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During lunch with Casey, Celia, Tom, Margo, Bob and Kim at Tom and Margo’s house, a condom inadvertently drops out of Casey’s wallet when Margo grabs it playfully, wanting to show off Casey’s school pictures. Everyone is a bit surprised, and Celia is thoroughly embarrassed and makes a quick excuse to leave. Casey, who is upset, runs after her.

After he leaves, Tom and Margo fill in Bob and Kim on having walked in on Casey and Celia kissing. Bob tries to see things on the bright side by saying that Casey is acting very responsible, which Tom agrees with. Kim suggests that Casey is simply carrying the condom for show. Margo, however, is quite upset about the fact that her 16-year-old may be considering having sex.

At the gym, Craig corners Henry about him and Katie lying to him regarding Jen’s pregnancy. He wants to know why they would keep that from him. Craig thinks out loud about how he thought for a second he may have been the father and that he deserved to be happy too, but it was short-lived because the baby is not his, according to Jen and Mike. Henry, upon hearing this, is greatly relieved, but has to hide it a little so Craig will not catch on to his surprise. Henry reiterates that it wasn’t their place to tell Craig anything. He tells Craig that it is Jen’s body, and no one has a right to talk about her pregnancy. Craig sarcastically asks Henry if he wants him to believe he suddenly has morals. He suggests to Henry that he is relieved because deep down he is worried that if the baby were Jen and Craig’s, all parties would end up breaking up because Katie and Mike would realize they still love each other. Craig believes Jen thinks that too, and that is why she came to Craig that night.

Jen and Mike are at home, still discussing whether Mike needs to go through with the lie of the baby being his. Jen is concerned that Mike is an honest person and that a lie he is forced to keep up with over many years would change him as a person, and she doesn’t know if that is right of her to ask or expect. Jen thinks that is a lot of responsibility for Mike. She is worried Mike is signing up for a lifetime of dealing with Craig because at some point, when the baby is born a month early, Craig will do the math, and they will constantly be looking over their shoulders. Mike suggests they leave town a month before the baby is born and then come back when the baby is 3-4 months old. Jen is also convinced Mike is trying to be her hero and save her, but Mike tells her he is saving himself; this way he is guaranteed to be sharing his life with a strong, beautiful woman. Jen is becoming convinced by Mike’s actions and words that he is determined to do this. Now the only person they have to worry about is Barbara. They fear she is a loose cannon, and they are not safe with her having such personal and confidential information. Mike decides to fix that, and he gets on the phone and calls Barbara to come over.

Casey catches up with Celia outside the house and tries to explain, but she is so upset and embarrassed she does not want to hear it. She tells him she never wants to see him again. Casey tries to explain that it is not what it seems and that the condom is not even his, but Celia tells him that her brother was right, she should not have trusted him. Celia takes off, and Casey tries to stop her but realizes his keys are inside the house. He runs in to grab his keys but is stopped by Margo and Tom, who tell him they need to talk. He tells them he doesn’t have time because he has to catch up with Celia, but they are adamant that they are going to talk now. Bob and Kim leave so Tom and Margo can have some privacy for this discussion.

Katie is at the doctor’s office for herself but finds out there is a folder with Jen’s name on it, and her curiosity gets the better of her. She peeks into the folder and finds out Jen is pregnant. When the doctor arrives, Katie tries to finagle information from the doctor about her pregnancy, but the doctor invokes Jen’s right to privacy, even if Katie is a concerned friend.

The doctor does allude to the fact that Jen was stressed about the pregnancy, probably due to her high stress job, which may be why she was concerned about the due date as well. Armed with that information, Katie excuses herself from the appointment and takes off to find Henry.

Lily and Keith are at the halfway house under the pretense that they are doing a news story about the place. Keith is searching Les’ room while Lily charms the man in charge of the house, telling him afterwards they would like to take his picture for the cover story. The man leaves to shave, and Lily rushes back into the room to see what else besides the wallpapered-up dumb waiter, which Les could have used to get out at night, Keith may have found. She finds Keith holding a cell phone. He tells Lily that he knows it is Julia’s because J.J. had programmed “I love you” into the phone for when Julia turned it on. They both become aware of a drop of blood on the phone as well. Lily wants to call the police, but Keith does not trust them and is worried that if they can not explain how they came across the evidence, Les would end up getting off. He tells Lily they have to wait for Jack to return later before they do anything.

