ATWT Update Friday 4/1/05

As the World Turns Update Friday 4/1/05



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At Java, Katie and Henry disagree over Mike and Jenniferís relationship. Henry doesnít think that Mike has really forgiven Jennifer for her mistake with Craig. Katie assures Henry that Mike loves Jennifer despite her mistake, and he forgave her because he wants to make their relationship work. Henry isnít sure about that, especially since Mike is sitting alone and looks very sad. Katie tells Henry she must talk to Mike alone and Henry feels a little jealous. Katie gives Henry a kiss and assures him she is his wife.

At Allison and Aaronís, place, Aaron awakens Allison with a kiss, and Allison wonders why Aaron didnít wake her when he came home last night. Aaron smiles and tells her it was because she was sleeping deeply and snoring. The two lovebirds spend some time snuggling in bed and Aaron gets up to check the newspaper for movie listings. Aaron finds Allisonís blood-stained scarf and wonders what happened last night.

At Oakdale Latin, Will has a flashback of when he hurt his hand on the dashboard of his car. Some guys tease Will about his bandage and call him weird. Will is annoyed with Celia because she wonít stop asking questions about his date with Gwen. Celia also asks if Will hurt his hand on his date with Gwen and if she took him to the hospital. Will is still annoyed and tells Celia that he hurt his hand when he accidentally hit it on the dashboard of his car. Celia tells Will she should call Gwen and tell her about his injury so she can kiss it and make it better. Will has a daydream in which he thanks Allison for putting a bandage on his hand. Allison tells him it was no trouble because she loves him and wants to take care of him. Will tells Allison he loves her too, and they share a kiss. Willís daydream is interrupted by the sound of the bell, so he must leave for his next class.

At the Lakeview, Barbara proudly announces to Paul that she has solved all of Jenniferís problems. Barbara wants to tell Paul what she did for Jennifer in order to get his approval.

At the Walsh mansion, Sierra tries to persuade Dusty to give Craig a chance because he really cares about Street Jeans and Worldwide. Sierra explains that Craig has organized a trunk show so Jennifer can show her designs directly to fashion buyers. Dusty thinks Craig isnít to be trusted and reminds Sierra about what happened to Julius Caesar because of Brutus. Sierra leaves because a maid tells her Lucy is calling her on the phone. Jennifer arrives looking for Sierra and is surprised to find Dusty there. Dusty wonders what is wrong with Jennifer, and Jennifer begins to cry, so Dusty tries to calm her nerves. Jennifer continues to cry as she tells Dusty she lied to him and to Sierra.

At the Lakeview, Paul doubts that Barbara could solve Jenniferís problems without having a hidden agenda. Paul thinks Barbara wants Craig out of Street Jeans so she can control Jennifer and her designs. Barbara explains to Paul that she gave Craig money to start his own company in exchange for leaving Street Jeans. Paul tells his mother she was an idiot for making a deal with the devil. Paul also thinks she made things worse by giving Craig the money to compete against Street Jeans. Paul decides to go warn Jennifer and clean up Barbaraís mess.

At the Street Jeans office, Craig announces to the staff that he is leaving Street Jeans and starting his own company, Boulevard Jeans. Craig offers the staff double their salary to leave Street Jeans. Craig lies to the staff and makes them believe Street Jeans is going broke. The staff decides to join Craigís new company.

At Java, Katie wonders why Mike looks so sad. Mike explains that he canít get the picture of Craig touching Jennifer out of his mind. Katie advises Mike to forget about Craig and concentrate on rebuilding his relationship with Jennifer. Katie thinks Mike should have a talk with Jennifer. Mike wonders about Jenniferís whereabouts.

At the Walsh mansion, Jennifer canít stop crying as she tells Dusty that she slept with Craig and that he tried to use that information to blackmail her. Jennifer tells Dusty that the blackmail attempt failed because she told Mike the truth, but now she canít even stand to be in the same room with Craig, and she must get him out of Street Jeans. Dusty agrees to help Jennifer, and when Sierra comes back in the room he tells her what Craig did to Jennifer. Sierra wants to know all the details of what happened between Jennifer and Craig.

At Allison and Aaronís place, Allison makes Aaron promise not to tell anyone this secret. Allison tells Aaron that Will hurt his own hand, so she brought him back to the apartment to bandage it. Aaron wonders why Will didnít want to go to the hospital. Allison explains that Will was afraid his family would make a big deal about his injury. Aaron is afraid that Will could hurt Allison and tries to persuade her to convince Will to go back to therapy. Allison doesnít think Will needs therapy, he just needs a good friend. Allison intends to continue being friends with Will despite Aaronís objections. Aaron asks Allison to be careful when she is with Will.

At the Walsh mansion, Jennifer is still crying as she tells Sierra the whole story about what happened with Craig. Jennifer apologizes to Sierra for lying to her, saying she wanted to be a professional and handle the problem alone. Sierra calms Jennifer and assures her she will handle Craig. Sierra asks Dusty to accompany Jennifer to the Street Jeans office and make sure the locks and the computer passwords are changed. Sierra calls Craig and tells him she must speak to him right away.

At Oakdale Latin, Casey invites Celia to a concert in Chicago. Casey promises to ask his parents and Rafael for permission to go to Chicago with her. Celia is excited about going to the concert and gives Casey a hug and a small kiss. Celia is worried about Will because he is acting weird. Casey tells her not to worry because Will is always a little weird.

Outside Allison and Aaronís place, Will arrives with a bouquet of roses for Allison. Will overhears Aaron and Allison laughing and saying they should skip the movies and just stay in bed all day. Will leaves quickly, but Allison hears a noise outside. Allison finds the card that went with the flowers on the floor outside the apartment. She doesnít think anything of it and throws the card away without reading it.

At Java, Katie encourages Mike to hang on to Jennifer because he shouldnít let love slip away from him. Katie tells Mike that sometimes love comes when you donít expect it. Mike wonders if Katie is happy with Henry. Katie tells Mike she is happier then she ever thought possible. Mike tells Katie he is glad she is happy with Henry. Henry fears that his marriage to Katie is over. Katie assures Henry she is happy with him and gives him a kiss to prove it.

Jennifer and Dusty arrive at the Street jeans office and discover Craig has stolen her design samples and her staff. Barbara arrives a few minutes later and admits she gave Craig the money to start his own company, but she never dreamed he would steal her designs. Jennifer is very angry and throws Barbara out of her office.

At the Walsh mansion, Craig gives Sierra his resignation from Worldwide. Sierra tears up Craigís resignation and fires Craig because he broke the trust that she had in him. Craig is happy that after all these years he no longer needs to ask for anything from the Walsh family.

At Oakdale Latin, Will gives Celia the flowers he intended to give to Allison. Celia thinks Will is acting weird and wonders if there is anything wrong. Will tells her there is nothing wrong, he's weird, and he was just trying to be nice by giving her the flowers.

At the Walsh mansion, Craig informs Sierra he is starting his own company, and he intends to bury Street Jeans.

At the Street Jeans office, Dusty informs Paul that Craig stole Jenniferís designs and staff. Paul and Dusty decide to team up to bring down Craig.

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