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Jen is upset inside the Street Jeans offices as she tries to come to grips with her pregnancy results. Dusty sees her sitting there looking out into space, and he pounds on the locked door until she gets up to answer it. He immediately wants to know why she is here and not at the trunk show. Jen tries to explain that she had been there and almost made a big scene yelling at Craig, but she realized that it would give Street Jeans bad press, which is what Craig wants. Dusty is adamant that Jen snap out of it because the trunk show is of the utmost importance, since it is what the fashion heads view as the follow-up to see what Jen is made of. They want to make sure she is not a one-hit-wonder, and if Craig is the only one representing her stolen designs they will assume he is the mastermind. Finally Dusty rallies Jen, and they leave to head back to the trunk show.

Meanwhile, Paul has brought Hal to the trunk show to shut Craig down any way they can. Hall asks Craig to produce a permit to show he can be there. Craig sees this as harassment and tries to laugh it off. When Hal does not back down, Craig tries to pass off a permit from Street Jeans with his name on it. He is told the permit follows the company, not the individual. Hal asks Craig to pack up and leave. Craig is annoyed that this is all because Jen needs her pit bulls to fight her battles. Hal promises that if he comes back and Craig is still there, he will arrest him.

Mike shows up wanting to punch off his frustration at Katie and Henry’s gym. When Henry sees how upset Mike is, his insecurity flares up, and he no longer wants to leave Katie alone with him. Katie wants Henry to go try for the job, and when Henry balks, claiming he is worried Mike will take out his frustration on Katie, she calls Henry on still being insecure about her friendship with Mike. Katie gets Henry to understand that there is nothing for him to worry about and tells him he needs to believe in her and go try to get the job. Henry begrudgingly leaves.

Lily asks Lucinda why she would be so cruel as to bring Faith and Natalie to see her now, but Lucinda claims it is because Lily has to say goodbye at some point, so why not now. Lucinda leaves to give Lily time with her girls as Holden shows up and wonders why his kids are there. Lucinda tells him that this is probably their last hope to get Lily to tell the truth, since Lynne Michaels deemed Lily sane. Lucinda is hoping Lily will not be able to say goodbye to her kids and will change her mind about leaving them.

In court, Jack jumps up, upset that J.J. is saying he loves Les. He begs J.J. to not be afraid of Les and promises that the Judge will protect him and he can't let Les control him. Les tries to stop Jack from talking, and soon there is no order in the court. The Judge orders J.J. to leave while she speaks to the adults. When J.J. is in the hall with Carly, she asks him to talk to her. J.J. admits that Les threatened to kill Jack unless he said that. Carly tells J.J. they should tell the truth, but J.J. is worried about Jack’s safety. When the Judge asks for J.J. to come back into the courtroom, Carly goes with him for support.

Jen and Dusty show back up at the trunk show, ready to go. As Jen sees her sales have dwindled to nearly nothing because of Craig’s look-alike designs and knock-off prices, she realizes how much he wants to hurt her because of her getting him fired. She starts to feel sick and panicky and has a vision of Craig holding their baby, saying that because she cut him out of Street Jeans she won’t see their daughter again.

Lily is having an emotional meeting with her daughters. Faith wants to know why her mommy isn’t coming home, and Lily tries to get her to understand that in order to make things right sometimes people have to go away. But for a very young girl to understand what her mother is doing is nearly impossible, making it more difficult for Lily.

Outside the door, Lucinda and Holden discuss this latest effort, and Holden starts to wonder why, after all their extraordinary efforts, Lily continues to fight them. Luke overhears them talking and again questions whether he really wants to stop Lily from going to jail. They explain to Luke that it is Lily who is fighting them. Luke is upset because he believes that Lily is doing all this because of him. He knows Lily believes she is covering for him. He runs off, frustrated.

The judge is required under the law, due to Les’ fulfilling his requirements, to award him custody. There is another emotional outburst in the courtroom, and Carly yells to J.J. to speak up if he has something to say to his dad. He responds by saying goodbye to Jack. Les is upset and tries to drag J.J. out of the chair to the shock of everyone present. The Judge orders Les to sit down. Les tries to explain that he was just frustrated. Michael jumps at this chance and appeals to the Judge, saying that in J.J.’s heart, Jack is his dad. He also jumps at the fact of Les’ actions, saying that the Judge had promised she would change her decision if there were immediate and compelling evidence. He notes that what Les just did should constitute that. He says for Les to do that to J.J. on a good day when he won poses the question of what Les would do on a bad day. The Judge hints subtly for Michael to make the motion, which Michael does, and the Judge immediately reverses her decision and awards custody to Keith. Outside the court, Keith thanks Jack and Carly. Keith asks Carly for a favor. He wants to find out who really killed his sister. Carly reminds him that he made a mess of things with Lily’s fake letter. He realizes he may have made a mistake, so he wants Carly to go over with him again what she saw that night that Julia died; Carly repeats her story. Keith wonders if Lily is really going this far to cover for Luke. Carly responds that they are covering for each other, but neither one is a murderer. Keith questions Luke’s temper and whether Carly is really sure he didn’t lose his temper with his Julia.

Katie and Mike turn their talk away from Craig and again back to Jen. Katie reminds him that he is dealing with a lot, but he has to understand that forgiveness takes time, as will Jen’s feeling that she will be forgiven by Mike. They lament over the fact of how long it takes to build history and trust and that, in an instant, it can be ruined.

Craig tries to talk to Jen, saying he isn’t going away just because she is so desperate to sick Hal on him. Jen counters by saying he is the desperate one, because he had to steal her designs to be viewed in the fashion industry as someone. Craig thinks she needs to grow up and accept that in the adult world there is competition, and she needs to learn to deal with it. With that, Craig leaves, and an upset Jen almost passes out again and runs off, telling a confused Dusty to finish up for her because she has an appointment.

Henry returns to find Katie punching the bag because of Craig. When she turns around, she notices he is dressed in a limo driver’s uniform. He tells her he is a proud member of Apex Limo Co., and he now has a pay stub. Katie shows Henry how proud she is of him by kissing him. They decide to take the afternoon off to remind each other how appreciative they are that they have one another.

Jen is pacing at the doctor’s office, thinking out loud that she has to be at least 2 months along for the baby to be Mike’s. The doctor comes in and reconfirms what Jen knows – that she is in fact pregnant. A panicked Jen begs the doctor to tell her exactly how far along she is.

Later, Jen is crying as she comes into the Street Jeans office. Dusty is there waiting for her. He pushes her to find out what is going on, and finally Jen blurts out that she is pregnant. Dusty congratulates her and Mike, but Jen tells him that the baby is not Mike’s just as Mike walks in.

Holden has to take the girls home with them still not understanding why Lily won’t be at Faith’s dance recital later next week. After they leave, a devastated Lily breaks down with Lucinda, admitting that she could not say goodbye to her children.

Keith shows up to talk to Luke. At first Luke tries to shut the door on him, but Keith catches his attention by telling him that if he wants to help Lily he should talk to him.

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