ATWT Update Friday 4/15/05

As the World Turns Update Friday 4/15/05



By Eva
Pictures by Amanda

At Lily’s house, Keith arrives to ask for Lily’s help to prove that Les Killed Julia Luke objects because he fears that Lily will get in trouble with the police. Lily persuades Luke to hear Keith’s plan before they refuse to help him. Keith tells Lily he needs Lily’s help to look for clues at the halfway house where Les stayed when he got out of prison.

At Carly and Jack’s house, Carly calls Jack and informs him that Scott Baldwin called and told her that Les is close to getting temporary custody of J.J and could come take him away at any moment. J.J slips out of the house while Carly is talking to Jack because he wants to run away. Carly hangs up the phone and looks for J.J so they can play a game. Carly is frantic when she can’t find J.J anywhere in the house.

At the hospital, Katie goes for a check up because she doesn’t want to be surprised by a pregnancy before she and Henry are ready to have a baby. A nurse walks by and leaves some files on a table right across from where Henry and Katie are sitting. And among the files is one labeled Jennifer Munson. Katie wants to peak inside the file because he wants to find out if Jennifer is pregnant. Katie tells Henry she wants to find out the information for Craig’s sake but Henry knows the real reason Katie wants to find out the information. Henry thinks Katie wants to find out the information for Mike’s sake. Katie admits to Henry she does want to find out the information because she thinks Jennifer will make Mike believe the baby is his when Craig could be the father of the baby.

At Mike and Jennifer’s place, Craig tells Mike and Jennifer the conversation he overheard Barbara having with Hal. Jennifer admits to Craig that she is pregnant. Mike tells Craig that he and Jennifer are very happy because they will be parents. Craig congratulates the happy couple on the good news. Mike refuses to let Craig inside the house. Jennifer blasts Craig for taking her company away from her. Mike tries to throw Craig out of the house but he refuses to leave because he thinks Jennifer is hiding something from him.

At the hospital, Henry advises Katie to stay out of Mike and Jennifer’s business but Katie doesn’t listen and sneaks a quick peak at the file. Katie quickly reads that Jennifer went to a family planning clinic before the nurse arrives again. Katie struggles to decide if she should look in the file again to find out if Jennifer is pregnant.

Outside Carly and Jack’s place, Carly catches up with J.J just before he gets to the street. Carly wonders why J.J slipped out of the house. J.J admits to Carly that he wanted to run away because he overheard her phone conversation with Jack. J.J tells Carly he is scared that Les will take him away from Keith and Jack. Carly assures J.J that Keith and Jack will do everything possible to make sure Les doesn’t take him away from them. J.J tells Carly that Les told him he would stop Keith and Jack from gaining custody of him.

At Tom and Margo’s house, Celia arrives early because she is nervous about meeting Bob and Kim. Casey and Celia kiss hello and are interrupted by Casey’s friend Matt who wants to borrow Casey’s chemistry notes. Casey introduces him to Celia who goes to the bathroom to freshen up a bit before Kim and Bob arrive to meet her. Matt thinks Celia is ready to take her relationship with Casey to the next level. Casey doesn’t think that is the case at all. Casey gives Matt the chemistry notes and refuses to talk about the subject anymore. Celia arrives a few minutes after Matt Leaves and Casey and Celia decide to watch TV until everyone comes home. A few minutes later the two decide to make out instead of watching TV. Margo and Tom arrive and catch Casey and Celia on the couch together just before things go to far.

At Carly and Jack’s house, Carly continues to assure J.J that Keith and jack will protect him from Les. Carly makes J.J a pinky promise that she will also protect him and he will always be a part of her family. J.J give Carly a hug as a sign that he wants her to protect him too.

At the police station, Les arrives to show Jack a court order granting him temporary custody of J.J. Hal tells Les that Jack is out of town on a case. Les is happy because it will make it easier for him to take J.J with him. Hal reads the court order and makes it clear that Les must stay within his jurisdiction or he will violate the court order. Les tells Hal he won’t leave town but he wants J.J with him today. Les leaves and Hal quickly calls one of his officers to try to stop Jack from leaving town if his plane hasn’t taken off yet.

At the hospital, Katie and Henry are making up because they have had their first fight over Jennifer’s file. Henry is called away to work but before he leaves he gives Katie a kiss and reminds her to stay out of Mike and Jennifer’s business.

At Mike and Jennifer’s place, Craig can’t understand why Jennifer would consider aborting Mike’s child. Mike once again tells Craig to leave because he and Jennifer’s baby is none of his business.

At Margo and Tom’s house, Margo fears that Casey and Celia’s relationship is moving too fast. Tom persuades Margo to ignore what they saw and trust their son. Bob and Kim think Celia is a very nice girl.

At the halfway house, Lily and Keith pretend to be a reporter and photographer in order to search Les’s old room. Keith discovers an old dumbwaiter hidden behind a picture in Les’s room. Keith suspects Les used the dumbwaiter to sneak out of his room the day Julia was killed.

At Tom and Margo’s house, Casey asks Kim if Celia can apply for an internship at the TV station. Margo asks Casey to give Bob and Kim his new school picture. Casey opens his wallet to get a picture and a condom falls out of his wallet.

At Mike and Jennifer’s place, Jennifer tells Craig she the pregnancy is ten weeks along but Craig is still suspicious of the story. Jennifer cries after Craig is gone because she forced Mike to claim the baby before they had made a decision about whether or not to tell Craig the truth. Mike is happy that Craig thinks he is the father of the baby. Mike and Jennifer decide to focus on their baby instead of focusing on Craig.

At the hospital, Katie gives in to temptation and reads Jennifer’s file.

At Jack and Carly’s house, Carly decides to call Jack so he can calm J.J fears. Carly dials Jack’s number and hands the phone to J.J while she goes to answer the door. J.J ‘s call to jack doesn’t go through because Jack’s phone is out of range. Carly opens the door and is stunned to see Les.

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