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As the World Turns Update Monday 4/4/05



By Elayna
Proofread by Angie

Craig is hosting a press party with the stolen designs from Street Jeans. His new company is Boulevard Jeans, which he is marketing at a fraction of the price of Street Jeans. Barbara shows up ready to unload on Craig, but Craig sings her praises to the press about how he wouldn’t have his company if it weren’t for her. When they are alone, Barbara lights into him for his betrayal. She wants to know why he is doing this to her daughter. He claims that Jen was simply a designer, and they can be a dime a dozen, but he was the heart and soul and made the company successful despite Jen’s emotional outbursts and immaturity. After more heated discussion, Barbara leaves, promising that she will stop him.

At the Street Jeans office, Jen and Dusty discuss how Craig stole her designs. They are trying to come up with a game plan when Mike shows up to bring her food and offer his support. Although appreciative, Jen doesn’t want Mike’s help because it involves Craig, and she thinks it is still too soon for him to deal with Craig. Barbara shows up and tells them that Craig is holding a press party and that they need to move quickly to stop him. Jen is incensed and starts to leave to deal with Craig. Barbara, Dusty and Mike offer to go with her, but she is determined to do this on her own.

Katie and Henry are at their gym, and as she crunches numbers she realizes how much in need they are of money. They need to increase the membership costs by 50% to come out even or they could lose the cottage. After some seesawing, Henry offers to get a job.

Holden is spending time with Faith and Natalie when Keith shows up asking for a favor. He wants Holden to testify for him and J.J. at the hearing to keep J.J. away from Les. Holden agrees for J.J.’s sake.

Carly and Jack discuss J.J. and Les. Carly wants to help and offers to go to the courthouse to testify. Jack thinks she should stay away because of the charges pending against her. After noticing how upset this makes Carly, Jack changes his mind and tells her he would appreciate her support. They leave to go to the courthouse where they meet up with Michael Baldwin, Keith’s attorney. Carly again offers to testify, but Michael tells her it would only hurt their case. Carly stays out in the hallway with J.J., and J.J. finally reaches out to Carly by holding her hand.

At the police station, Lily remembers her conversation with Keith about him finding out if she is covering for someone. Just then Lucinda shows up. She tries again to get Lily to tell the truth and give up the charade. Lily angrily tells her she just wants this over and for Lucinda to stop interfering. Jessica shows up with the psych evaluation results. They show that Lily is rational, sane and knows the difference between right and wrong. Lily tells them that it only proves what she has been saying, and she wants to enter a plea again of guilty.

Dusty and Barbara argue over her interference in Jen’s company. Barbara claims that she is only trying to help, and that with her experience she is the only one who can save Jen. Dusty wants Barbara to stay away from Jen and physically carries her out the door.

Jen confronts Craig angrily in front of the press about him stealing her sketches and designs. Craig tries to placate her, but the press wants to hear her side. Just as she starts to speak, she is hit with a dizzy spell and is forced to take a moment to regain her composure. After she settles herself, she addresses the press about Craig’s deceit and how his company is nothing without her designs, and if they have to wait until next season when he can’t steal from her to see what will happen to his company then she will patiently do so.

Jessica and Lucinda continue to try to convince Lily to change her mind by reminding her that pleading premeditation to a murder is life without parole, but Lily won’t budge, and finally Jessica leaves to enter her plea. Lucinda, left behind, tells Lily she will beg for her to tell the truth, but still Lily wants Lucinda to respect what she is doing and just give up trying to convince her otherwise.

At the courthouse, Les shows up for the hearing. Jack tells J.J. just to tell the truth and everything will be okay. Before they enter the courtroom, Les tells Jack, Holden and Keith that if he wins custody they will not see J.J. ever again. During the hearing, Les’ attorney portrays him as a victim who is just trying to turn his life around with his son. The attorney says Les has been sober for 90 days, has finished an anger management class and has a job, which means he has completed what the law and State require of him. However, Jack, Holden and Keith testify about Les’ abuse of Julia and how scared J.J. is of Les. After the testimony, the Judge tells the courtroom they will take a break and then hear from J.J. During the recess, Les goes outside and talks privately to J.J. He reminds J.J. that he better respond to the judge the way they talked about last night. Les threatens to kill Jack by cutting his throat if J.J. doesn’t tell the judge he loves Les and wants to be with him.

Henry looks at the paper for a job and comes across an ad for a position as a limo driver. He tells an elated Katie he would be perfect for it and goes to call the company. Just then, a noticeably upset Mike enters the gym wanting to work out. Henry pretends that the line was busy and hangs up on the woman because he wants to stick around now that Mike is there. Katie goes over to talk to Mike, who is angrily punching a bag, to find out what is wrong. He tells Katie that it isn’t about Jen, it's about Craig.

Lucinda has an idea to prevent Lily from putting herself behind bars for life. She tells Lily that she gives up, but she knows that Lily would want to say good-bye to her children. Just then the door opens, and in come Faith and Natalie, who run into the arms of a very emotional Lily.

J.J. is on the stand and the judge asks him what he thinks. After looking desperately at Jack and back at a menacing Les, in an almost robotic voice J.J. repeats that he loves his father. Jack, aware that Les must have gotten to J.J., jumps up yelling about what Les did to J.J. while on recess.

Jen hurries back to her office and locks the door. She checks her calendar and starts to count days. She has purchased a pregnancy kit, and after checking her calendar she goes to take the test. Later, she is pacing around the room waiting for the results to appear. As they do, Dusty starts anxiously pounding on the door because he sees Jen sitting on the couch motionless, seemingly in shock.

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