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At Lily’s house, Luke tells Lily he will move out of the house if she intends to allow Holden to move back in and pretend that they are a happy family.

At the police station, Keith tries to put pressure on Jack to arrest Les for Julia’s murder. Jack explains that he would love to arrest Les, but he needs to have solid evidence against him so the charges will stick.

At Metro, Les calls his lawyer on the phone because he wants him to make sure the police don’t follow him around Oakdale anymore. Les also tells his lawyer he plans to leave town as soon as he gets custody of J.J. Will is very worried when Rafael informs him that Allison hasn’t arrived at work.

At Allison and Aaron’s place, Allison is on the phone with Aaron and she tells him how much she misses him. Allison assures Aaron she will take care of Metro, because his place is with his mother right now.

At Mike and Jennifer’s place, Mike holds Jennifer while she sleeps as he continues to think about the situation. Jennifer awakens and Mike promises her he won’t leave her, no matter what decision she makes about the baby. Mike assures Jennifer that if she wants to be a mother now, he is ready to be a father. Mike tells Jennifer he has already forgiven her for her mistake, and now he is going to make sure she forgives herself.

At the police station, Margo blasts Craig for taking Street Jeans away from Jennifer. Barbara pleads with Hal to persuade Jennifer not to have an abortion. Hal is stunned by the news but thinks the decision should be left to Mike and Jennifer, since they are the parents of the baby. Jack gets information that the person who called Julia on the phone before she died placed the call from a Quick-Mart about a half a block away from her apartment. Keith wants to help Jack put Les in jail. Jack doesn’t trust Keith and fears he will compromise the case against Les. Keith promises to go by the book because all he wants is to put Julia’s killer behind bars. Keith tells Jack he knows Les better then anyone and assures Jack he can help him put Les away for Julia’s murder. Jack is reluctant but agrees to let Keith help him with the case.

At Lily’s house, Lily tries to persuade Luke to stay and not leave home because she needs him to be strong for her. Lily admits to Luke that she still loves Holden. Luke can’t understand how his mother could still love Holden after he betrayed her with another woman. Lily asks Luke to forgive Holden, but Luke wonders if Lily has really forgiven Holden for what he has done. Lily explains to Luke that she and Holden were having problems before Julia arrived in Oakdale, and that she and Holden are both to blame for the problems in their marriage. Lily admits she hasn’t forgiven Holden for his betrayal of their marriage. She tells Luke that she isn’t sure if she and Holden will get back together, but she wants to give their family a chance.

At Mike and Jennifer’s place, Mike tells Jennifer he was unable to sleep because he was thinking about the situation. Mike tells Jennifer that he decided he was happy about the baby despite the fact that Craig is the baby’s father. Mike promises Jennifer he will love the baby like it was his own child. Jennifer is afraid of what will happen if Craig finds out about the baby.

At the police station, Margo realizes yesterday would have been Bryant’s birthday and apologizes to Craig for coming down on him so hard earlier. Hal wonders what other details Barbara has left out about Jennifer’s pregnancy.

At Metro, Will is relieved when Allison finally arrives to work. Allison informs him that Aaron has gone to Seattle to be with his mother, who is in the hospital. Will hides it well, but inside he is happy that Aaron has left town. Will thanks Allison because she helped him get a job at the gym. Will also asks Allison if he can work at Metro, but Allison doesn’t think it is a good idea. Keith and Jack play a little "good cop/bad cop" to see if they can get Les to tell them the exact day he was released from prison. Les tells them the day he was released from prison is listed in his prison file. Keith makes it clear to Les he will make sure he pays for killing Julia. Les tells Keith and Jack they can search all they want for evidence against him, but he didn’t kill Julia.

At Lily’s house, Luke agrees to stay at home with his mom and sisters. Lily wants Luke to enjoy being fifteen and let her handle things now.

At Mike and Jennifer’s place, Jennifer tells Mike she wants to have the baby. Mike wants to keep the pregnancy a secret from Craig because he thinks it’s the best way to protect the child. Mike and Jennifer both wonder if they can live with that lie for the rest of their lives.

At the police station, Craig explains to Margo that Bryant’s death was very hard on him and he also wishes Lucy was home, but he is learning to accept things he can’t control. Hal continues to tell Barbara he won’t get involved in Jennifer’s decision about the baby. Barbara continues to try to persuade Hal to help their confused daughter. Craig overhears part of their conversation and asks Barbara to finish what she was going to say to Hal. Barbara makes up a story about a family friend being pregnant. Craig doesn’t buy the story and leaves when Hal asks him to go. Hal wonders why Barbara doesn’t want Craig to know about Jennifer being pregnant. Barbara admits to Hal that Craig is the father of Jennifer’s baby. Hal is angry because he thinks Craig raped Jennifer. Barbara explains what happened, hoping that Hal will change his mind and talk to Jennifer. Hal refuses to get involved in the situation. Jack and Keith are ready to go interview the person in charge at the halfway house where Les stayed after he got out of prison. Jack’s plans are interrupted when he gets a call about another case that will take him out of town. Jack makes Keith promise not to do anything until he gets back, but as soon as Jack leaves Keith does exactly what Jack told him not to do.

At Lily’s place, Keith arrives to ask for Lily’s help to put Les in prison.

At Mike and Jennifer’s place, Mike promises Jennifer he won’t leave her and they are in this together. Jennifer gives Mike a kiss, and they decide to go have something to eat and forget about their problems. Craig arrives to congratulate the happy couple on their good news.

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