Les has arrived at Carly and Jack’s house, wanting to leave with J.J., but Carly will not let him. He menacingly approaches them both, and Carly hits him over the head with a vase and tells J.J. to run. J.J. takes off upstairs, and Carly is left with a very angry Les, who tells her that this is the last time she has interfered with him taking J.J. He pushes her onto the couch and starts to strangle her. It seems that Carly is about to lose consciousness when J.J. shows up with a bat and hits Les over the head, knocking him out. Carly thanks J.J. for saving her life and tells him they have to get out of the house; as she turns to make a phone call she hears J.J. yelp, and she turns around to find Les holding J.J. He tells Carly to put down the phone or he will hurt J.J., and Carly is forced to do what he wants. As Les gets close to Carly, she slaps him hard across the face and tells J.J. to make a run for it again, but Les catches up with him at the door and stops him. He turns around and tells Carly that she will regret that now!

Barbara has arrived at Jen and Mike’s. They tell her that they are keeping the baby and that they have already told Craig they are pregnant. Barbara is overjoyed at the news, but Jen is still angry at how Craig found out and that Barbara is always butting into Jen’s business. They lay the law down as to what they expect from her. Jen threatens Barbara that if she as much as writes down in her diary or talks in her sleep that Jen’s baby is Craig’s, she will cut Barbara out of her life forever and never forgive her. She tells Barbara she will leave Oakdale for good and she will never see her or the baby again. Barbara promises to keep quiet and reminds them that at first she was the only one fighting for the baby. Barbara continues to try to be greatly involved with the baby, but Jen sets boundaries and tells Barbara to leave, and she will call her later in the week. After she leaves, Jen turns to Mike and is concerned about the look on his face. He tells her that when she said ‘our child’ it suddenly became real and felt right, and he asks a stunned Jen to marry him.

Katie arrives at the gym, and Henry makes Katie quickly aware of the fact that Craig is there to inform them of the news that Jen and Mike are having a baby so Katie does not give away anything. Henry leaves the two of them alone, and Craig bemoans the fact that everyone was keeping this from him because they may have thought the baby was his, and they didn’t think he deserved to know. Katie tells Craig that he should be relieved if he thought the baby might have been his, because Jen hates him, and that would have made raising a child very stressful, but Craig laments over the possibility of being given a second chance by having another child.

Kim finds Celia crying outside the Hughes’ house and stops to talk to her. She tells Celia that it is okay to talk about sex, and that families should feel free to have open communication because it is better than hiding feelings. She tells Celia that she knows her grandson and is confident he would honor her feelings regarding sex. She tells her to give Casey a chance to explain why he had a condom in his wallet and to really hear him out, because she has no idea as to the circumstances surrounding how it got there. Celia is taken aback at how maternal and nice Kim is being. Kim offers Celia a ride home, and even suggests that they stop for lattés on the way to talk more and get to know each other better, so Celia leaves with Kim.

Inside the Hughes house, Casey is not interested in talking to his parents about sex. He wants to go find Celia. They tell him that he can, but after they air things out. They try to talk to him about what they walked in on and how they feel he may be moving too fast with Celia. Casey tries to explain that the condom wasn’t even his, but Margo is convinced he is just saying that. She is very emotional about the mistakes Casey could make if he doesn’t think this through more. She continues to push Casey on the subject, and finally Casey, who is getting more upset, blurts out that he is not Margo and he will stay in control, and that it is really hypocritical of Margo to be preaching to him about sexual responsibility, considering her track record.

Lily is getting anxious about her and Keith telling someone about the evidence on Les that they found. She calls the station looking to find out when Jack is getting back, and she ends up talking to Hal, who tells them about Les winning custody of J.J., effective immediately. A frantic Lily and Keith hang up and rush over to Carly and Jack’s, knowing Jack is out of town and that Carly is there taking care of J.J.

Craig confides to Katie about it being Bryant’s birthday yesterday, which made him think about how he has lost all his children and how he would love a second chance. Katie suggests that Craig move on with his life and find someone to share his life with, and then he could have another baby. Craig reminds her of his track record with women in Oakdale. Katie thinks that Craig should expand his search for a woman. She is really busy and needs to focus on the gym, but Craig continues to talk, and when he mentions that Jen is ten weeks along Katie inadvertently corrects him and says Jen is actually five weeks along. Craig immediately demands to know where Katie has heard that from, and Katie, who knows the ramifications of what she has accidentally said, balks at an answer. Craig continues to press her, and finally Katie tells Craig she found out at the doctor’s office.

Jen is speechless at Mike’s proposal, wondering if this is too much to ask for. Mike tells her that they are moving fast, but deep down it feels right. It does not take Jen too long to say yes, because she realizes what she has with Mike.

Lily and Keith show up at Carly and Jack’s and are frantically knocking, but no one answers. They let themselves in, only to find a battered Carly lying motionless on the floor. Keith tells a relieved Lily that there is a pulse. They search the house for J.J. but are unable to find him. Just then Carly starts to wake up, and they question her about what happened. She tells them that Les did this to her and that he has taken J.J., and he told her that they will never find him or J.J. again.

Meanwhile, J.J. tries to get out of the car and away from Les, but Les angrily grabs him and threatens to do to him what he did to his mom.

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