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When Casey, Celia, Will and, later, Allison and Aaron show up at the gym, Katie is curious as to why suddenly their gym is so popular. Henry tells her that he came up with the idea of a free trial and tour to get people into the gym so they can make some money on their investment. Katie is impressed with his plan. Meanwhile, Will starts to take out his aggression over Allison on a punching bag, and Casey tries to talk to him. Will doesn’t seem receptive to it until Casey puts it together and calls him on acting out over Allison.

Sierra visits Lily in jail to offer support, and Lily is in an extremely emotional state due to her visit with her children. Sierra offers her any kind of assistance she may need. Lily asks Sierra to pick up the slack with her children while she will be in jail. She asks Sierra to be there for her girls' first times and their recitals to take pictures and the like. Sierra tries to get Lily not to worry about things that are so far in the future, but when Lily is inconsolable about who her kids will have in their lives, Sierra agrees to be a constant in Faith's, Natalie's and Luke’s lives.

Jen admits to Dusty that she is pregnant, and after Dusty congratulates her and Mike, she has to further admit that the baby is Craig’s and not Mike’s. Just as she is admitting this bombshell, Mike walks in wanting to kill Craig. Jen, at first, mistakenly thinks Mike overheard her admission and starts to try to explain. However, she soon realizes Mike is upset because he has heard about the trunk show. Jen continues to be overwhelmed with guilt as Mike continues to be great with her. He reaffirms his belief in their relationship and his love of her. Jen agrees to meet Mike later at home, and after he leaves Jen turns to Dusty and tells him she has to tell Mike the truth, but Dusty responds by asking why she would do such a dumb thing.

Keith has gone to visit Luke at his home, and he convinces Luke to be truthful with him so he can help Lily. At first Luke is unsure, but Keith convinces him that he just wants the real killer to pay for Julia’s murder, and if it is not Luke or Lily then he wants to help them both. Keith finally gains Luke’s trust, and Luke admits to him that Julia was alive when Lily left but dead by the time he got to her. He assures Keith that he was not the one who killed Julia, and his mom is so adamantly professing her guilt to cover for Luke that she must think he killed Julia. With that, Keith tells Luke to get his coat because they are going to the police station to see about helping Lily out.

At the gym, two high school boys start to harass Celia. Casey tries to come to her rescue but to no avail. Then Will gets involved and diffuses the situation quickly by alluding to the fact that Celia has the same boxing background as her brother, Rafael, who put Aaron in the hospital. He also reminds them that Katie and Henry are watching them, and if they call the police, Will’s dad is Chief of Police and Casey’s mom is a detective. The boys decide to leave, and Celia thanks Will and Casey for being her heroes. Allison tells Will that she is proud of how maturely and calmly he handled the situation, which affects Will.

Jen wants to know why Dusty thinks it is a good idea to stay quiet. Dusty thinks that it will only make things worse for her if Mike is forced to always remember what happened with her and Craig by being constantly reminded by a baby. Jen is not even convinced Mike wouldn’t question outright whom the baby belongs to. She is especially concerned about doing this to Mike because he has already gone through it with Carly and it practically destroyed him. Dusty tells her that because Mike loves her he may wonder, but because of that love he would also believe in her. So Dusty tells her to go home and make love to Mike, and then in a month she should tell Mike she is pregnant. Jen’s conscience is really torturing her because her heart is telling her to be honest with Mike, but she is terrified that it would spell the end of her and Mike’s relationship.

Luke and Keith show up to talk to Lily. At fist Lily wants Keith to stay away from Luke, but they soon get her to realize that Keith only wants the truth, and he is there to help. Luke finally gets Lily to understand that he did not kill Julia, and for that reason she should stop trying to convince everyone of her guilt. Lily finally understands that Luke is in fact innocent, and she realizes the mess she has created; by now she has worked so hard with so many people to get them to believe in her guilt that she is afraid if she recants no one will believe her. Keith tells her he will talk to Tom, but she is sure no one will believe her flip-flop. Keith thinks the fact that he is the victim’s brother will affect people if stands beside her. They agree that there are a lot of lies to unravel, but they have to start somewhere. If they figure out who may have really killed Julia, then they would have ground to stand on. Keith tells Lily Julia had a shady past, and he will tell Lily about that if she fills him in on her actions before he got to Oakdale. They have to trust each other in order to solve this.

Jen comes home to find Mike setting up a romantic evening for them with all of Jen’s favorite Chinese take-out dinner selections. Immediately Jen is wracked with guilt, but she also experiences a wave of nausea and covers by saying all the stress is getting to her. They decide to skip dinner, but Mike hands her his blueprint plans for her studio on the back of the cottage. Jen is so appreciative of Mike that they start to kiss, but Jen stops them by claiming she is overwhelmed and still feeling so badly about Craig. Mike wants them to have a pact to never talk or think about Craig again. He wants them to agree that there will be no more hiding things or lying because they have to have a new beginning. Jen continues to wrestle with her love for Mike and fear of losing him if she tells him the truth.

Sierra meets with Dusty to discuss Craig. He tells Sierra that what he saw in Craig at the trunk show really made him realize how evil Craig is, because it wasn’t just business that was making Craig steal the designs and undermine Street Jeans sales; he was out to personally destroy Jen. Sierra tells him that she will no longer fall for any of Craig’s lies and that she will never trust him again. Dusty believes they need to go on the offensive to stop him. Sierra is worried that he means he is going to hurt Craig, but what Dusty wants is complete control of Street Jeans. He assures her he won’t harm him, only neutralize him slowly yet effectively. Sierra gives him the okay to do whatever he needs to do.

At the gym, Will overhears Katie and Henry trying to convince Allison and Aaron to get married at the gym like they did. He sees how happy they are and how comfortable Allison and Aaron are with the topic of marriage. He appears very upset with what he hears. Allison and Aaron continue to play with the idea of where they would get married. Finally they stop, realizing they are talking about a lifetime commitment casually as if that is their next step. Aaron asks Allison if that is where they are now: does she want marriage to be their next step?

Casey asks Will to accompany him and Celia to the concert in Chicago as a buffer for Rafael, and Will, who has just overheard Allison and Aaron’s talk of marriage, responds angrily. Casey is taken aback by Will’s ‘Jeckyll and Hyde’ personality. Will turns to leave and ends up bumping into the two high school boys he had had words with earlier in the afternoon. This time they don’t back down and instead taunt Will because Henry and Katie are not around. They tease Will about his crush on Allison and how pathetic he is for thinking she would ever look at him twice. Will’s anger is welling up as he listens to them pick on him.

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