informs Jack of the evidence they found in Les’ room, and also of their location so Jack can meet up with them. When they see Les’ tire blow, they pull off the road and try to go after him. Keith and Lily begin searching, and once they spot them Lily goes after J.J. while Keith and Les fight. Les gets the upper hand and ends up stabbing Keith in the side.

Jen thinks that Paul’s idea about leaving Oakdale for good is farfetched and will only make them look more like they are hiding something. Paul is sure that with Barbara involved it will only be a matter of time before their secret gets out. Jen tells him how they spoke with and threatened her, but Paul informs a surprised Jen that Barbara has already told Hal. Jen can’t believe how much Barbara keeps interfering. Paul thinks Barbara will soon slip and tell Will, and before long the truth will simply get out. Jen is unsure if they need to go to such lengths, but Mike is now convinced that Paul is on to something. Paul reminds them to put the child first, because with Craig as the father the child needs all the help it can get. Mike is more sure then ever and tells Jen they need to do this now.

Craig has worked himself up and is telling Katie that he will get a court order to prove paternity, but Katie wants him to stop and think, because if Jen feels pushed or threatened she may still terminate the pregnancy. Craig reminds her that he may have made mistakes, but he loves all his children, and he just wants his rightful place in this baby’s life. Henry arrives, ready to break open the champagne to celebrate Jen and Mike’s good news.

One look at everyone’s face, though, and he can see there is a problem. Craig tells Henry he knows everything about being the father of Jen’s baby. He thanks Katie for finally telling him the truth and tells them he has to leave to go find Jen. Katie admits to Henry she saw Jen’s file, even though she promised not to look in it. She tells Henry that she then slipped and told Craig the real due date when Craig incorrectly assumed she was ten weeks along. She claims she had no idea of the implications, but she soon figured it out by his reaction. Then she is forced to admit that, upon more pushing from Craig, she also told him that the doctor said Jen was worried about her exact due date. Henry looks at Katie very disappointedly, and Katie sees this and asks him if he believes her, to which Henry responds, "No!"

Tom and Margo are talking about Casey’s comments and Margo’s inability to forgive herself. Tom reminds her that everyday they face people who make mistakes, get punished for them, and then are let go to try to make things right and get on with their lives. He wants her to accept that it was a mistake and forgive herself, because he and Casey have.

Casey comes downstairs wanting to apologize to his mom again, but Margo goes outside for a moment to regroup. Inside, Tom asks Casey if he truly has forgiven Margo, and Casey says that he has, he was just frustrated because Margo was not listening. He explains that the condom was not even his, and before he could get rid of it Margo dropped his wallet. Tom is relieved but tells Casey to continue to be responsible and respectful and to do what feels right to him. When Margo comes back in, Tom gives them some time to work through their argument. Casey reiterates what he told Tom about the fact that nothing has gone on with Celia, and Margo listens and believes in him. Margo apologizes for not being a good role model, but Casey reminds her that she is a great mom, and he is the way he is because of the type of mom she has been to him.

Paul answers the door when Craig shows up pressing to speak with Jen. Paul tells Craig to leave because he has already done enough to his sister. Craig tells Paul to get out of his way because he knows everything about the pregnancy. When he realizes the house is empty, he demands to know where Jen is.

Meanwhile, Mike and Jen are aboard a plane on their way to Las Vegas, bidding farewell to Oakdale for good.

Katie can’t believe that Henry would think she is lying. He tells her he thinks she is more likely lying to herself. Henry doesn’t believe everything she did was by accident.

He reminds her that she looked in the file after she promised not to; she interrogated the doctor, and then she topped it off by telling Craig. Katie defends her actions by saying Craig is her brother and the baby could be her niece or nephew, so maybe part of her slipped on purpose. Henry believes that deep down she did all of this because she wanted Craig to confront Jen so she and Mike would end up breaking up, and she could have Mike to herself.

When Margo comes looking for Tom, he is in the living room with lit candles and a bottle of wine, in hopes of romancing his wife after the hard day she has had. He reminds Margo that he made mistakes and she forgave him, and when all of this happened with Doc she never gave up on Tom. She is keeping the family together. He confirms his love for her, and it is just what Margo wants to hear. They decide to go up to bed.

Lily runs into a barn yelling for J.J. to come out because he will be safe with her. Finally J.J. emerges, petrified, from his hiding space up in a loft and starts to walk slowly to Lily, but he loses his footing and starts to fall.

Right before Carly is wheeled out to go to the hospital, she grabs up a picture of Jack and J.J. and looks at it very worriedly, wondering if Les could end up hurting either one of them.

Jack arrives on the scene after Les has stabbed Keith and is taken by surprise when Les kicks the gun out of his hands. Les ultimately is able to get the knife he is holding to Jack’s throat. He tells Jack, “One down now, and one to go!”

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