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Jack, Keith and Lily are anxious to look into the hospital pharmacist’s statement regarding the fact that Julia called him after the time Lily had left Julia’s apartment. They are encouraged by the fact that he heard someone interrupt her call to him, and then the line went dead. Jack leaves to investigate the new evidence. Lily starts to believe that she may not have to go to jail now for falsely admitting to killing Julia. She thanks Keith for all his help and tells him that because of him she has hope again. Keith praises Lily for her bravery in being willing to go to jail for her child. Holden comes in and wants to know why they look so happy. They tell him about the new evidence. They are all optimistic about Lily being released from jail that day until Tom comes in and tells Lily that he can’t release her until they clear up how Keith got the letter she supposedly wrote threatening Julia.

Allison and Aaron talk about her helping Will and how she feels maternal when she looks out for Will, as well as Casey and Celia. As they are talking, a phone call interrupts them for Aaron. It's Caleb, his stepdad, who is calling from Seattle. After Aaron gets off the phone, Allison can tell something is upsetting him. He tells her that his mom has been admitted to the hospital. She had been feeling lousy for a couple of weeks and was losing weight, and finally she ended up in the hospital. Aaron is wracked with guilt over not being there for his mom. He tells Allison how he has been meaning to go see his mom and Caleb for a couple of years, but something has always come up; now something could seriously be wrong with his mom and they need him, and he is in Oakdale.

Katie and Henry discuss Jen’s visit to a family planning center. Katie thinks they should stay out of it, and it surprises Henry that she isn’t more curious. She admits that she is, but she believes that even if there is something going on with Jen, it is her body, and she has the right to keep that private. However, Katie is concerned that since Jen is being so secretive one has to wonder, if Jen is pregnant, if the baby is Craig’s. Katie ponders out loud that, if that is the case, shouldn’t Craig be told? Henry adamantly says NO!

Barbara is trying to find Jen after her talk with Mike after realizing Mike did not know about the pregnancy. Barbara desperately wants to do damage control, so she calls up the limo company Jen used that morning to go on her ‘appointment’ and tries to find out where she was driven to so she can go there. After getting nowhere, she angrily hangs up the phone. Craig walks in at that moment, and Barbara lashes out at him, wanting to know what he has done to Jen. Craig and Barbara trade insults for a moment before she heads out looking for Jen. This confrontation leaves Craig wondering what is going on with Jen. He thinks he could probably use whatever it is to his advantage, so he heads out to talk to someone who can probably tell him what is going on.

Jen is just about to head in to her appointment with the counselor when she turns around to find Mike wanting to know what she is doing here. He tells her about Barbara’s visit with the baby blanket gift and how he found the family planning center ad. Jen knows she can’t hide it anymore and tells Mike she is pregnant. Mike tells her he has figured that part out, but he wants to know why she is here and not home celebrating with him. Even more upset now, Jen is forced to admit to Mike that the baby she is carrying is Craig’s. Mike questions if the baby could be his, but Jen tells him the due date makes it during the time they were having trouble. A humiliated Jen tells him she just wants to be left alone so she can get this over with.

Keith comes to Lily’s defense regarding the letter, saying that he lied about where he found the note. He thought at the time Lily was guilty, and he was trying to do what he could to make sure she paid for her crime. Lily, however, is not going to allow Keith to cover for her, and she admits to writing the note after the fact but says Keith was not involved. Tom tells them both that, because of this evidence, they will now be charged with tampering with evidence, which is still a felony and punishable by jail time. Holden is upset with Tom that he could consider charging Lily after everything, but Tom tells them this is a high profile case, and he can’t afford to play favorites because Lily is his friend. He tells them his handling of this case has to be above reproach. Jack and Tom leave to talk more, and after they do Holden apologizes to Keith for how he has been with him. Outside the room, Jack tries to reason with Tom, saying that, in the scheme of things, they don’t need to worry about charges such as tampering with evidence when they should be focusing on who murdered Julia. He appeals to Tom and his relationship with Casey. He suggests Tom probably would have done the same thing as Lily did for Luke to protect his child. Jack thinks the best thing for everyone involved is to bury the letter and let Lily get on with her life.

Henry thinks Katie shouldn’t even give it a second thought about whether Craig should know anything. He reminds Katie of how selfish Craig is and how if he discovers anything he will make the baby all about himself, and he will end up interfering in Jen’s relationship with Mike, and they will probably not survive it. Katie is bothered, though, that Craig has lost Bryant, and with Lucy being away he should have a choice with this child. Just as they are discussing this, Craig shows up under the pretense of visiting Katie, but he is really fishing for information. He pretends to be privy to what is going on with Jen and tries to bait Katie and Henry by saying that they must be busy talking about Jen, and it is a shame what is happening with her.

