ATWT Update Friday 4/8/05

As the World Turns Update Friday 4/8/05



By Camille
Proofreading by Angie
Pictures by Amanda

Tom is meeting with Lily at the police station. Lily tells him that she did not kill Julia and that she's been lying to protect her son Luke, who she now knows had nothing to do with Julia's death. Tom tells her that, while as a parent he understands her doing what she did, she has confessed and there are witnesses to that confession. He tells her that to change her story now would make her look more guilty. There is no new evidence, no new suspects. All they have is Lily's confession.

Jack releases Julia's personal effects to Keith, who notices that Julia's cell phone is missing. Jack says that he and his men looked everywhere for the cell but could not find it. They assumed that Julia lost it. Keith says that that is not possible because he saw Julia using her cell phone the day she was killed in the police station. Jack has a list from Julia's cell provider of all the numbers that she called, and he goes to check it again. He realizes that there is a number that he missed the first time. Lily looks at the time and realizes that it was made after she left the apartment and that she was with Carly at the time. Jack calls the number. It's the pharmacy. Jack asks the pharmacist, Mr. Shepard, to come in and give a statement. The pharmacist remembers that Julia was the one he spoke to and that while they were on the phone he heard her say, "What are you doing here?" and then the phone went dead. Jack thinks that if they find out who Julia was with in the apartment, they will have found the killer.

Jen has car trouble, prompting Mike to offer to drive her around to her meetings. She turns his offer down, telling him she's hired a car for the day. Her car arrives and Henry is the driver. She has Henry drop her off several blocks before her destination and tells him to forget he ever saw her. Henry suspects something and checks to see what the original address was. He realizes that it's a family planning center and goes to tell Katie. Katie wonders whose baby it could be. Meanwhile, at the center, Jen talks to a mother with a 2-year-old girl while she's waiting to be called. The mother tells her that she can't imagine her life without children. Jen's name is called and she stands and turns to find Mike behind her.

Barbara bumps into Paul having breakfast at the Lakeview and tries to persuade Paul that she only has Jen's best interests in mind. Paul's not buying it. He's heard this before. She tells Paul that she knows Jen is pregnant because she found the pregnancy test in Jen's purse. Paul tells Barbara that if Jen is pregnant then she should be the one to tell her family. Barbara tells Paul that Jen needs their support and nothing is going to keep her from sharing her daughter's happiness. Later, Barbara goes to the cottage with a baby blanket as a gift and she gives it to Mike, telling him that she knows about the baby. Barbara realizes too late that Mike has no idea that Jen is pregnant. She leaves and returns to Paul and confesses to him that she's told Mike, who didn't know, about the baby. Mike tries to call Jen after Barbara leaves and gets no answer. He finds the page with the family planning clinic on it.

Allison asks Katie to hire Will part-time at the gym. Katie doesn't think that it's a good idea because of Will's fighting. Will overhears them and starts to yell at Allison, telling her he doesn't need her help. Allison tells him to find a new best friend. She confronts him and asks him what he's really mad about. He admits that it's because he thinks she and Aaron are getting married. Allison tells Will that they are not getting married, but they do love each other very much.

Craig and Dusty argue at BRO. Craig wants the designs back, and Dusty tells him he has no right to them. Craig tries to intimidate Dusty, telling him that he does not know how to run a successful business and that he and Jen are two rookies who'll both fail. He wants to talk to Jennifer. Dusty tells him to back off or else. Craig says that Jen has not seemed herself lately and he hopes that there is nothing wrong.

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