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By Jenny
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Allison and Aaron are at Metro discussing whether they want to get married. Alli asks Aaron if he wants to. Aaron says they had been talking about marriage, and Alli points out that Katie and Henry were talking about it and they just got swept along. They agree that they shouldn't rush into marriage. They both know that they want to get married eventually but agree that the timing is bad, what with Lily going to jail, both of them working at Metro, etc. Alli looks disappointed, though, and Aaron asks her why. She says it is hard to tell him because he is her best friend, too, and she really needs to tell her best friend something. Aaron tells her to go ahead. Alli says that, unlike most girls, she didn't have her wedding planned by the time she was ten. She says she tried with Chris, but of course that was a disaster. Then she admits she has her wedding to Aaron all planned out. She tells him how the decor would be set up at the Lakeview, etc. Then she tells him all the vows she plans to recite about how happy he makes her and how she would promise never to forget how much they mean to each other, etc. Then she asks Aaron to tell her what vows he would say to her. Aaron tells her what he's imagined saying at their wedding about how he never felt like he belonged anywhere, and she was the only person who accepted him the way he was and loved him, and how he promises always to love and appreciate her. Then they share a smooch and agree that one day they will have a great wedding. Aaron says he has to get back to work and heads over to the bar.

Meanwhile, Tyson and Will continue their argument at Katie's gym. Tyson is needling Will about how Alli is taken and would never want him. They start yelling and trading insults. Will lunges at Tyson and they start fighting. Casey and Tyson's pal jumps in. Just then an off-duty police officer and Katie run over to break up the fight. The cop suggests that they let it go and avoid a trip to the police station. He tells them to apologize, shake hands, and move on. Will refuses to apologize. The cop says if they don't work it out he'll have to take them down to the station and get Will's dad involved. Will says that is fine. The cop hauls them all down to the police station. Celia calls Alli and tells her to come down to the station to help Will. Alli tells Aaron she has to go help Will out. Aaron tells her to "go save the world" and kisses her goodbye.

At the police station, Hal asks Will what happened. Will gives him some smarmy answer to the effect of, "Does it matter?" Hal starts to get mad and tells Will he is going to be in a lot of trouble. Will says Tyson started hassling him, but he admits he took the first swing. Another cop calls Hal, and he leaves Will alone for a minute. Alli walks in and finds Will. She begs him to just apologize for the fight, even if Tyson wouldn't. She tells Will Tyson isn't worth getting in trouble over. She says he should just apologize and drop the whole thing. Will snaps that she doesn't really care about him anyway and tells her to go home to her fiancÚ. Then he storms out of the room. Hal finds Will and tells him that Tyson's dad wants to press charges. He tells Will his only chance to get out of trouble is to just apologize. Will agrees, and Tyson's dad drops the charges.

Meanwhile, Celia and Casey ask Rafi if they can go to the concert in Chicago. Casey launches into a speech about what a great, upstanding citizen he is, how he wouldn't let his car get stolen again, and how he'd take good care of Celia. Rafi says if the concert is important to Celia, of course they can go. Then he announces that he will take the night off and drive Casey and Celia to Chicago himself!

Dusty tells Paul that he has a plan to bring Craig down for what he did to Jennifer. He explains that he is in charge at Street Jeans now, and he wants to make Craig pay. Paul asks what he wants to do. Dusty says he'll find out when they get there. They go to Craig's new "Boulevard Jeans" office and break in. Dusty explains to Paul that they are going to steal Jennifer's designs back from Craig, and they start hunting around the office for the designs. Paul says maybe the designs aren't there and adds that he if were Craig he'd keep them locked up in a vault. Dusty says that Craig is too lazy for that, and, sure enough, he finds the designs in an envelope taped to the underside of a desk. Paul worries that Craig would know they'd been there when he found the designs missing. Dusty says not to worry, he'd thought of that, and he whips out some new designs. He explains that they are Barbara's and they aren't great, but Craig probably won't know the difference. Even Paul is impressed with Dusty's planning. Just then they hear the phone ring and have to hide. Paul wedges himself under the desk and Dusty ducks behind a door. The secretary comes into the room to get the phone. As soon as she leaves, Paul and Dusty sneak out with the designs. As they are leaving they worry about Craig stealing more stuff from Jen. Paul assumes Dusty has gotten the locks and combinations changed, but Dusty says he thought Paul had done it. They realize NO ONE has done it and hurry back to Street Jeans.