Mike is bothered by the fact that Jen did not trust him enough to tell him she was pregnant. She tells him it wasn’t about trust, it was about the fact that she couldn’t stand how she was continuously breaking Mike’s heart, and she was afraid also that this could be the thing that Mike couldn’t get past. Mike tells Jen that she has to stop thinking about him or his reaction to her pregnancy. He tells her to think about the baby and to take more time to make sure she is positive about what she wants to do. Jen is worried that the longer she waits the less sure she will be about what needs to be done. Mike suggests that her reaction means she needs to take longer so she won’t regret her decision. Just then Barbara shows up, all apologetic about spoiling the surprise with Mike about her grandchild. As she continues to talk she realizes neither Mike nor Jen looks happy, which confuses her immensely. She keeps pushing, wanting to know why they aren’t embracing the news, until finally Jen blurts out that the baby is not Mike’s. Barbara is extremely confused by this and wants to know whose baby she is carrying.

Katie and Henry are playing stupid with Craig regarding what is up with Jen, so Craig acts like they aren’t in the loop. Katie bites at Craig’s manipulation, wanting to know who told him about Jen and how much he knows. Henry tries to stop Katie from saying anymore because he doesn’t believe Craig knows as much as he is letting on. He calls Craig’s bluff by asking Craig to tell them what he knows. With that, Craig is forced to admit that he doesn’t know anything other than that Jen is acting weirder than normal towards him, and everyone is worried about her. He was hoping that he could find out what was going on with Jen from them both, since he is worried about her. Henry doesn’t believe for a second Craig is concerned about Jen’s well-being, and they start to snip at each other. Henry wants Katie to see that Craig was only trying to trick her to find out gossip he could use against Jen. Katie tells Craig that he needs to apologize to Henry or she won’t tell him what she knows about Jen.

Allison and Aaron continue to talk about his feelings of guilt over having left home to stay in Oakdale and doing such a bad job of staying in touch. Allison reminds him that it was Julie and Caleb who had suggested he stay with Holden while they were working through their problems. She also reminds him that he has a family, a job and her here in Oakdale, and they understood that. When Aaron doesn’t seem completely convinced, Allison tells Aaron to get on a plane and go see his mom in Seattle. She tells him that would be the only way he would feel better, and that will ultimately make his mom feel better. She assures him she will handle Metro, and his family will survive for a few days while he is out of town.

Jen has to tell Barbara that the baby is Craig’s. Immediately Barbara assumes Craig forced himself on her, and she is ready to have Craig arrested, but Jen stops her by yelling at her that their night was consensual and happened during a time when she was feeling very low about everything in her life. When Barbara realizes what Jen is saying, she at first reacts badly, asking Jen how she could be with a man who destroyed her family. Finally, after the shock wears off and she realizes Jen is there to terminate her pregnancy, she tells Jen she will not allow her to abort her baby.

Jack tells Lily, Keith and Holden that Tom cannot just drop the charges, so Holden wants to call Jess. Keith and Jack leave to talk about their next strategy to find Julia’s killer. Holden and Lily talk about how anxious she is to get back to her children. Luke is overhearing their conversation. He bursts in and accuses Holden of not being really happy that Lily is not guilty.

Barbara pleads with Jen not to punish her baby because of Craig. Barbara reminds Jen she has family and friends who will help and support her. She does not want Jen to so anything drastic that one day she will look back at what she did and regret her decision. Jen is not open to hearing her right now, and Mike suggests Barbara leave. However, Barbara is adamant that Jen reconsider because she knows what Jen is going through, and she relates it to when she was pregnant with Jen. She worries that Jen will have to live with the “what ifs” if she goes through with the procedure. She will always wonder what the baby would have looked like, what the baby would have grown up to be like, and what the baby could have accomplished. It seems like Barbara’s words are getting to Jen, but she quickly recovers and tells Barbara to leave.

At the station, Jack receives a fax of Julia’s incoming calls to her cell phone the night she died. Jack and Keith notice that there was an incoming call from a pay phone right before she got on the phone with the pharmacist. They figure this may be the person who called first and then showed up and killed Julia.

Craig apologizes to Henry in order to get information from Katie about Jen. Henry is trying to persuade Katie not to fall for Craig's manipulations, but Katie tells Henry she already promised Craig that she would tell him if he apologized to him. Katie then proceeds to tell Craig that Mike and Jen are having big problems and that they are close to breaking up. Craig is upset that this is the secret that is being kept from him. He asks if that is all they are hiding, and Katie assures him that was it. After Craig leaves, Henry praises Katie on her lying to Craig to cover. Katie tells Henry she considered telling Craig until she found out he came there to trick her into telling him information.

Outside the clinic, Mike and Jen continue to talk about her plans for her baby. Mike wants to take Jen home so he can take care of her and so she can think some more. Barbara interrupts them again to apologize for coming on strong, but she just wants Jen to know she loves and supports her, and they can get through this baby crisis without Craig ever having to find out the baby is his.

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