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At the police station, Luke is still very angry and hurt about Holden. He overhears Lily and Holden talking about what she will do when she gets released, and he can’t help but lash out at Holden, accusing him of being disappointed that Lily isn’t guilty because now he has to deal with his family again. Lily steps in to defend Holden, but Luke takes another shot, saying Holden’s murdered girlfriend’s brother did more to help Lily than Holden ever did. A frustrated Lily leaves the room so Holden and Luke can hash it out and get over it once and for all.

Lucinda talks to Keith about Lily and why he is helping her when not too long ago he wanted to ruin her and her family. Keith tries to convince her that he has no secret agenda; he has simply realized he was wrong about Lily, and now he wants to help get her home to her family. Lucinda tells Keith that she trusts him as far as she can throw him just as Lily walks over and defends him by telling Lucinda that she trusts Keith implicitly, and Lucinda owes him an apology. Lucinda is confused by Lily’s defense of Keith. Lily sets her straight when she tells Lucinda that she has recanted her confession, and it is all thanks to Keith.

At Metro, Allison and Aaron talk about him leaving to go to Seattle. She tries to stay positive because she knows Aaron needs to be there with his family. However, Allison can’t help but be sad because Aaron is having a hard time committing to when he may be returning to Oakdale.

At the clinic, Barbara continues to try to work on getting Jen to reconsider her appointment. She begs Jen to keep the baby and just not tell Craig. The counselor interrupts, wanting to know if Jen plans on keeping her appointment, and Jen says yes. Barbara becomes more worked up and starts to cause a scene, prompting the counselor to suggest that Jen come back at another time because she doesn’t want to meet with Jen under these circumstances. She tells Jen to reschedule when she can have a more private appointment. A frustrated Jen leaves with Mike, and Barbara picks up her cell phone and makes a frantic call to Paul asking for his help with Jen.

Luke and Holden are having an emotional talk, and Luke is accusing Holden of no longer appreciating his family. He thinks Holden was wrong to abandon his family because he wanted to be with Julia. Holden tries to get Luke to see that Lily and he were officially separated and that he had never lied, and that should count for something. Holden insists that he wants to be a family with him, Faith and Natalie, but Luke will hear none of it and tells Holden that he wants no part of his ‘family’ if it does not include Lily. With that, Luke takes off.

Later, at Metro, Aaron surprises Allison with a romantic dinner. Allison breaks down again, worried about when she will see him next. She apologizes for being upset and promises to keep busy and take care of Metro while he is gone. She tells him that when he gets back he will be impressed with how well she has taken care of things. Then Aaron tells Allison that he has booked the last flight out of Oakdale that night, and he has to go talk to Holden, but he will be back later to spend the rest of his time with her.

Paul has arrived to meet with Barbara and is curious about what she has done to Jen now that she would need his help. Barbara blurts out that Jen is pregnant with Craig’s baby, and they need to stop her from aborting the baby. Paul is shocked but tells Barbara that she needs to mind her own business. He is sure that Jen would not appreciate anyone’s input on how she should be handling her own body. Finally, Paul decides he will go see Jen because he feels that Barbara’s handling of Jen earlier probably made things worse, and he wants to lend his support.

Mike has taken Jen home and is trying to take care of her. Jen wants to know how Mike feels about the pregnancy. Mike tells her to focus on herself and the baby and not to worry about him. Jen tells him that he is the center of her life, and how can she make any decisions until she knows how he feels? Mike can’t give her the answers she wants. He promises to see her through the pregnancy, but as to a year down the road, he can’t make any promises, because that is too much responsibility. He is not sure how he would feel with always having to be dealing with Craig and sharing Jen’s life with him. He thinks that if Jen was not 100% okay with what he chose then she would end up resenting him. Paul shows up in the middle of their conversation to lend his support, and Mike leaves to give them some time.

Aaron shows up at the police station to talk to Holden. Holden tells Aaron that Lily has recanted her confession and that they have a new suspect. He says he is happy about Lily, but he then tells him how he doesn’t feel Luke will ever forgive him for how he handled the Julia situation. Aaron reminds Holden of their history and how they overcame it, and how he loves him now and appreciates the father he is. He is convinced Luke will come around. Then he breaks the news about Julie to Holden and says he is leaving that night to go to Seattle, and he is not sure when he will be back. Holden understands and asks Aaron to stay in touch and let him know how Julie is.

Allison has called her mom to talk. Susan arrives and sees Allison upset and assumes she has simply had a fight with Aaron. After hearing the real story and that Allison has a bad feeling about him leaving, Susan recommends Allison go with him if she is that upset over it. Allison is very surprised by her support. Her mom tells her that she sees how much Allison loves Aaron, and if she feels that strongly then she should follow her heart. She tells her that jobs and friends can come and go, but it could be once in a lifetime when you find the kind of love Allison feels for Aaron. Allison is thrilled with what her mom tells her and decides she is going to go with Aaron to Seattle.

After hearing Lily has recanted, Lucinda thinks Lily is ready to leave, but Lily has to tell her that there are still tampering charges pending. Lucinda leaves to go talk to Tom, but not before giving Keith the apology Lily asked her to give him. Keith thanks Lily for standing up for him, and Lily apologizes to him about Julia. Keith appreciates her gesture and tells her he understands she did what she did because she didn’t want to lose her family. They are beginning to find common ground and an appreciation for one another. Keith begins to open up to her about Julia as a child and how when she wanted something she would go after it, and usually get it. Before they can talk further, Aaron interrupts to say goodbye. A surprised Lily wishes him and Julie well. Lucinda shows back up, telling Lily that she has spoken to Tom, and his office is still considering the charges but has allowed Lucinda to post Lily’s bail. She is there to take Lily home. She also has decided to throw Lily a small party with her family. Lily is eager to leave. Keith tells her he will see her around, because he isn’t leaving town until Jack and he figure out whom the real killer is. Lily starts to leave, but Holden hesitates. He is not sure he has a right to be there, but Lily tells him it is her party, and therefore he definitely should come.

Allison is busy packing when Aaron arrives back home, not knowing what she has planned. He is a little disappointed that she looks busy when he is close to leaving, but Allison tells an overwhelmed Aaron that she has booked a seat on his plane and has decided to go with him.

Jen is talking to Paul about her pregnancy and how supportive Mike is being. She is worried, though, that this pregnancy is more than Mike can handle. She wants to be with Mike and one day have a family, but now this has changed all her plans, and she isn’t sure what to do next. Paul wants Jen to stop thinking of anyone else and consider this scenario: what she would do about the pregnancy if there were no Mike? Would she keep the baby or still want to give it up?

Mike is sitting on a park bench when some young kids kick the ball to him. He throws the ball back to the children, but that small interaction causes him to long for children of his own. Barbara, who is watching this, approaches him to talk further. Mike is not in the mood and tries to get her to leave, but Barbara has a plan that she thinks would interest Mike. He bites, and Barbara tells him that she has a way to punish Craig and do something wonderful for the baby. Barbara thinks that Jen should be convinced to keep the baby, and they could punish Craig for all he has put them through by never letting him know the baby is his. She thinks Mike could be the ultimate ‘nice guy’ by marrying Jen and raising the child as his own.

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