Meanwhile, Craig meets with a buyer who says he needs to see the actual clothes by next week or the deal is off. Craig assures him everything is under control and he'll get his jeans on time. The buyer leaves, and Craig decides that he needs to steal some more of Jen's designs - her sketches for next year's line. Craig goes over to Street Jeans and lets himself in. He just misses Barbara, who has left some designs for Jen and a note saying she hopes Jen could use them if she needed help with the new line. She sticks the note in Jen's little red bag, not noticing the pregnancy test that is still in there. Ew!

Barbara leaves and Craig sneaks in a few minutes later. He gets into the safe and is just leaving with the designs when Barbara walks back in. She demands to know what he is doing there. He asks her the same thing. She starts yelling at him for trying to destroy her daughter. Craig defends himself, saying he did nothing wrong, he was just starting his own company, etc. Barbara says she is calling security. Craig tells her, "Don't you dare," and starts toward her. Barbara throws Jen's bag at him. It bounces off him and falls on the floor, spilling its contents, but neither Craig nor Barbara take any notice at the time. They continue arguing until Dusty and Paul walk in. Barbara tells them that Dusty was trying to steal Jen's new designs. They get the file away from Craig and Dusty jokingly offers to throw him out a window. Paul quickly says he could if he wanted, but just to get him out of there. Dusty hauls Craig out of the room. Paul demands to know what Barbara was doing there. She says she came to see her daughter and explains about leaving Jen the sketches. Paul says no one needs her help and she can keep her sketches. He puts Jen's designs back in the safe, making sure it is securely locked, and leaves, telling Barbara to do the same. Barbara lingers, wondering to herself why Paul would be so concerned. She is telling herself that she will take care of Jen and protect her from Craig when she notices Jen's bag still on the floor. She stoops to pick up all the stuff that fell out and finds the positive pregnancy test! Not knowing about Jen's tryst with Craig, she says to herself that Jen is going to have a baby with Mike and she must need Mommy Dearest to help her. Barbara promises herself that she won't let Craig hurt the mother of her first grandchild! (Look out, Craig!)

Craig gets back to his office and discovers the designs are gone. He asks his secretary if anyone has been there. She says she doesn't think so, and he tells her she can leave.

Meanwhile, Mike is still being Mr. Wonderful, telling Jen how he forgives her for sleeping with Craig and just wants to move on. Jen tries to tell him she is pregnant with Craig's baby but can't think of a good way to start. Finally she tells Mike that the night she slept with Craig, there were "consequences". Mike COMPLETELY misses the boat, saying he knows that, there were consequences from the time he almost kissed Katie. He says it made him realize that his urgent desire to have a family was driven by a need to prove he was over Katie and had moved on. Then he says he realized he HAD moved on, Jen is all he cares about, he loves her and wants to be with her, and they could talk about having a family later, when they were ready. He doesn't have to prove anything to Katie or himself anymore, he knows he loves Jen. He says he wants to forget about the night Jen spent with Craig and move on. Jen is overwhelmed with guilt because he is being so sweet to her, and she can't bring herself to tell him about the baby. They go to bed and make love. Afterward, Mike goes to sleep, but Jen lies awake worrying. She remembers Dusty saying that if she loved Mike, she'd tell him the baby was his, and he'd believe it because he WANTED to believe it, and they'd all be one big happy family. But she also remembers what Mike had said about how they could make it as a couple if only they were honest with each other. Finally, Jen gets out of bed and goes into the living room, shutting the door behind her. She opens the phone book and finds the page for family planning clinics. She makes sure Mike is still asleep and the door is tightly closed and then calls one of the clinics. As the phone is ringing, she sadly says to herself that she couldn't lie about the baby, but she couldn't hurt Mike either. When someone answers at the clinic, she makes an appointment for first thing in the morning.

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